creek bottom



Unimpressed as always, Maki flicks one of Rin’s bruises, purposely aiming for one that looks particularly purple and fresh. Not too hard, but still hard enough.


“So what really happened?”

Rin pouts. She’s still got twigs and bits of grass in her hair, like a half-assed bird nest left in the early stages of construction. As much as Maki would like to pick them out, she keeps her arms folded for now.

“Me and Honoka-chan were racing down this big hill! Then we fell. Hard!”

“And then?”

“What else…? Nope, that’s it.” Ridiculous. But plausible, considering the two morons involved. Rin swings one bruised arm to point at Honoka, who’s sniffling and dripping water everywhere in the corner with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. “Honoka-chan even rolled right into the creek at the bottom of the hill!”

“You crashed into a tree, Rin-chan!”

“I know! It was really cool, right?!”

“Yeah, the coolest!!”

Maki whacks Rin’s shoulder and shoots a glare at Honoka. “Stop enabling each other!”

“O-owww, Maki-chan, it really hurts! Really!”

She keeps her hand on Rin, absentmindedly squeezing as she looks over her scuffs and scratches and bruises. Rin continues to squirm and pointlessly whine about how it hurts in between boasting with Honoka about how awesome they looked, and how fast they were going, and arguing over who really won the race. Honoka sneezes. Rin meows. Maki sighs and roughly turns Rin around to face her, eyeing the damage done to her face. As much as Rin’s whining came off as excessive, the scuffs and bruises do look like they hurt.

“You’re lucky you didn’t break anything.”

“That’s okay! Maki-chan’s gonna be a doctor, so she’ll take care of me!”

“I’m not your personal insurance, idiot.” Nonetheless, Maki leans in to carefully, gently kiss a particularly nasty bruise above Rin’s eyebrow. She flinches but giggles, squeezing her eyes shut. It’s always a good day when Maki doesn’t mind being affectionate when they aren’t alone together.

“Heeeey, what about me?” Honoka finally pipes up after an unnecessarily long stretch of silence.

Maki dismissively shrugs, already moving onto Rin’s next bruise. “Go ask Umi.”

I’m not one of those who has mastered the art of swimming with my eyes open. So when I developed the film from this underwater camera, it was actually the first clear view I’ve ever had of the bottom of the swimming hole.


Charming took a long look down the 9th fairway. He was standing on a raised tee box, the sign read 297 yards to the hole. There was a 7 foot wide creek at the bottom of the ravine  that separated the small 10 yards of fairway in front of him from the green . He looked at his caddy and said “6 iron iron you suppose?”

The Hawaiian Caddy looked across at the green and the at charming’s arms. “well sir” He began with a heavy island accent “You know your strength better than I do but id say go with a full 5 on this one” 

David considered it for a moment, hi arms didn’t look like much but he knew his legs would get the job done. “Hand me the 6 he said winking at the caddy” He grabbed the club and lined up his shot, his father had always taught him that in business, a practice swing looked weak, so he took a deep breath and swung away driving hard and arching up. The ball shot up and away and landed a foot past the flag, it paused a second and then the backspin that had become his specialty kicked in and it rolled back into the hole. 

“Ahh!” He exclaimed “I told you manu!” He shouted jumping up 

Image description: a flyer with a blue border and an illustration of rolling hills, trees, and a creek along the bottom. Black text inside a white box reads: 

Save the Date
The Richmond Autism Interagency Committee presents the 4th Annual Richmond Autism Resource Fair

·       Keynote Presentation by Amythest Schaber
·       Resource and Information Booths
·       Youth Panel
·       Workshops
·       Marketplace

Saturday, November 21, 2015
McMath Secondary
4251 Garry Street, Richmond, BC
9:00 – 2:45 pm

Here’s a little save-the-date for a future speaking event of mine, here in the Lower Mainland! I’ll keep you all updated as we get closer.