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Hey can I request Levi x reader soulmate au ? Please not angst lol. Thank you.

omg I’m so sorry about the angst I will do it properly this time! 

[[ Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your wrist ]] 

Levi was annoyed once again, as he caught the edge of his soulmate tattoo creeping out from under his sleeve. He rolled his eyes as he reads it once more, which was hard to not do– even if he was trying his damndest to complete his paperwork for Erwin. 

Sorry, sir’ 

He sighs, ultimately deciding that he was going to get another cup of tea from the mess hall. He’d had a long day and was exhausted; it was already late at night, and he really just wanted to rest (not even sleep, he just wanted to stop reading and writing about death statistics). 

He looks at the tattoo once more, hopelessness creeping up through his annoyed facade. People said ‘sorry, sir’ to him at least twenty times a day, so he’d made habit of saying very specific things to those cadets, just in case. 

One time, he’d made a younger cadet cry by saying “I’ve always found pain the most effective punishment.” That was a bad day for him- nobody talked to him (except for Hanji and a confused Erwin) for a whole week.  

He stomped his way down the cold halls, thinking about the lovely, steaming mug of tea he was eager to get his hands on. 

As he turns the corner to enter the mess hall, another body bumps against him. He grunts from the sudden contact, glaring over to your (E/C) and panicked eyes. 

“Sorry, sir,” you squeaked. You were relatively new to the Survey Corps, and the only reason you had been up so late was because you had been practicing late at night; ever since one of your troupe-mates had warned you that the notorious ‘Captain Levi’ would use you as Titan bait if you weren’t good enough (which may not have been true, but it scared you into action). 

You hadn’t actually ever met the Corporal before, and you were silently cursing Wall Maria for making this your first interaction with him- a mistake… That you’d made. 

“Did you know that black tea undergoes the longest process of oxidation?” Levi says blankly, staring at your dumbfounded face with a look of exhaustion and disinterest. It was like a smack to your face. He rolled his eyes and stepped past you, small hopes dashed once again. 

You stand there, particularly flustered as you all but rip your sleeve away from you wrist, seeing the small and neat words inscribed on the skin there. 

Did you know that black tea undergoes the longest process of oxidation?’

“What kind of soulmate are you?!” The words leave your lips before you can really control yourself, years of asking strangers for random tea facts and spending an awkward amount of time in tea stores beginning to catch up, shitting all over your current situation. 

Levi turns around in surprise, but as your words register he almost laughs in disbelief (but he also can’t deny the relief flooding his system). 

“Me? Do you know how common the phrase ‘sorry, sir’ is for me to hear?” Levi grumbles, slowly approaching your dumbstruck form. Once he’s close enough, he grabs your wrist, pulling it up to read the words he’d recently said, snickering slightly. 

You nervously and carefully reach for his own hand, turning it over to see the two vague words against his pale skin. You wince, realising how frustrating that must have been for him. You rub your thumb against the words, and your cheeks flush with a blush as you realise that Levi’s cold eyes are now focused on you and exactly what you’re doing against his skin. 

“Sorry about that…” You mutter, looking off towards the side. A cool hand softly grabs your chin and moves your face back around do look at your soulmate- whose usually hard-set face had softened at the realisation that you were his life partner. 

“At least I don’t have to worry about it anymore,” He practically whispers, before moving his face towards your own. Your heart jumped, almost sure that he was going to kiss you. Just as you could feel his minty breath fanning over your parted lips, he tilted your head slightly and landed a soft kiss to your cheek. 

As he pulled back, he couldn’t help but smirk at the disappointed pout on your face– which was also a bright pink. 

“You may be my soulmate, but I still just met you,” He snickers, grabbing your hand and walking back off down the hallway towards his office, tea completely forgotten. 

“Let’s change that.” 

