Q: How do you feel about OTPs (shipping) especially gay OTP? Do you dislike it?

Luhan: I don’t dislike it, after all everyone has different things they like. For us it’s real friendship, and if everyone wants to use that method to feel our friendship, I think that’s fine too. I’m not really bothered by it. I just think it’s a bit funny.

—   Luhan Exclusive Interview w/ Sina

Q: After making this decision and what you did back then when you posted something to show your disappointment on Wu Yifan or Luhan’s departure from the group, aren’t you worried that this decision will cause anti-fans’ attack you?

T: Of course I know there will be antis spreading negative news about myself. But when I made up my mind, I won’t regret my decision. I know my personality that time was a bit too impulsive. I did something that I shouldn’t have done and I said something I shouldn’t have said. But after all these, I won’t do it anymore. Because I know what’s my mistakes, I thought if I realize my mistakes, then everything will be okay. When I was in the group, I was the closest to Wu Yifan, before he left. But I don’t know why - Just after he left, I woke up and read the news only to find out he’s gone. So that time I wasn’t on my right mind, and wrote those things-

Q: Wu Yifan didn’t tell you beforehand?

T: No, he didn’t tell me. I really see him as a good brother and friend. But I didn’t even know he’s gone and only got to know when I read the news. That time, I wrote a very long essays about days when we first met, from predebut days until we debuted, about our experience and happy memories. I wrote a lot of things.

Q: Why didn’t you post it up?

T: Knowing the company was there, you won’t be able to post something good about him because that time, I was still in the group. I couldn’t just take his situation into account and post up those words, that time I still needed to take care of my group, EXO. Actually I did hesitate to whether send out those words or not. That time, the company asked me to send out, ‘You have to post this up.’ However, my friends told me to never ever post this up, keep all these to yourself. If you post this up, there will be many people talking bad about you. Then, I asked my manager, ‘Can I don’t post this?’ he then said, ‘Just post this up, it will be fine. This will benefit your group.’ In the end, I chose to post it up. It was torturing me because I was in the middle of both sides.

Q: After that, do you still keep in touch with Luhan and Wu Yifan?

T: I am still in contact with Luhan. But I don’t know if Wu Yifan will, or still, forgive me. Maybe he will still think of what I posted back then.

Q: So you still hope to befriend with him (Wu Yifan) again?

T: If I have a chance, I will tell him that I wasn’t on my right mind. Now I changed my angle to see this, I will definitely support his decision. And that time before I send out the post, I said to myself that, hope he’s alright. Until now, I still hope he’s alright and well. These words are from the bottom of my heart. I hope he is able to hear these.