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I love the Winnie the Pooh newspaper comics. Everyone’s such a dick to eachother, it’s so out of character. Is it simply called “Winnie the Pooh”? I never bothered to read the title, I just call it “It’s Always Sunny in the Hundred Acre Woods”

|| Blood & Arsenic || Baekhyun X Reader AU Oneshot || Vampire!AU ||

Vampire!Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Thriller, fluff, angst

Warnings: Blood, murder, violence, language

Word Count: 5,242


“ Hi! Oh lord you suddenly opened your request box! I can’t even think! Could you write a Baekhyun, or a Sehun fluffy Vampire AU (you can choose which one xD) (coz they both heartless jerks in DA And The Coven XD) where the reader was actually on bad terms with them before and and they actually hurt her really bad, and now that they’re together and utterly in love, he can’t stop feeling guilty until the superhero reader steps in. Or something, you don’t really have to do this tho! I LOVE YOU!”

*One year ago*

The bell rang inside the small bookstore you worked in, signalling the entry of a new customer.

“Hello!” You chimed, turning around the corner of the checkout desk towards the door to greet them. “What can I do for you?”

As you peered behind one of the bookcases, your eyes fell upon a familiar face.

“Oh, hello again,” You bowed slightly, smiling brightly. “Looking for the usual?”

The boy was a regular, though you didn’t know his name. He always came in the same apparel: a jacket, jeans, and a ball cap that pressed his bangs down into his eyes, making his face indiscernible. He was always soft spoken and rarely involved himself in small talk, but came by the store every friday, looking through the store’s poetry and classics section for new material. He was quiet, but always very considerate and kind, bringing you a cup of tea from the coffee shop down the street once a month or so.

In response to your question, the boy nodded briskly, keeping his gaze towards the ground.

After you had helped him select a few books of his choosing, you scurried over to the register, ringing up the cost and placing his books in a bag.

As he took the bag from your hands and began to leave, he stopped himself.

“Have you ever read anything from Frantisek Halas?”

The boy’s sudden voice surprised you. The mere fact that he had spoken nearly caused you to jump out of your skin.

You stuttered over your words, in shock that he had initiated conversation. “I- I, uh, can’t say that I have.” You let out a short, nervous laugh, giving him a bright smile.

“I thought I saw a good collection of his at the end of the isle.” His gaze was kept low as he pushed the handle of the glass door, about to leave. “You should read it sometime.”

The bell rang again, signalling his exit.

You released a breath you didn’t know you had been holding. His odd speech had caught you off guard, and soon, your curiosity got the better of you. Walking down the poetry isle, you located the book containing Halas’s poems. Your eyes widened as you saw a bright yellow bookmark sticking out from the top. Upon pulling it to it’s marked page, a small slip of paper fell to the ground.

Your eyes flickered to the title of the poem before you felt the urge to pick up the piece of paper from the ground.


Touched by all that love is
I draw closer toward you
Saddened by all that love is
I run from you

Surprised by all that love is
I remain alert in stillness
Hurt by all that love is
I yearn for tenderness

Defeated by all that love is
at the truthful mouth of the night
Forsaken by all that love is
I will grow toward you.

You felt your heart beat faster after reading, and immediately bent down to pick up the note.

“Would getting tea together one day be alright with you?”

You brought your hand up to your lips to hide the giddy smile on your face. You knew that the next time you saw him, you would be more than happy to accept his date.

But, as the world began to weigh down with the oncoming frost, so did your heart.

The following friday, the boy did not return.

Two weeks later, as you turned on the evening news, it was reported that he had gone missing.

A month after that, and the police had counted him as dead.

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JJBA Part XX: Achtung Attitude

July, 2016: 5 years after Joseph Joestar’s death at age 101, his adoptive daughter, Shizuka, returns to the town of Morioh, Japan, where she was found, to search for her birth mother.

In Morioh, Josuke Higashikata, now a police sergeant, informs her of a Korean criminal gang creeping into the Morioh suburbs from S-City. By chance, the pair run into the leader of this gang, a twisted old man named Sanjo, who is revealed to be a Stand User.

