a thing I desperately want to know: how long was Craig hanging outside Tweek Bros, obviously too chickenshit to just go in himself and talk to Tweek?

and it’s hilarious because the whole ‘I want my fucking laptop back’ was probably this big fake excuse he told himself so that he could talk to his boyfriend again….except he wusses the fuck out and just…stands there awkwardly. I am dying.

I see a lot of people talking about how sad Tweek sounds during his and Craig’s big break-up, but don’t forget that Craig also takes it badly when they fight:

In ‘Put It Down’:

Obviously upset and sad, only cheers up when he finds a solution to helping Tweek with his problems.

Moping around his family, probably doing whatever the ten year old boy version is of ‘eating ice-cream while watching sad movies and listening to break-up music).

You know, Tweek was perfectly entitled in asking for Stripe #4 back, after Craig wanted his stuff returned, but I’m laughing because now I’m really fucking sad for Craig. Playing with their guinea pig was probably one of the few things making him happy during the fight, and then he lost Stripe as well. I’M GLAD THEY MADE UP, I CANNOT STAND THIS HEARTBREAK).

Okay I finished The Fractured but whole so now I have time again to write super gay posts about gay boys.

Alright here goes,
I think Tweek and Craigs relationship has added so much more to the show.
It hasn’t hurt the show at all because it is still funny, let me explain why I think it was the perfect decision to make it even funnier.

On one side you have Craig. 
This seemingly emotionless kinda bad boy who you know could get all the girls.
He is just that typical guy you could see breaking heart.

but what makes it funny is.
He is not only gay he is a fucking dork who is shy about saying his feelings out loud. 
And his partner is Tweek of all people.
Tweek is super expressive and dramatic and like a complete opposite of him.

It’s just hilarious what they do to each other, it’s such a genuine sweet love.