Top 5 Shipping Moments of 2015

I dunno about you guys, but 2015 was a pretty awesome year for me. So let’s get too hot for the po-lice and the firemen and count down the top 5 Shipping moments of 2015


I’ll be honest, for the longest time I didn’t get the Creek phenomenon. Craig and Tweek barely ever interacted in the show outside of one season 3 episode where the boys kept tricking them into fighting each other. So why was it so popular to slash ship them, especially when there were plenty of major characters around with literally dozens of slashy moments to choose from? Then Trey and Matt actually made a whole episode dedicated to examining slashfic and shipping, which deserves to be mentioned here since other than a quick nod on Avatar the Last Airbender, I can’t remember a show ever acknowledging it’s shipping fanbase, or at least not to this extent. And to make it better, they made Creek semi-canon in the process! And included fanon shipping fanart! Who else would have the balls?


Dipper/Pacifica probably wasn’t a ship until the 2015 episode “Northwest Mansion Mystery” launched it into mainstream popularity. Now it’s one of the most popular in the Gravity Falls fandom, and we were all hoping for more. Pacifica Northwest had appeared early on as Mabel’s rival, so there wasn’t a lot of shipping her with Dipper Pines. But following their interactions in this episode, which did a lot to flesh out Pacifica as a character, the ship became really popular, so much that many people assumed (now that Wendy was out of the picture) that the two would end up together in the series finale. While they don’t, and the show isn’t up for revival any time soon, there’s still a possibility, and it all goes back to this episode.


Yep, 2015 is such a crowded year for Shippers that StormPilot is only #3. Force Awakens was a big movie for shippers, as it created a fresh crop of lovable characters with thick subtext. StormPilot became the big one, and now everyone wants a piece of it. In my opinion, Finn was the most creative new character introduced in the film - a stormtrooper who isn’t just a faceless, identity-free goon and who ends up turning to the good guys. He was a welcome new edition, and the chemistry he forms with Poe Dameron, the ace pilot who was this movie’s equivalent of Princess Leia, caught my eye right away; I remember thinking in the movie theater ‘This is going to get shipped.’ I just didn’t guess how much.


Like Korrasami the year before, the much ship-teased Hannibal/Will pairing finally became canon atop a hill, holding hands, and all but kissing, confirmed later by the creators. Hannigram is a strange and shocking pairing, but hell, it was one great ride. Whether you ship it or not, there’s no denying this one was majorly popular in its day and still is. And though most TV shows with popular slash pairings introduce the chemistry and comment on it, only to backtrack later on and pair the mains up with ladies, this was one instance where they weren’t queer-baiting. Instead, the teases were completely intentional. In that sense, Hannigram is kind of like the evil Korrasami - ship teased, end the day standing together in a (could be interpreted as) platonic touch, and confirmed later on by the creators as canon. Chances are both got their happy endings.


We didn’t know Garnet was really two lesbians in a trench coat until 2015, but ever since then, Ruby and Sapphire have won us over with their love story, their happy relationship, and their sheer adorability. Sadly, we don’t get the backstory of Ruby and Sapphire until 2016 in The Answer, but 2015 did give us both “Jail Break’ and “Roadside Motel”. There is so much to love about the Ruby and Sapphire pairing,, from their first introduction to the sheer fact that they’re so much in love they can’t stand to be separated, to the fact that they’re nonetheless still real people (well, Gems) who fight like an actual couple, and can still make up and come to an understanding. What else could shippers ask for?