After defeating him, Sanjo tells them of how his gang was ruined last time his gang aspirations were ruined in Morioh: a young woman with a scar shaped like a fish-hook infiltrated their gang, pretending to be the boss’ girlfriend for 2 years, even bearing his child, before mysteriously eliminating them all. IT was only after getting his own powers that Sanjo realised she had Stand abilities. Josuke and Shizuka immediately suspect this woman to be Shizuka’s mother.

Shizuka travels to LA to find her mother. There, she defeats a small pack of muggers, only for the leader, Kilo Staples, to be a Stand User of tremendous power.

They fight, and Shizuka spares him after winning, recognising the righteousness in his heart. In return, Kilo offers to help her find her mother. Together, they end up embroiled in a gang war that threatens to tear LA to pieces.

Main cast

Shizuka Joestar – Achtung Baby

Protagonist (16), the adoptive daughter of Joseph & Suzie Q Joestar, born in Japan, raised in New York City. Her quest to find her birth mother is the driving point of the story.

I’ve designed her as a hybrid between Joseph’s children: Josuke & Holly. Appearance is based off the gyaru subculture; tan skin, bubblegum pink hair and thick make-up (Sergeant Higashikata believes this is karma for putting make-up on her at only 6 months old.) She also has a tattoo of an impossible triangle in place of a Joestar birthmark.

A kind, genuine girl, there is no deception in her heart; she says and does what she means and always keeps her promises. The problem is she assumes everyone else does as well, and tends to be overly trusting, seeing good in everyone even when it’s not there. But this also means when she is deceived, she takes it VERY personally, flying into a rage. Her Stand and her intelligence allows her to defend herself when she finds herself in danger. Her kindness comes from a desire to be liked by everyone.

Her Stand, [Achtung Baby], allows her to manipulate photons, or light-particles, up to a radius of 40 metres. This allows her to go invisible, and to turn other objects including human invisible. A long-range type, what it lacks in speed & power is more than made up for in precision and versatility. By controlling photons, Shizuka can create highly realistic optical illusions. These illusions are just light, however, and have no sound or physical mass. Instead, these illusions are designed to disorientate her opponents, disturbing their perception so Shizuka can come up with a way to take them down properly. These illusions are themed on MC Escher-style art, using impossible 3D shapes to disorientate her enemies.

Kilo Staples – Saturn Barz

A street thug (20) from the streets of Compton, Los Angeles. Decides to help Shizuka find her mother after she defeats him, then recognises him as a good person at heart.

His design revolves mainly around weight imagery, like the Nijimura brother’s currency theme. He wears long, braided cornrows that end in large rings, is decked out in chains with metal weights, and all emblazoned with the “Kg” symbol.

Kilo’s personality is the opposite to Shizuka, as a mistrustful, suspicious person who is generally hostile to those around him. This stems from a harsh upbringing, raised by neglectful parents and being pressured to join a gang from an early age. However, he is also quite intelligent, and he has strong sense of justice, expressed in a disdain for gangs. He is constantly held back by self-loathing, believing himself incapable to redeeming himself and becoming a good person.

An incident from his teens left him deeply misanthropic, as he and his childhood friend were caught up in a feud between two Stand users. Both Kilo and his friend, Kish, were struck by a Stand arrow. Kish died, and Kilo acquired a Stand, defeating one of the Stand users and leaving the other indebted to him. However, once the incident was over, Kilo was accused of having murdered Kish, resulting in everyone he knew turning against him. A lack of evidence kept him out of prison, but he decided never to rely on anyone but himself ever again. Only in meeting Shizuka does he begin to trust again, as Shizuka was the first person to believe in him since Kish’s death.

[Saturn Barz] is an intimidating Stand, a close-range power type with the ability to induce phase transition in matter; its touch can turn solids into liquids, liquids into gas, and back again. Nothing is immune to this power, including other humans, making a very dangerous Stand. However, it also has the potential to heal, which Kilo himself is unaware of before meeting Shizuka. By reconstituting lost blood into solids, Kilo can heal wounds. Another, final ability, is to ionize gasses to create powerful explosions, but this power does severe damage to the user because of the necessity of the Stand’s activation-by-touch.

