creep arent i

ok but when i first heard blue diamond speak it put me off in the best way possible. it reminded me of movies i watched as a kid, where the villain was kind of creepily calm and whispery and then would YELL and the voice would become mangled and the face would distort and it would give me all the night terrors

and i just.

it couldve been really cool, but nope.


I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE YOU A LOT ~ a really gay playlist

all the boys - panic! at the disco ♡ sidekick - walk the moon ♡ staying together - bribry ♡ secrets are no fun - bad bad hats ♡ shiver shiver - walk the moon ♡ dream girl - miniature tigers ♡ thinking of you - the maine ♡ capo kissin’ - evan edinger ♡ radar detector - darwin deez ♡ peach - the front bottoms ♡ how do i tell a girl i want to kiss her? - modern baseball ♡ toothpaste kisses - the maccabees ♡ hot venom - miniature tigers ♡ you and i - ingrid michaelson ♡ the girl - city and colour ♡ first day of my life - bright eyes