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Concept: old, established family of witches experiences generational culture clash when youngest daughter discovers a talent for Hermetic wizardry.

(Mom tries to be supportive, she really does, but after the incident last week where her daughter blew a hole in the living room ceiling attempting to conjure a Goëtic demon, she’s begun to realise that she’s slightly out of her depth.)

Uhm yeah had to take a break. I dont feel well right now…Watching 13 reasons why didnt help…to soothe my soul I sketched some young McHanzo. Its a bit better now. I love Jesse with a messy bun. No one can take this from me. Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH for much more then 200 followers by now!!! I appreciate it a lot. If you have any questions or just want to talk with me send me a message or an ask. I would really love to talk to you guys :3


I had the displeasure of meeting this creature this morning on meetme.

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J: Ugh, I’m sorry. That is no way to start the day. Can guys stop thinking we have to be happy hearing your bs opinions about our looks? It means nothing to us. Not only do we not need your validation, but when you say the same mundane bullshit to every single woman you talk to, it mean even less!