Day at the GYM

Ugh! my hair is all wet.. but if i mess with it.. then it’ll be worse. Do you …mind.??

Ok ok sis.. but only because you like it when i brush your hair. Let me change into my jeans.. a think it’s getting cold outside… now.. this .. and.. mmmm let’s see.. this here.. and here.. .. check it out. Do you like it?

How do you even! Stop making facesss.. 

nooo.. stop it you!

Is this how you’ll take care of that little blip?

Shut up. i love you.

Me too sis, and him / her too.


Credits: Amazing lot by Jools-simming, posters & yoga mats by martinessimblr, bathroom decor by veranka-s4cc, ellie’s lovely earrings by salem2342.