creek quotes

My heart was broken. It’s always going to be broken. And I know yours is broken too.
—  Manchester By The Sea
South Park kiddos as MORE quotes from the list my friend made

Kenny: “Is she thick? …….is her ass fat?”

Craig: “they are my babies… They are my fur babies.” (For context, this was about hamsters)

Butters: “that’s what my parents say when they hit me.”

Cartman: “I’m about to commit pre medicated murder.”

Tweek: “if they have an untucked shirt, they’re packing.”

Heidi: “I’m giving him a human baby, why is he still buying baby ducks?” 

Kyle: “I don’t wanna look like my brother, I wanna look like a human.” 

Stan: “I swear dude, last night I had a mini seizure.” 

Clyde: “Honestly, after you bust a nut; it doesn’t matter how you do it.” 

Token: “I’m only happy when I take Advil.” 

Wendy: “I hate all of you.”

Jimmy: “I’m gonna mmmhhh…”


Creek: “That’s some homo shit.”

Heiman: “Angels don’t come from Hell, demons come from Hell.”

Steve: Best thing we can do is just be ourselves, carry on in our typical, usual, distracting…

Bucky: Sordid love triangle ways. 

Steve: [Laughs] Leave it up to you to say the most inappropriate thing possible. 

Bucky: Aw, I’m always dependable, my friend. 

Tony: So very not funny. 

[Cell phone rings]

Tony: Hi, T'Challa. 

Steve: And the triangle becomes a square. 

Bucky: Well put.