Sorry that it’s kind of short, soulmate AU’s are so hard D’: 

Requests for everything (except for ships) are open, so send in whatever you like and I’ll eventually get around to answering it, probably ♡♡

Title: Fight Fire With Fire

Summary: Of all the things Lucy was expecting that night, a fire in the apartment across the hall was not one of them. Getting handcuffed to her bed also wasn’t part of the plan, but at least they’ll have a fun story to tell at their wedding.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T (rated for Lucy’s potty mouth and implications at the end)

AN: Happy birthday @soprana-snap! I’ve had this idea for a bit and figured you might enjoy it <3

In hindsight, letting Dan handcuff her to the bed was probably a bad decision on her part. Not only does her wrist hurt from him locking it too tight, but she also can’t do anything but watch in absolute horror as he rips away from her neck, eyes wide, and falls off of the bed in his hurry to get away from her. Her family always did say she had a talent for driving men away, but she never thought it was this bad.

Lucy stares down at Dan, sitting up as best she can to peer over the side of the bed, and that’s when the obnoxious, shrill sound of a fire alarm reaches her ears. “Oh, shit,” she mumbles to herself, suddenly feeling very exposed in her lacy underwear. Smothering a laugh, Lucy tries to stand before remembering the cuff on her wrist. She turns to ask Dan for help, only to find the man stumbling to him feet in a panic. He glances around wildly, fingers twitching at his sides, and Lucy’s reminded of a very stupid squirrel that can’t decide whether it wants to run into traffic or stay on the damn sidewalk.

“Dan?” she murmurs, nudging at him with her foot. He glances at her, shaking his head as he mumbles something she can’t hear, and spins in a quick circle. “Dan, what are you doing?” she asks again, frustration creeping into her voice as he freaks out. On any other day, she would probably panic, but this is the third fire of the week and she knows it’s just Warrod from down next door forgetting about his pot-roast in the oven again. It’s really nothing to worry about so long as he grabs the fucking key and lets her out.

He backs into the nightstand, knocking it onto it’s side, and Lucy flinches as her favorite lamp shatters across the floor, ceramic pieces splintering and creating a mess that she’ll have to clean up before Happy or Plue hurt themselves. “Fuck,” Dan swears, running a hand through his rumpled hair. He pulls his lip between his teeth, then stoops, scooping his shirt into his arms and yanking it down over his head. “I can’t—” He stops suddenly, shaking his head, and sends Lucy an apologetic look.

Sighing, Lucy purses her lips, eyes rolling as she glares at her boyfriend. “Dan,” she says slowly, smiling at him as best she can despite wanting to rip his head off, “just unlock me so we can go.” She covers her bare stomach with her arm, curling up slightly, shy now that they’re no longer in the heat of the moment.

It’s always been like that with Dan. She always ends up feeling uncomfortable whenever they aren’t doing something physical. Though, that might be because he rarely sticks around for anything besides that. They don’t know how to talk to each other, and Lucy’s finding it to be more draining than anything else.

She thinks Romeo may be right: she should just dump him and find something better than whatever this is.

Dan nods slowly, patting himself down as he searches for the key, then goes very still. “I don’t—oh shit,” he whispers, growing frantic as he doesn’t find it. Lucy slaps her forehead, rubbing at her temple and silently cursing the day she met Dan, suddenly wishing she’d never accepted his offer for a date at the sushi bar—which was actually the worst date she’s ever been on, but oh well. This is ridiculous and she can’t believe this is happening to her.

He lost the goddamn key.

Excellent. Lucy groans, curling in on herself and resisting the urge to throw herself out the window—something she obviously can’t do because she’s still fucking cuffed to her damn bed. She didn’t even want to do this in the first place, but somehow she let him talk her into trying now things—a horrible idea, really—and now she’s stuck to her bed, there’s a fire, and Dan looks like he’s about to piss himself or start crying.

She’s never going to let Lisanna set her up on a date again.

Lucy decides that maybe it’s not that bad. It’s just a small fire, and Dan can probably get one of them to cut her loose. They’ll all have a laugh over this, no one will ever let Lucy forget about this moment, and some sexy firefighter is going to have a lovely story to tell all of his friends over dirt cheap wine and stale donuts. It’s a simple fix, really.

