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Concept: old, established family of witches experiences generational culture clash when youngest daughter discovers a talent for Hermetic wizardry.

(Mom tries to be supportive, she really does, but after the incident last week where her daughter blew a hole in the living room ceiling attempting to conjure a Goëtic demon, she’s begun to realise that she’s slightly out of her depth.)


The Signs as things Tom Holland has done/said
  • Aries: the whole lip sync battle performance, crashes rdj's interview wearing sunglasses
  • Taurus: hates spiders but only the small ones, brings his dog Tessa to random interviews
  • Gemini: "my nickname is Dutch because holland=dutch", literally can't keep his mouth shut and spoils all of Sony/Marvel's secrets
  • Cancer: can sing but is super shy about it, went to a party dressed up as spiderman only it wasn't actually a costume party
  • Leo: "I'm under strict instructions not to swear but I can't help it because I'm British", spends his free time doing flips in his backyard
  • Virgo: has called multiple people "darling" during interviews, can't properly pronounce crossaint
  • Libra: really hates quinoa, made people cry with That Scene under the rubble
  • Scorpio: takes his little brothers to premieres and the gym and is overall a good sibling, can't touch his toes
  • Sagittarius: hair always looks really fucking good no matter what, is creeped out by cats
  • Capricorn: moves into an apartment five minutes away from his family, cut his hand washing dishes
  • Aquarius: brings Harrison everywhere because they are pretty much attached at the hip, "with great power comes great lattes"
  • Pisces: visits kids in hospitals dressed as spiderman and is super nice and sweet to all of them, broke his nose proving he could do a flip in the middle of a jungle

Uhm yeah had to take a break. I dont feel well right now…Watching 13 reasons why didnt help…to soothe my soul I sketched some young McHanzo. Its a bit better now. I love Jesse with a messy bun. No one can take this from me. Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH for much more then 200 followers by now!!! I appreciate it a lot. If you have any questions or just want to talk with me send me a message or an ask. I would really love to talk to you guys :3

“Your cat creeps me out.”

“Why, because he’s missing an eye? That’s kind of rude.”

“No, not because he’s missing an eye. Because he’s floating six inches above the ground.”

“Well yeah, he’s dead. What did you expect?”


Aries: Asparagus.

Taurus: Dipping your feet into the sea does not automatically make you an expert of marine biology.

Gemini: It seems the search for a way to cure yourself of sadness is the cure itself.
At least it distracts enough to make it appear like it.
It’s probably not a long-term solution, if we’re honest.

Cancer: Honestly, the convenience store worker can feed herself. You don’t need to leave dead squirrels on the gas pumps. You’re not a cat.

Leo: Where are you? It’s been such a long time.

Virgo: Do you have an extra, external storage space for all of that rage? It just seems so unlikely that all of it could fit into a single body.

Libra: Replace your teeth with sharped coffin nails.

Scorpio: Beware the silver.

Sagittarius: Never attempt to pet the copper cats that creep around the backs of buildings at dusk. They are doing important work and their purrs are not for mortal ears.

Capricorn: You’re an ass. A really nice ass, were you part of another person’s physical body, but that’s not the case.

Aquarius: The headache is from the tree goblin outside. He’s sorry. He can’t help it.

Pisces: It’s a secret for your dreams. You cannot know it in the waking world. i’ll tell you later.

Dating Jason Todd Includes

A/N: Another obligatory Dating Headcanons! I wasn’t planning on writing today but it’s my birthday so happy birthday to me!! How could I resist some Jason Todd? I do plan on doing full on NSFW headcanons for Jaybird and Dickiebird, but idk when so…

Warnings: slightly NSFW. Nothing big.

  • You’d think big bad rooty-tooty-shooty Jason Todd would be one of those cool, chill boyfriends? Think again.
  • Big softy. 24/7.
  • Pet names. Things like ‘Princess’, ‘Babe’, or ‘Doll’. Even if he’s just calling you from across the room. Likes to shorten your name or call you by your initials too.
  • Only really calls you by your full name if he’s hurt. Like after late night patrols. 
  • Likes letting you patch him up after. Doesn’t really like showing you crowbar-related scars. He’ll sit on the floor scarfing down cold leftovers while you bandage him up.
  • Favorite past time is taking you on motorcycle rides. He likes the wind and the speed but also likes feeling you there and knowing you’re safe.
  • Very Protective. Like Super Protective. Will start a bar fight with any cat-callers, creeps, and assholes. Hell, he’ll fight Dick if he’s getting to flirty with the one-liners.
  • Always getting to wear his leather jacket (don’t mind the bullets in the pockets, he needs them).
  • Whenever he goes out and knows he’ll be awhile/going someplace dangerous, he gives you one of his spare helmets to hold onto, just for comforts sake.
  • That boy has a sex drive in him. He can go any time and anywhere. Yes I mean anywhere.
  • Prefers sleepy morning sex, after a long night of patrol when he’s well-rested enough to hit all the right spots.
  • Surprisingly he’s very vocal during. Likes to try daring positions.
  • Likes lazy mornings too. He’s use to being a hero (or anti-hero) at night and in the past, Bruce’s socialite ward, so now he likes mornings where he can just mill around and relax.
  • Likes holding you from behind and shoulder kisses. Loves kissing the side of your head and neck.
  • Favorite past time is also reading with you in his arms. He’ll ask ‘You done?’ every time before he turns the page, just to make sure he’s not going too quick. Also loves little library and book store runs with you. Will def wait outside as you get your favorite book signed by it’s author.
  • Overall a big sweetie. He would start caring a bit more and watching his steps more closely now that he has a home and someone waiting for him in it.