creek quotes

“Jackie Kennedy had these values that we as Americans believe in, but she also had this sense of adventure that made you pay attention. She was so graceful, even when she was scared or sad. I really admire her protection of the Kennedy name, her husband, and how much she wanted her children to be as grounded and normal and successful on their own as possible. Those are the things I love about her—and why I wanted to play her again.”

(Katie Holmes)

Steve: Best thing we can do is just be ourselves, carry on in our typical, usual, distracting…
Bucky: Sordid love triangle ways. 

Steve: [Laughs] Leave it up to you to say the most inappropriate thing possible. 

Bucky: Aw, I’m always dependable, my friend. 

Tony: So very not funny. 

[Cell phone rings]

Tony: Hi, T'Challa. 

Steve: And the triangle becomes a square. 

Bucky: Well put. 

My heart was broken. It’s always going to be broken. And I know yours is broken too.
—  Manchester By The Sea
  • Hermione: It's okay to be scared, Draco. I mean, the world is a scary, scary place. I don't want you to be scared of me.
  • Draco: How can I not be, Hermione? You're the one who's opening up this whole life for me and I'm just afraid that...
  • Hermione: What?
  • Draco: I'm afraid because you're the single most important being to ever grace my existence. I am falling hopelessly in love with you.