And that’s the exact moment that Dan decides to bolt for the door without a word.

For a moment, Lucy can only stare, her mouth dropping open as he fumbles with her doorknob, yanking it open a moment later. Her cat Happy bolts into the room, disappearing under her bed, and Plue barks out in the main room, whining by the door as he urges her to hurry. “Dan?” Lucy shrieks, watching him slip out, the door beginning to close behind him. “What are you—Dan, what the fuck!” she screams, lunging to her feet. Panic wells in her chest as he glances back at her, hesitating for only a moment.

“I’m sorry, Babe,” he sputters, shrugging, “but I—” He simply shrugs again, then turns and slams the door behind him, leaving Lucy alone and stuck on her bed, a fire burning in her neighbors apartment.

“Dan!” she calls after him, tears burning at her eyes, more from the betrayal of him just leaving her in potential danger than the potential danger. It should be an easy fire to put out, but that doesn’t mean he can just leave her here. “Dan, you piece of shit!” Lucy snarls, yanking at her wrist violently.

It holds fast, the metal digging into her wrist painfully, a bruise already forming from her continued tugging, and Lucy bites back a sob as she drops back onto her bed, curling up tight and hoping she isn’t stuck in here until Romeo comes home later. The last thing she wants is for her younger brother to find her half-naked and handcuffed to a bed.

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Changed my hair and I’m feeling cute af, to be honest.

