creep af

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  • Beginning of Osomatsu-san:
  • Ichimatsu: satan incarnate, could probably kill u, avoid eye contact at all costs
  • Jyushimatsu: literal angel too good for this filthy world
  • Now:
  • Ichimatsu: dork furry child, wants friends but too insecure, basically harmless
  • Jyushimatsu: F E A R

Some how, some way, mail had reached her, as a letter would lay upon her stomach, and a raven taking off, lofting a brow she sat up as she took up the envelop and opened it, carefully she examined the inside first, and noticed there was what seemed like a picture, befuddled she would slide it out, and gander of it, blushing, a smile soon taking her lips.” Hey, hes very handsome… Look at the ears.” softly cooing as she traced her index finger on where his ears where, biting her lower lip and grinning as she did, only to soon slip the picture in her leather vest.” Maybe, I can see whom this is, and keep an eye on him too!”

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Today we had a practice stranger alarm at work (like a fire drill, but for what happens if a random scary person enters the school…?)

Anyway, Kyoto sensei asked if I could take pictures of it.
Got to the classroom and my students had just been told a stranger was gonna enter the class, so when I came in they were all like, “SOPHIE SENSEI?!?!?” and I can’t stop laughing at the look of shock horror on their faces when they thought for a brief second that I was the threatening stranger 😂

Bates Motel: The Final Season Episode 1 Part 3&4

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I am curious now what luminol is

Norman and Mother’s dinner:

wow just wow…their acting has always amazed me. 

First a jealous Mother then damnnnn

The mood swings were…so strong and spot on.

This is such a realistic way of how mental illness works.

Mother’s job is always to protect him: as his multiple personality that is their only priority. 

Dead mother is creep af

so the Luminol is to help keep her corpse looking okay?? I’m confused on that.

OH nevermind I googled it, Mother used it to make sure there was no blood traces anywhere


omg dylemma scenes are so cute i love them both so much.

Are they married??

HE TOLD HER THE TRUTH ABOUT HER LUNGS! WELL….Kind of (its the thought that counts lol)

Oh look it’s Marion the sweet blonde that is going to die.

It’s creepy that she looks just like Norma season 1

hahaha jealous Mother

I’m kinda loving the scenes with emma and caleb

oh shit never mind

but she is only looking after her husband which is great i just feel bad for him.

Ok can I just say that the MJFandom (at least here on tumblr) is one of the kindest, most supportive fandoms I’ve ever been in or come across? We love each other. We support each other. We fangirl the hell out of each other’s blogs. WHEN WILL YOUR FAV EVER GENERATE THIS LEVEL OF LOVING COMMUNITY?

plus we’re really good at being creep af about our idol.