(My concept for a fan part of JJBA, starring Shizuka Joestar. This is just the first part, featuring just the main duo. There are more characters to add, including Shizuka’s mother, the main antagonist, and the various, colourful gang members,

Calum Imagine: Saving You at a Club

Author: Rhine


You could feel his eyes on you from across the dimly lit room, following your every move.

You were highly aware of it, the way he was just standing there, too casual to be casual, too happy for someone who was planning to just enjoy himself at the club.

He was thinking of more than that, with his dirty eyes trained on you.

You tried to brush it off, you tried to ignore it – but you couldn’t hide the panic that spiked your system every time he started to move closer to you.

And it wasn’t your fault that you came to this club alone; it wasn’t your fault you wanted to have some fun on a late night, it wasn’t your fault that you wanted to look good with the dress that made you feel beautiful and heels that put you on top of the world; makeup that made you smirk into the mirror with red lips.

It wasn’t your fault for being beautiful – no, that’s not a fault at all – but the way he was looking at you made it feel like it was.

You tried to lose him in the pulsing bodies, the fun of the night replaced with fear, panic in your system where the tipsy spin of alcohol was.

But he was always there, underneath the yellow of a florescent light, just before it flashed red.

Do you want to dance with me?

You politely declined him the first time he asked – when you first walked into the club, a small smile on your face, insisting that you really just wanted to sit for a bit.

He frowns a little, but he says just remember to save a dance for me and he’s off, just another boy who’ll move on to another girl and you’ve encountered people like him before; he’ll forget about you the moment another girl caught his eyes.

But it’s been two hours and he keeps on coming back with that greasy smile on his face and when he never leaves his eyes from you even as he steps away.

You don’t like it.

“Where’s that dance you promised me?”

And his voice is too low, his mouth too close to your skin and you don’t like the way his eyes sweep over you, you don’t like this, you don’t like him.

“I didn’t promise you a thing.”

“’Course you did, baby. C’mon, just one dance.”

He’s looking at you like a meal but you weren’t made for his hungry lips.

“I don’t want to dance.”

“Just one won’t hurt anybody. I’ve been waiting for you all night.”

“I said no.”

You try to sidestep him but he uses his broad shoulders to block you and his hands are on your wrist, tugging you towards him while you try to pull yourself away again.

“Let go of me.”

“No need to be so tense, babe. Don’t be such a killjoy.”

He’s practically trying to drag you now, a pointed smile on his lips at the sight of you trying to wriggle away from his grip.

“Fuck off!”

You claw at his veined arms – aren’t you glad you did your nails today? – and stomp on his foot – hard – with those spiked heels that you loved so much.

He yelps with a loud swear that makes everyone within vicinity turn and look your way, letting go of you in an instant, clutching at his foot that was sorely bruised – fucking broken, you hope – from your spiked heel.

“You crazy bitch!”

“Crazy bitch who doesn’t want to dance. Take a hint, creep!”

You make your way through the crowd – who was gladly parting for you – leaving the boy to limp away in shame as you held your head high.

You’re in the midst of texting your friend – who was likely asleep, but you’d give it a shot anyways – to come and pick you up and listen to you rant when a tall figure in front of you blocks the light you were using to see the small screen.

You look up with raised, expectant eyebrows.

“Hey, uh – are you okay?”

Tall, tanned, sharp lines accented with the shadows and the flashing lights, art on his arms and peeking from his shirt, eyes that were dark enough to drown in – you would’ve called him cute in a way that didn’t mean just hair-ruffling on any other day, but today you weren’t having it.

“I’m fine.”

You say it in the way most people would clench go away.

“Listen, I know you’ve just had a rough night – and I know you were looking for a fun one – and I know you’re probably sick of testosterone at this point, but I think it’s in your best interest to know that the creep you just single-handedly slayed has friends.”

You try to hide the panic underneath a stony façade, but you can feel your chin trembling.

“I saw them in the men’s room and they didn’t look too happy about one of their mates suffering a stiletto stab to the foot – and as much as I would love to rewatch you do that like six more times tonight – totally epic, by the way, you have my total respect – I’d rather not put you through that.”

You’re quiet, staring at the boy’s immaculately clean shoes and long legs, trying to gather your thoughts with tightly wound fingers around your purse.

“What were they saying?”

The boy hesitates and you already know what it means.

“Listen, do you have a ride out of here?”

