Plan a Spring Getaway at the Stunning Humbug Spires

The BLM’s Humbug Spires Wilderness Study Area is a 11,000+ acre roadless area, located 26 miles south of Butte, Montana. Impressive granite outcroppings, part of the Boulder Batholith, rise 300-600 feet and provide outstanding rockclimbing opportunities. A three-mile trail starts at the parking area, winds along the creek through an old-growth forest, and then climbs a ridge and eventually reaches the “Wedge" - one of the more prominent spires.

Recreation activities include hiking and rockclimbing, horseback riding, primitive camping, small stream fishing and photography.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the area.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

**Venus Descending**, by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey! Well this has been the best week for photographers for quite some time with nearly every morning and afternoon erupting in spectacular colours as the sun sets and rises! I’ve been out for 2 sunset shoots this week and they’ve been incredible! I took this along the Eudlo Creek on the Sunshine Coast in Australia the other evening, It was a spectacular scene as this old tree leans over the creek. I really hope you like this shot, Thanks for looking!

I was walking home from the party today and took a detour down a trail I passed, because I had no pressing reason to be home right away and it’s the perfect time of year for walking in the woods because the trees are all waking up in that best brightest green. I found a tree that was climbable and… stared at it for a few minutes before giving in. The last time I climbed a tree was about this time last year and it was more like just going up on one of the lower branches and sitting for a bit. This time I got about halfway up the tree, with some difficulty. I miss being a kid and being so much more confident in my physical coordination too. I remember literally swinging from branch to branch like monkey bars in the elm tree back home as a kid. Granted, I was a lot smaller so the miniscule space between the branches seemed much bigger. But yeah… it was nice to climb a tree again, and afterward I had such a boost of energy I ran and jumped on this big fallen log and walked along it for a while. 

I need to go hiking more, for real : \ I almost started crying just because nature is so beautiful.