A Court of Lost Things

My fingers gripped the dual Illyrian blades as my father came up behind me.  His magic swirling around us, we had been training when a female appeared before us.  She looked ready to kill us and I had no idea who she was.
             Do you know her?
             No.  Be ready.
             I stood my ground watching the female wearily.  She was beautiful with golden hair like Mor’s and a long silver gown.
             “You will pay, Rhysand!  You and your family will pay for what you did to my husband! My king!”  Confusion shoots through as I glance at my father, whose jaw is clenched.  He must know who she is now.  Before I can ask, she throws a vial of something cloudy at me.  All of a sudden I am falling and screaming.
             “Dad! Daddy!” I hadn’t called my father ‘daddy’ since I was a young child but now, as I was thrown into a whirlwind of silver shadows, I didn’t care as I am sure certain death is coming my way right this second.
             “Seren!”  His roar filled my ears as I fell down. I tried opening my eyes to see what is happening, to see where my father is but the white mist, whatever it is that the woman threw at me made my eyes burn.
             “Daddy!”  I grip for anything, anything that could help me, but I knew, as soon as my father’s roars soften into nothing, I’m very well far off his reach.  Then winds are whistling past me, I try to flair my wings but the wind forces them against my back and I felt my face turn into a grimace at the achiness of the force. My swords are ripped from my hands as a scream leaves my lips.  Tall trees come up to me fast as my body crashes across the branches.  I hit from branch to branch as my momentum slows but pain fills my body.  I try to wrap my magic around me but it seems to be harder, more distant for me to reach. I tried to lure my magic out again, but my left wing gets caught on a branch and a shriek bubbles through me as I try to readjust so I am falling on my stomach.  My hair snags on bark and comes loose from its bun, ripping a patch out of my scalp. My hair tumbles down around my face wildly and my fingers claw at anything to slow the fall but I only lose two fingernails at the action. Before I could see the blood that is surely gonna come rushing out, the soft grass rise up to meet me and with a loud thud, I finally stop my descent with a moan.  I can’t move for a moment as the pain just screams through me.  My fingers dig into the soft grass as I try to sit up.  A wing comes around me and a stick poking through the membrane is the first thing I see.
             “Shit,” I hiss.  Tucking my uninjured wing against me, I grab onto the stick.  With a count of three, I try to yank it out only to let it go with a harsh breath of pain.  Horses hooves and shouts ranged in the distance, so I slowly crawl to hide in a bush beside me, grimacing at every move my sore muscles made.  I peak out at the group coming towards me who seems to be led by a white-haired male with piercing blue eyes who is obviously fae. He looks young, maybe a few years my senior.  Even from where I sit I can see he looks like an entitled brat with his cocky posture and the small smirk forming his glossed mouth.  The ache in my wing causes me to try to sit up but it only hurts worse and I cry out silently.  Trying to grab ahold of something to keep from falling, I was too late and I suddenly ended up flopping in front of the riders.  For an Illyrian trained soldier, I am quite clumsy at the moment. The male climbs off his horse and comes running over to me. I tuck my wings behind me but find the left one is harder to move.  The male kneels before me as I slowly drag my eyes up to his. He is in green and gold attire with an emblem of a stag on his muscled chest. Closer now more than ever, I met his eyes and I realize he has a gold circle forming around his pupils. I could smell his scent, the smell of the forest, so fresh and wild radiating off him and the pain lessens. Blinking my eyes, I see him staring at me and I look down, seeing black swirling shapes of what I assume to be tattoos creep up his neck. So much like the tattoos from my court except, there is a certain difference to it that I don’t exactly know.
             “Are you ok?”  His voice is rich and his accent thick like the earth beneath me.  Then his eyes flick to my wing which I try to hide behind me only to whimper at the pain.  The male tries to reach for me but I back away, ready to attack despite my injury.  He holds his hands up to me.
             “I won’t hurt you,” his voice is soft now.  “You are hurt.  Let me help you,” he says.  I glance at my bleeding wing, already healing around the stick and having little choice, I nod.  Slowly, he walks to my wing and kneels beside me. And I let out a gasp, but not in pain as he unexpectedly strokes the membrane. A blush crawls up my face.
             “They are sensitive,” I stutter.  The grin on his face makes me blush harder.
             “Ok Ready?”
             “Wait,” I paused “May I hold onto your shoulder?”
             “Of course,” he says.  I hold onto his shoulder and grit my teeth as he yanks it out.  I press my mouth to his shoulder, biting it through the fabric to stop my scream.  Sagging against him, he picks me up.
             “I don’t need to be held,” I snap.
             “Nonetheless I wish to help you,” he pauses staring into my eyes with a startled look.  “Your eyes are violet.”
             “They are beautiful,” he breathes.
             “Thanks. Now can you put me down?”  He chuckles and I hate the way it feels upon my skin because I love it and even more, I hate that I love it. I do not know this male standing before me and yet, somehow I feel…Shaking off my thoughts, he gently sets me down. I flick my wing out and smirk at how he stumbles back.  My wing is healing but not as fast as usual.  The magic is strange here, so…unusual.
