“But bashing people like cishets isn’t equality!!!!”

People like cishets are already catered to in this entire planet. The point of equality is raising those who don’t have acceptance in society up to the acceptance cishets have. Call me back when I can walk into any random bookstore and name a single all trans and/or an all non-straight cast in anything there at all.

lmfao this guy came in today and gave me and the person i was working with some business cards and i was kinda looking at him like hmm…there’s something about this dude…and then he turned around to leave and went “aloha! oh, my name’s kimo by the way.” and literally i sprang up and was like YOOOOOO MY DUDE YOU FROM HAWAII BRAH??? WHERE YOU FROM?

and i laughed so fucking hard bc this guy dropped into his pigeon accent so fast and was like “KAILUA BRAH WHERE U FROM” and i told him and then i ripped open my jacket and was like “I’M WEARING MY KAMEHAMEHA SHIRT TODAY” and he was like “OH YOU WENT KAM SCHOOL HUH…YOU SMART LIDDAT”

and it literally cleansed my entire fucking soul, i shook that dudes hand and talked to him for like five minutes while the person i was working with handled the line by themselves lmfao. i didn’t know talking to another local would feel so good but it seriously energized me for the rest of the day :’^D

yikes pls maybe remember people you see on tv&movies??? are actual human beings??? just like anyone??? and deserve to be treated with basic respect and human decency????

Okay quick mush time

It honestly means the world to me how I’m actually liked on here and by a lot of people??? I sort of wish I could go back to everyone who told me this would never happen and go “HHEEEYYYY look at me now B)”

I really do appreciate everyone back ♡

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.

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"This transphobic thing is transphobic because it has nothing to do with this issue tangentially related to transphobia!! Anyone who tells you it's transphobic is over sensitive and I'm not going to address the actual transphobia!!" I'm so tired

“Oversensitive” is my lifestyle apparently and yeahhh agreed this tires me too