The Other Lion’s Mane

While I was researching a recent jellyfish meta on The Six Thatchers, I found that there is also a lion’s mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), which is a parasitic fungus that may affect memory and mood when eaten. Its name apparently translates to Hedgehog hedgehog, so… that’s fun. Perhaps this aptly named mushroom and its similarity to TD-12 explains why Mary’s wardrobe included a fungal motif in The Six Thatchers.

To be clear, Rhizopus is a different genus of parasitic fungus, but its features are easier to draw than most, and it frequently ends up being used in costume design lab examples for this reason.

The lion’s mane mushroom is also commonly called the monkey head mushroom in some regions. But that’s a Sherlock Holmes story for another day.

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Lucewood/Locklyle 15

Lockwood, under his breath: future girlfriend say what

Lucy: did you say something?

Lockwood: *internal screaming*

So I spent my waking hours (which were generally nocturnal) with the other young agents of Jacob’s company. I was close to them. We worked together. We had fun. We saved each other’s lives a bit. Their names, if you’re interested, were Paul, Norrie, Julie, Steph, and Alfie-Joe. They’re all dead now.

Lucy Carlyle, The Screaming Staircase

-Jonathan Stroud

today i was walking down the street w/ earbuds in and all of a sudden this dude started walking next to me nd talking to me ?? i couldn’t hear him bc music duh but then he started waving his arm in front of my face so i took one earbud out but kept walking and he said “ hey beautiful “  ,,, i shit u not i literally said “oh my god” and put my earbud back in ?? b ut !! he kept tALKING TO ME ???????? so i took one earbud out again and was like “ go away , stop talking to me !! “  and he was all like   “ you don’t have to be rude abt it , u could have asked me nicely ?!?! “ so i was like ,, “ i just did “  nd then i turned the corner and left his ass in the dust i’m just

‘Ooh,’ George said. ‘Feisty.’
  I looked at him. His flop of hair, his glossy, shapeless face, his silly little glasses: everything about him made me livid. 'That’s right,’ I said. 'Step over here, and I’ll show you exactly how feisty I am.’

George and Lucy, The Screaming Staircase

-Jonathan Stroud


I can’t stop laughing at “crazy women physco wino”!!! Best. Nickname. Ever.

I definitely don’t want anything to do with someone who hasn’t had sex in 10 fucking years! Does he even remember how it works? And it is more than a little weird that he has eaten totally alone for 10 years too.

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How would you feel if Cartoon Network did a proper PowerPuff Girls reboot developed by actual fans of the original show? The fans who became animators with a passion?

Ehhhhhhhhhh. Mehhhhhh. I… nah. I dunno. I get squirmy when people ask me this because I feel like… a lot of fans have their own interpretations of the show and their ideas of what they feel is closest to canon (including me, haha). I think if there was a reboot, the only way it could be done as well as the first is with the original team working on it (at the very least a core group of a fair amount of people who had important positions on the show). I really do feel that way. It was such a creator driven show.

Plus, if you’re an animator with a passion I feel like it would be so much more rewarding to work on original stuff. That’s not to say that there’s some law that says people CAN’T do reboots about things they love, but I think that it would be so much more thrilling for me at least to see more new things that were made by people who had a love for tons of different things, and condensed those things into something brand spankin’ new. I mean, Craig condensed a lot of the stuff he loved into The Powerpuff Girls and made this really great original thing. I’d wanna see new stuff instead.

I mean, if it happened, I’d be interested in seeing what they’d come up with, but… eh. I don’t know. I think they’ve messed this reboot up enough that another reboot probably wouldn’t happen for a while.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.

Concept: old, established family of witches experiences generational culture clash when youngest daughter discovers a talent for Hermetic wizardry.

(Mom tries to be supportive, she really does, but after the incident last week where her daughter blew a hole in the living room ceiling attempting to conjure a Goëtic demon, she’s begun to realise that she’s slightly out of her depth.)