creep af

I think it’d be cool if Daniel was a reoccurring character. David would probably go out of his way to find him a white uniform.


Changed my hair and I’m feeling cute af, to be honest.

’“You forget, I’m not apart of Lockwood & Co. I don’t have to take your orders, do I? Anyway, you operate a certain way, and so do I. You should know that by know.” I flashed him a Carlyle grin.’

  • Beginning of Osomatsu-san:
  • Ichimatsu: satan incarnate, could probably kill u, avoid eye contact at all costs
  • Jyushimatsu: literal angel too good for this filthy world
  • Now:
  • Ichimatsu: dork furry child, wants friends but too insecure, basically harmless
  • Jyushimatsu: F E A R

To this day I have no idea who thought the plots on Courage the Cowardly Dog was a good idea for kids. That show was creep af and it would always come on at night but my ass would be really watching this shit. That one episode King Ramses had me having nightmares with the demon who keep saying “Return The Slab” And that one episode with the nice big tree had me crying. I wanted to fight  that motherfucker Ustes for cutting it down but I lived for him getting what he deserved every time Maurel would beat him upside the head for messing with my baby Courage.

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Youngjae's English is so precious af Bambam can fight me he's extra af Jaebum is visual af esp. if you do oml Mark is cute af creeping on that bias list Jinyoung is savage af literally my soul animal Yugeyeom is evil af I love maknaes Jackson's thighs thicc and loud af OMG my bias I love himmm ...I've been infected w/ kpop help me

eyydys i lovr the entirety of got7 more than anything in this world <3<3<3

@kittychat-ladybug It would explain a lot, right?

neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it