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the lush website (definitely uk, unsure about others) is currently doing an “internet shutout” thing (i didnt have time to read into it)

the screen can change itself and change to a screen that looks a little glitchy with the words “internet cannot be found”

if you’re psychotic or dissociate i’d probably avoid the website

One last really exciting thought before I go to bed. In the script (act two, scene nineteen), Moaning Myrtle has a line: “Not that your father is not pretty – but Cedric Diggory – you’d be amazed at how many girls I had to hear doing love incantations in this very bathroom…”
In the play that line is now “you’d be amazed at how many girls and boys I had to hear…”
I nearly cried with delight. Representation, even subtle representation, is so so important, and to finally hear about the existence of actual LGBT+ people within the very story of Harry Potter (even if they’re only in the background as part of one line) is just incredible. That line really delighted me.

anonymous asked:

His recent picture on Tumblr asking for three words to describe him is so damn cringe! Attention seeking pedo should be his middle name

Greg loves brutal honesty so;;;;;

“Huge Ego Micropenis”
“Teenage Loving Pedo”
“Guilty Animal Abuse”
“Wannabe Cult Leader”
“Child Grooming Creep”
“Impregnating Fetish Freak”
“Fetishizes His Wife”
“Compulsive Lying Rat”
“Loves Billie More”
“Anti Weed Injections”
“Vegetarian Not Vegan”

Oh my gosh I could go on,,,,,