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jared wears heely crocs

you’re not wrong

pls excuse the fact that i have no understanding of online drawing apps

The other way around... THE END

Yup…. I’m sorry I havent updated for weeks. Busy with stuff and technical difficulties.

So Yeah! This is the last part of the other way around. After this, maybe I’ll write some one shots, just to unwind. Thanks for reading and staying with meh and sorry for the grammars and spellings.

Palette belongs to @angexci (I cant tag… y? :-(
Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy

Third Person POV

Wait that’s it?? Fell! Goth thought to himself. He put the phone next to his bed and prevent himself for thinking any further, Why didnt he questioned if I was alright? Did he not care about me? Is he with someone else? Did he have plans… On leaving me? As (Fell!) Goth was thinking about that, he didnt realize tears were forming in his eyes(sockets) and was already falling down to his cheeks. Once he realized he was crying he keep wiping them but a new set of tears were falling down.

As much as (Fell!) Goth denied, he’s always emotional when getting sick, he wants someone to be with him, he was longing for attention, longing to be loved. Heh, that’s maybe the reason why he keeps on putting himself for Fell! Palette even though he knows he cant be more than his toys. (Fell!) Goth was getting sleepy, maybe he was tired thinking and crying or maybe his fever’s rising up, he didnt really care. He closed his eyes and slowly drifting himself to sleep.

Fell! Goth was standing, he didnt know where he was, it was black, he cant see a thing and when he blink the scenary was change, he was in the park, children was running, lauging, playing, couples were sitting on the bench iling at each other. In the park, he saw Palette, smiling at him, he didnt had second thought and start running his face didnt hide his emotion, he was smiling from ear to ear, he didnt know but happiness filled his heart when he saw him smiling. But in the corner of his eyes someone was running, it was him but not him, he stopped running, when he saw who it was, it was Palette’s childhood friend. When Goth was in front of Palette, they hold hands and smiling to each other and started walking. Suddenly (Fell!) Goth’s eyes betrayed him and started crying. He was running, trying to catch up with them, screaming “Palette! Palette!”, but the distance seems to grew larger every step he made. He tripped by his clothes, and fell down, he was crying, and saying “Pl-please *hic* d-dont le-le-leave *hic* m-me” between his sobs, he was grabbed by his chin, there he saw his childhood friend, smirking at him, “Aww~ looks like your boyfriend left you” he said with his creely smile. “HAHAHAHAHA” he suddenly laugh maniacally and said “no one will love you”

“NO!” (Fell!) Goth suddenly got up to his bed. It was just a dream, it was just a bad dream, he thought to himself. But he cant stop crying. Suddenly his door was opened forcefully, there he saw Palette panting, like he was running from a marathon. Palette saw Goth’s eyes, he was crying, he run into (Fell!) Goth and embrace him, caressing his head and saying “Shhh…. Shhh… It’s alright.. Shh… I’m here. I’ll never leave you” when (Fell!) Goth hear the last phrase, his emotion burst out and started crying loudly while Palette was comforting him.

The end

Once the drama is over, palette sit on (Fell!) Goth’s bed. “Why are you here?” Goth questioned Palette. “Hmm? Well, I was going to suprise you, and I came in your house finding you were asleep, thinking that I shouldnt bothered you, I was going outside your house, when I hear you screamed so I ran to your room and you know the rest.” Palette said smiling, (Fell!) Goth was embarassed when he remembered what happened, and then he felt dizzy. Palette saw the discomfort and gently push him down in the bed “w-wait! what a-are you d-doing?” Goth asked while blushing. “Hm? I’m laying you in the bed, so you can have some rest” Palette said, “A-ah ok” Goth said blushing even deeper, suddenly Palette’s hand was in (Fell!) Goth’s forehead, getting the other skeleton flinch. Palette put a cold and wet towel into Goth’s forehead to lessen the fever. “Well now let’s get some rest” Palette said while laying down and hugging Goth “W-wait! Are you not going home?” Goth turnedasked while again blushing. “Hm? No.” Palette answered lazily, “B-but why?” Goth asked him again and Palette opened his eyes and kiss (Fell!) Goth’s forehead and said “Because I love you” (Fell!) Goth blushed on what Palette said, “Not my fault if you get my fever” he said trying to be intimidate by pouting but it turns out to be cute. Palette chuckled and said “Alright, alright lets sleep” “Mmmkay” Goth said then slowly closed his eyes. The next day, Palette was in (Fell!) Goth’s bed coughing, while Goth was standing crossed arms, “I told you, you would get my fever!” Goth said to Palette “hehe *cough* *cough* no regrets” Palette managed to say while coughig. “Ughh, wait here I’ll go get some meds for you” Goth was walking, when Palette grab his hand and pull him to an embrace. “I love you” Palette said to Goth which caught him defendless, and said “I-I love you too, jerk” Goth said while blushing.

Today’s going to be a great day.



Hope you like it!!!! Till next time

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Hello! You recently posted some beautiful poems for someone whose heart was aching. I was wondering if you knew and could recommend any about being in love and the power of love as the selection you gave was so very lovely. Thank you and wishing you and the anon best wishes. X

i was meant to get back to this earlier but it completely slipped my mind so i’m very sorry if this is late!

but here - being in love and the power of love: a mix of the tender and electric

“somewhere i have never travelled gladly beyond”
, by e.e cummings
“since feeling is first”, by e.e. cummings
“i like my body”, by e.e. cummings
“i carry your heart (i carry it in–”, by e.e. cummings
(honestly, pretty much anything by e.e. cummings)
“a love song”, by william carlos williams
bright star”, by keats
“a november night”, by sara teasdale
twice shy”, by seamus heaney
“take it easy”, by rickey laurentiis
it isn’t for want”, by cid corman
“love poem”, by denise llevertov
“this room and everything in it”, by li-young lee
6.59 AM”, by shane koczyan
“untitled (last love), by rachel mckibbens
“francesca”, by ezra pound
”lullaby”, by w. h. auden
“between us”, by nizar qabbani
“love poem”, by audre lorde
“anniversary”, by cecilia woloch
“the cinnamon peeler”, by michael ondaatje
“hummingbird”, by raymond carver
hour”, by carol ann duffy
“the life that i have (code poem for the french resistance)”, by leo marks
the forgotten dialects of the heart", by jack gilbert
recreation, by audre lorde
variation on the word sleep”, by margaret atwood
“the quiet world”, by jeffrey mcdaniel
when we with sappho”, by kenneth rexroth
look at love”, by rumi (nader khalili translation)
other lives and dimensions and finally a love poem, by bob hicok
the good-morrow”, by john donne
the rain,” by robert creely
“for you”, by kim addonizio
persimmons, by li-young lee
“the great fires”, by jack gilbert
love is not all, edna st.  vincent millay