“I – she’s asleep.”

“Call a cab. Now.”

You fumble with your phone, quickly dialling the number and stammering out an address, pleading for a fast driver and the closest possible parking.

When you hang up, you think you feel something collapsing inside of you – the dam of calm, cool, collectiveness – and the fear and worry starts to rush in.

He sees it and he stoops down to your level, trying to catch your eye.

“Hey, hang in there, alright? Breathe, there – just like that, good. I’m Calum. Hood. At your service. What’s your name?”

You manage to tell him in between deep breaths and stutters.

“There we go. We’re gonna get you out of here, okay? Don’t worry – you’re a strong girl and this is just a bad night. Don’t worry.”

His hands hover over your shoulders but they never land on it; he’s a step away, just enough for you to inhale some fresh air without the shadow of his body over you.

You close your eyes and take a few more deep breaths before looking into his steady gaze again.

“Thank you, Calum. I – “

“Found someone else to run to, huh?”

The greasy voice is right behind you and you swallow your fear and turn to face him.

“Was my message not clear enough the first time? Leave me alone.”

You refuse to tremble in front of him. Like the fucking mutt he was, he could probably smell your fear.

You are not the prey.

Even if he has his friends circling you.

“Do you think you’re clever?”

“Oi, fuck off, mate. She clearly doesn’t want you, so go leech on someone else.”

Calum’s jaw is set and his eyes are narrowed at the other boy, muscles in his arm tensing.

“Gonna hide behind your boyfriend?”

“Gonna call the fucking cops for harassment if you don’t leave me alone.”

“You won’t do it.”

“Bet you didn’t think I would crush your foot either, but here we are.”

You’re trembling visibly but the fire in your eyes don’t subside.

The boy steps towards you with sturdy steps, his friends starting to do the same.

Calum swiftly steps in front of you, and you just manage to peek from behind his sweat-glistened shoulders.

“Listen, asshat – there are at least a hundred people in this club, fifty of which saw your slimy ass hands on her and eighty who heard your pansy-ass screams when you didn’t understand the meaning of no. All eyes are on you, buddy – what are you gonna do?”

Calum’s words are a growl and you can see his fingers curling into fists in the corner of your eye.

The other boy takes another step closer to Calum – practically chest-to-chest now – this guy really didn’t understand the concept of personal space – spitting his words right back.

“Does playing hero make you feel better?”

“Does a foot up your ass sound good to you?”

Calum isn’t backing down, and the poison in his voice is enough to keep the creep and his friends at bay – though it’s probably a mix of that and his muscled build, which you were thankful for.

“Listen, you piece of horseshit, try anything – if you even look at her the wrong way – I will not hesitate to kick your worthless ass to the curb and smash your dirty head in for the rats to eat. I am saying this once and once only – fuck off.”

“You think you can say the same words when I string that head up on my wall?”

This time, it’s you to steps in.

“Listen, I don’t know what kind of weird-ass Twilight coven shit you have going on with you and your boys, but you have got to get a hobby.”

“Why, you – “

“Crazy bitch, yeah, I know. Slutface McHooker queen, whatever trashy name you want me to soothe your itty bitty aching heart from rejection – but if you wanted a fucking dance, maybe you shouldn’t of treated me like a piece of meat. Hard, I know. But maybe if you – oh my god, wait for it – treated me like a fucking human, then you’d have a chance at this one fucking dance that you wanted so much.”

He’s glaring at you openly now, his hands twitching at his sides.

“Seriously, mate – there’s at least fifty other girls in this club and you look like a dick for getting so worked up over one. Just leave it alone.”

Calum’s trying the calmer approach, though you still see the veins lining his arms from the tension.

“I don’t like being disrespected.”

“And I don’t like being handled by your greasy-ass hands – deal with it. You must love being the fool though, because I spy with my little eye fucking security coming your way.”

The other boy whips around so quickly you swear you hear his neck crack a little.

Sure enough, the black-figured security was heading your way, and the creep with his gang of friends are quick to try and scamper away from you.

“Everything okay here?”

“Can you take out the trash, kind sirs? The lady’s had a long night.”

