creep oc


Revolutionaries Weapon Master

Name: Ruby

Age: Pre Time Skip: 16   Time Skip: 18 

Race: Human/ may have some merfolk blood in her

Birthday:  November 26

Sexuality: Doesn’t care to know, to busy with her weapons 

Colors: Red and Tan

Hair color/style: Dark brown/ Black? Puffy/Curly hair 

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Dark Brown 

Fun facts!

The reason Ruby has so many scars is from mishaps with inventions she’s worked on. 

Half of the time her hair is uneven because she either burned half of it or it got stuck in something. Maria keeps telling her to cut it short for this reason.

Ruby always has a multi-tool and a wrench on her.

Ruby appears to not care when people make short jokes about her but in reality she waits for the perfect moment to hit the person who told it. Her strikes always happen in situations where it can be brushed off as an accident. 

Ruby has two loves in her life Weapons and Cornelius.

Ruby wears Cornelius’s colors because he told her that in Bird Mink culture when a child’s adopted into a family they have a ceremony where they adorn the child with the families colors.

If Ruby got a tattoo it would be of a bird.  

Ruby loves cargo pants because of all the pockets.

White people who have nothing but brown OCs honestly creep me out because like, it feels like an accessory, something they just tag on to the character to make it “diverse” without really considering the implications of what they’re doing. It’s just like so obviously borne out of white guilt, and the self flagellating belief that just by making their characters brown they’ll be more woke or some shit, when it oftentimes comes off as super fetishy

McKenna’s Funeral

was planned by me. It was a peaceful ceremony, but not one that soothed me in any way. I was outraged more than ever. Her beauty contained, restrained by a coffin was more than I could bear. 

I choose a pale pink dress for her to wear. It was a present from me to her for Christmas, the day after her death according to the autopsy report. Its dainty color and delicate lace went well with her fragile pale skin and wispy blonde curls. I reached for her folded hands and grasped her white gloves between my thumb and forefinger. Her hands were so damaged, they could do nothing but cover them up. Her beautiful, beautiful hands. What I would give to kiss her slender fingers!

And her face…

They put lilies in the hole on the right side of her face. Such a fittingly sweet way to cover up such a disgusting injustice. I couldn’t even look at her face as it should be one last time.

I wanted so much to press my lips to hers, pink and shimmering with her favorite lip gloss. I settled with kissing her cheek.