creep comic

Soooo… Um… Slightly ashamed for doing this but I couldn’t help it. Ever since I found out that there was a “Septiplier ship”, I lost it. I mean, I am a big fan of Jack’s and Mark’s videos for a while now, but their bromance is amazing. Gosh, I just hope Mark and Jack don’t find this creepy. DISCLAIMER: Mark and Jack, if you’re seeing this, it’s just a joke. Please don’t find me creepy. 


__💙Soul Bonding💙__

Frisk’s first time binding souls with sans.
__*Warning this story is disturbing and addicting/ for 18+ viewers only*__
Inspired by the immersive tale “Creep!”
By KenyaKetchup
And Creep comic by Creeptale
Here’s the link to the sickeningly bittersweet story:

If you’re going to read any Undertale AU fanfics I 💯 recommend this one for those with a strong stomach and a nice twisted sense of romance.🌹