creep af

  • Roadhog: *sleeps*
  • Junkrat: *sleeps*
  • Junkrat: *twitches in sleep*
  • Roadhog: *wakes up*
  • Junkrat: Whether we electrons, light quanta, benzol molecules, or stones, we shall always come up against these two characteristics, the corpuscular and the undular.
  • Roadhog: ...

I feel so conflicted….like I can’t even express with words how happy I am to see Taylor and to see her looking happy, I about fell out of my chair. But the pictures make me so uncomfortable cause in some it looks like they were taking pictures behind a gate plus it didn’t look like she knew they were being taken and it’s sooo invasive….

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Do you have any tips for someone who’s friends and/or may be in the process of courting a blood thirsty creature, Miss Locke? Any help would be greatly appreciated, please & thanks! -A fellow fangbanger.

’Fangbanger’ what the-… Well… Don’t GIVE them your blood right off the bat, that’ll keep them coming back to keep trying for it at least. They’re really crafty you see and want the ‘red stuff’ bad; but if you’re smart about how you deny them, then they HAVE to start looking at more of your qualities than how much blood they probably can suck out of you. Also, they seem to really like physical contact, so give them a good pet once in a while. Or at least mine does, but don’t tell him I said that.

“But wait, the one you’re trying to… ‘Court’ or whatever. It’s not a blonde guy, is it? Tall and weird, and likes to fanboy all about ancient snake-worshiping cultures and stuff? Yeeeah, just spray that one with a water-bottle and scoot. Trust me.

  • Beginning of Osomatsu-san:
  • Ichimatsu: satan incarnate, could probably kill u, avoid eye contact at all costs
  • Jyushimatsu: literal angel too good for this filthy world
  • Now:
  • Ichimatsu: dork furry child, wants friends but too insecure, basically harmless
  • Jyushimatsu: F E A R

My mother told me to “dress straight” so now I’m only going to wear stripes

solar: yongddonie worldeu yongddonie worldeu

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Youngjae's English is so precious af Bambam can fight me he's extra af Jaebum is visual af esp. if you do oml Mark is cute af creeping on that bias list Jinyoung is savage af literally my soul animal Yugeyeom is evil af I love maknaes Jackson's thighs thicc and loud af OMG my bias I love himmm ...I've been infected w/ kpop help me

eyydys i lovr the entirety of got7 more than anything in this world <3<3<3

whydoyouthinkileft replied to your post: as i have just told @fortcvolontc anyone who…

idk if it’s one of the writers or someone who works in the show who said (but it’s just his opinion, I guess) that that was Fitz making choices, but I’ve been saltying ever since

maybe he was making choices, but considering he was being manipulated by his physically and mentally abusive father (whom he had, in his mind at least in the framework, been living and controlled by, possibly without the supportive influence of his mother, since the age of 10)  and his very non-con, creep af, ‘im going to force you into this relationship and you dont even know it’ girlfriend/android he made  (but he doesn’t know the last bit)  im gonna say that leo fitz may have looked to have been making choices but really had very little autonomy 

@kittychat-ladybug It would explain a lot, right?

neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it