             Flicking up my eyes at the endless of trees around me, I ask, “Where are we?”
             “The forests of Terrasen.”
             “Terrasen?  Home of the most beautiful fae.”  I ignore the last half of his statement and made myself masks a bored expression even if I am feeling the little panic rising up at me “What are you?”
             “Me? I am fae. Obviously,” I pointed out my ears and roll my eyes.  What an idiot.
             “I don’t know any fae with bat wings.  Or without fangs.”
             “I am half Illyrian and half high fae.” I say, flicking off invisible dust off my clothing.
             “What’s high fae?”         
             I stop and looked at him. “Ruling class of Prythian?”
             “My father and mother are high lord and lady of the night court.”
             “I am so confused right now.”
             “You are not the only one,” I say, biting my lip and looking down at my feet. Both of us are silent for a moment before a flash of thunder strikes loudly and heavy rain started falling down.  The cold pinpricks against my skin makes me shiver and goose bumps raised against my skin. The only clothes I wore were a black short tank top, tight pants, and boots.  I was fit for training on a warm day at the night court, not a muggy, rainy day in this Terrasen forest.  Running my hand over the goose bumps raised on my flesh, I glance at the male beside me and let out a sigh.
             “My name is Seren Archeron, and you are?”  My eyes take him in as he towers above me.  Muscular tan skin pulls the green tunic taught against his body.  Gold trim lines the fabric and a symbol of the stag is on his chest.  Light armor adorns his shoulders and chest and grey breeches cling to his bulging thighs.  His face is all hard panes with a sensuous mouth that seems to be always quirked up in a smile.  The tattoos that crawl up his neck and weave down into his shirt where I can only assume the wrap around his body.  These tattoos are not like the swirling elegance of my Illyrian tattoos.  They have angles and curves, no real pattern but mesmerizing nonetheless.  His white hair is a stark contrast to his tan skin.  The white tendrils are pasted against his forehead; his hair comes to brush his shoulders.  By the cauldron, he is gorgeous.   With a flourishing bow, he takes my hand and kisses it.
             “I am Prince Calev Ashryver Galathynius Whitethorn.”  His accent makes me want to melt but I pull my hand from him and raise an eyebrow.
             “So which is your first name?”  He lets out a low chuckle at me.
             “You may call my Calev, little bat.”  I bare my teeth at him but the gesture is lost as a shiver rocks through my body causing the pain to spike.  Calev walks back to his horse and grabs something then comes back and hands me a blanket.  Taking it, I focus on my magic.  It takes all my concentration before my wings disappear and I can wrap the blanket it around me.  Unfortunately as I try to take a step forward, I almost fall due to the magic sapping all my strength.  Calev holds tight to me, he gently picks me up and this time I let him.
             “We are going to take miss Serene back to the palace,” Calev’s voice rumbles against me chest.
             “But Cal, the mission?”
                       “Damn the mission! This girl needs our help first.”  His snarl makes my breath catch.  The way he was protecting me reminded me a lot of my parent’s mating bond.  I shake the idea; it was just typical male protectiveness that all fae seems to have. Nothing more.
             “Yes, my prince,” the male spits and I hear horse hooves walking away.  A shiver runs through me and I gasp in pain.
             “Shhh…it’s ok, I am taking you to my home.  We will get you better,” he murmurs.  Calev puts me on his horse, then mounts up behind me.  His arms wrap around me as he grips the reins.  I lean back into him as I have no strength in my body. As the horse slowly takes on a stroll, I notice that Calev uses his body to shield mine against the rain.  He lets out a kissing noise from behind me and we take off at a canter.  The horse’s gate was smooth enough that it didn’t jar me as we rode on.  I did curl into Calev’s warmth as much as I did not want too but I felt my consciousness slipping.  The ride was long and I was barely coherent for most of it.  The rain let up after what felt like hours and I was thoroughly soaked yet Calev was not shivering. Sometime later, the horse stops.
“We are here, little bat.”  I open my eyes and sit up as best I could.  Calev helped me as I looked at the sprawling city before me.  It was alive with color and music, not unlike Velaris.  Though this was not by the sea, it had an air of the forest throughout the city.  With moss and trees twining through the city.  The smell of pine was intoxicating much like the male behind me.  Despite the rainstorm, people were milling about on the slick cobblestones.  Children played in a massive fountain, their giggling infectious.  The city was miles long.  Beyond that lay a granite castle.  I had never seen anything so big or extravagant.  Gold and bronze decorated the façade as stags leaped in granite along the the massive building.  It was like something out of a fairytale, my mouth had dropped open and I was very glad Calev could not see my face.  Sitting here with this strange faerie pressed against my back and this strange new world ahead of me, I felt something like excitement and anxiety.
“Now, shall we get you healed and meet my parents?”  With this, we started down the road towards the beautiful city.
           I frowned. “Why would I have to meet your parents?”
“Have you forgotten?” he asks as the horse gallops through the land. “They’re the Queen and King of Terrasen.”

Written by me and edited and helped by @crazy-fangirl16
Hope you like this! I’m going to do a series of posting these. So this is just the first one.