Calum says the words with utmost respect and sincerity to the bulky security guard, and with a small nod, they grab the entourage that once surrounded you and harshly push them out, whispers and camera flashes from the other clubbers following their path out.

When they’re gone, you finally exhale in relief.

“Do you have like an on switch in your head to be a badass or…?”

Calum laughs breathily at you, and you can’t help but to grin at his words.

“My knees were shaking the whole entire time, oh my god.”

“They’re gone now. Strong girl.”

He places a steady hand on your shoulder and you smile gratefully at him.

“Thank you, Calum. I – I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Probably kick some ass. Might get some enemy blood on that pretty dress of yours.”

You laugh and shake your head, a small smile playing on his lips.

“I mean it. Thank you.”

He nods in response to your sincerity, a quick pat before his hand leaves your shoulder.

“Get going now. Your ride’s here.”

You follow his gaze to the bright taxicab in front of the club, undoubtedly yours.

You look back at him and in a moment of spontaneity and gratefulness, you envelop his sweating body in your arms for a quick hug, your lips brushing his cheek as you pull away.

You rush out of the club after that, clumsily fitting yourself into the taxicab with a split-second smile before the car whisks you away.

He watches you get into the car safely, watching the lights disappear down the lonely street.

He’s not sure how to explain to his friends your red lipstick stain on his cheek or the lingering remnants of your perfume on his skin.

Got lucky, Cal?

He thinks of the girl with the fire in her eyes and the arch of her brow, the confidence in her stance and the authority in her voice despite the trembling of her fingers.

Yeah. I did.


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Kylo Ren Imagine- Warrior

request “I love your kylo Ren imagines! I was wondering if u could do one where the reader is getting traitor red or attacked and kylo comes to ur rescue’

Your home planet of Aargau has been in constant conflict for as long as you can remember. Warring factions went about their corrupt business as they pleased, leaving the citizens in incessant fear of being caught in the middle. Growing up in a war torn planet did have its perks though. You learned how to stay out of trouble, or in your case find it when you wanted to. You learned how to hold your own and to defend yourself when necessary. 

At a young age you were trained to use a weapon after the government passed a law mandating Aargau citizen to carry a weapon. You always kept your knife strapped to your ankle but your secret pleasure is the lightsaber you keep tucked away in your satchel. You came across it when scavenging for spare weapons to trade in for cash. The thought of giving it up toyed in your mind but you deemed it valuable enough of an asset to keep. 

You stroll the bustling streets of the city looking for something to do. Usually today is the day that you would meet up with your friends to discuss matters but you felt something strange in the atmosphere, so you decided to lurk around town instead. A heavy hand firmly grasps your shoulder and pulls you into the alley. 

“Rumor has it you are the girl who is conspiring with The First Order.” he snuffs. 

A few years back you received a message from The First Order. The message was very vague and mysterious just as you would suspect from The First Order. They were in search of people to train under the Knights of Ren and in their search of potential apprentices, they found you. You pondered over this decision for quite some time weighing your options. You didn’t have a preference or a overwhelming calling to either side of the force but once they caught wind that you were in possession of a lightsaber they decided you would make a wonderful addition to their team. 

“I may be, I might not be. What does it concern you?” you inquire. 

“Many factions would pay good money to have a First Order sympathizer in their custody. Someone told me they have a lightsaber too.” he coughs. 

“Well I am of no help here. Maybe you should be looking on the city limits. I don’t think someone who was conspiring with The First Order would be out in the public too much.” you attempt to leave. 

“I heard that someone saw a (y/hair/color) girl defender herself with a lightsaber on the outskirts of town. Aren’t too many girls with that hair color around here and by the looks of it, you fit that description.” 

“I’m sorry sir, I really have to be going.” 

You pull yourself away from the man only to bump into two other large men behind you. By the looks of their clothes they seem to belong to the Uuda faction. Showing no signs of fear you calmly collect yourself before you bed down to reach for your knife that is tucked into your boot. Chucking it at the man to your right, he drops to the ground clutching his thigh. You take that opportunity to sprint out of the dusty alley, reaching into your leather bag to pull out your prized possession. 

“Run after her!” he shouts. 

The burley men start to chase after you, but pause when they see the hilt of the saber in your hands. Peering down you feel the power pulse through your body as you press the button, unleashing the scintillating glow of the red lightsaber. One shoots off his blaster in your direction but you block the shot with the blade. Just as you feel another person creeping up behind you, you feel a whirl of wind hit you, the man freezing in his tracks. Veering over your shoulder you see Kylo Ren emerging from a steaming spacecraft. 

His stance is menacing, his very aura reflecting his mightiness. His shoulders are broad, his walk consists of forceful strides as he makes his way through the crowd that has gathered to watch the unruly incident. The crowd parts like the read sea, silent in awe of the spectacular entrance he has made. With is arm outstretched you can see the definition in his muscles. 

He wields his lightsaber in the air, twirling it around as if an extension of his arm. He seems so comfortable with the weapon in his hand, and thats what catches your eye the most. 

“Kylo Ren, to what do we own the unfortunate surprise?” he scoffs. 

“I had some business to attend to. I can ask the same to you.” 

Although his voice is masked with a voice changer, there is an eerie sense of calmness in his tone. All of the stories you have heard about Kylo Ren portrayed him as a wrathful man who only sought vengeance. 

“Just talking to this traitor.” 

“Traitor?” you gasp. 

The man who was injured by your hand pulls out his blaster and aims it at the leader of the Knights of Ren. With one swift move he whips around and blocks the shot with his saber, his hand freezing the culprit. This is when you see the skilled warrior. Kylo Ren has complete control over any situation, and that is the reason people fear him. He peers around his surrounds, focusing his attention on you. 

“(y/n), an honor to finally meet you in person.” 

“Pleasure is all mine Ren.” 

“I would hate for there to be an accident in Aargau, wouldn’t you?” he threatens.

“Yes sir. Would be a shame.” you play along. 

“Then I suggest this crowd dismantles.”

People start to flee from the scene and soon the always crowded streets of the city are deserted. You crave that kind of power that Kylo Ren has. Everyone knows who he is and even the mention of his name can clear out a room. The man of the Uuda gang creeps up closer to you shoving the barrel of his blaster against the back of your head. 

“Drop your weapon.” he commands.

“Not a wise choice.” kylo warns. 

Out of the corner of your eye you seem him swing his lightsaber through the air followed by a scream from the man behind you. You pivot, your arm slightly brushing against Kylo as you look in horror of the sight of the man lying on the ground. With his severed arm next to his head, he wails out in pain cursing out Kylo Ren. 

“I’ve come for you. It’s time you join us. Welcome to The First Order.” 

He waves his hand signaling you to board the ship that is heavily guarded with stormtroopers. Without reluctance you take a few steps and he follows right behind you. You have an unsettled feeling in your chest that this is going to be the start of your rise to fame.

jgguks  asked:

TELL ME MORE OF THE RELATIONSHIPS PLS which ones are romantic and which ones are platonic i must know everything i am hooked

Oh man you’re so good at these edits???? There’s so much creativity and everything is super aesthetically pleasing! Your new gang au? Soo good (but also, which ones are platonic and which ones are romantic again?)

i just stumbled across your blog and im adoring the heck outta your gangster au the aesthetic is realer than rapmon’s studio soooo which relationships are bros and which are C;?

my gossssh could you tell me which relationships are romantic and which are platonic in your gangster au?? i love it so much

heey i’m creeping on your gang aus haha and i saw the tags for pt.2 which relationships are platonic/romantic? i love the idea!!!

I really love your gangster!au oh my god, do you think you’ll ever write anything for it? (no pressure ofc the graphics are super amazing!!!) also i’m tempted to ask about which relationships are romantic but I also love the idea of it all being up to us to work out idk 

OMG thank you guys all so much i’m so ;;,,,,; srsly I’m speechless. I’m so happy really!!

To the AU: I purposely left it pretty open so everyone can decide which ship to see or to leave it just as ot7! There even can be relationships beyond the gfx I made (bc they are, all of them are close to each other even in this AU!!)

No onto my HC. My romantic ships are Namjin, Yoonmin & Taekook. (The latter one even surprised me since i am highkey vhope trash but I am also a multishipper so)
All of them have their fair share of angst and fluff (more than I wrote on the gfx bc I didn’t want to clod it) The most angsty is probably Namjin in my AU.


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