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Marvel Preference- Their Favourite Thing To Do With You

Tony loves playing pool with you; although it’s mainly because he gets to see you bent over.
“Well this is really a great view.” He says smirking as you go for your shot staring down your shirt.
“Well you better be paying attention Stark, because I’m pretty sure I just won.” You tell him with a wink. 

Victor likes going to pubs together, drinking, playing pool, food and seeing his girl in those tight clothes, mmmm. But it usually ends with Victor getting angry at some guy and destroying his car, which leads to another one of his favourite things to do together. 
“What the fuck happened to my car!” You hear the guy who had just given you bedroom eyes scream, as you walk out of the pub to see Victor smirking at his handy work. 
“How bad was the damage, baby?” You ask him in a sultry voice.
“Only a scratch, honey.” He tells you with a devious smirk on his face. 

Thor likes it when you teach him things and you can do them together, like playing video games. He can usually end up frustrated with some though and he can act like a child. 
“Alright now press that one gently to attack.” You teach him as he plays the game. 
“I AM PRESSING IT GENTLY! IT’S NOT WORKING!!!” He screams like a child as he gets eaten by a zombie.
“This is ridiculous. If this were actual battle I would have killed that monster!” He tells you with a huff.
“I know you would have, dear.” You tell him with a kiss on the temple.
“You want to play Mario Kart instead?” You ask him to which he nods his head smiling like a child. 

Wade is like a teenage girl and loves playing truth or dare, especially after you’ve had a few drinks.
“Alright, I dare you to chug the rest of this fancy champagne that Stark got you for your birthday.” Wade tells you as he shoves the bottle in your face.
“I can so do that.” You tell him, slurring your words slightly.
“Ha! Cannot..” He laughs at you in an attempt to egg you on, which works.
“Fuck you, Wilson.” You say as you put the bottle to your lips and scull the whole thing. 

Assassin's Creed was a really good movie

And I’m not just saying that because I am a huge fan and have played + own all the games. I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. Of course it was far from perfect, (I dare anyone to name a movie that was) but as far as video game movies go, Assassin’s Creed is on the top of my list. Critically speaking, fans or those familiar with the games will find the plot easier to follow and understand. However, it is not so exclusive that new viewers cannot join in. It is unfortunate that so many people are against the film and its franchise. The AC universe is not without its flaws, but it is far from the rotten tomatoes that are being thrown in the trash. There is so much potential within this series, and I for one will be here for ALL of it.

Iron Fist #74

SABRETOOTH ROUND TWO Part 2 SABRETOOTH’S grudging alliance with IRON FIST takes the duo on a butt-kicking spree as they try to locate the Book of the Iron Fist and its mysterious thief. Meanwhile, CHOSHIN’s plan moves into phase 2…But before the issue’s over…a wicked double-cross will change what you thought you knew!

A birthday gift I made to my sister with weirdest crack ships I could think of.

I was drooling over “Assassin’s Creed” movie ever since I watched the first trailer (and the following ones, and some clips, ahem), and, man, DID I LOVE the movie! The costumes, assassins, weapons, 15th century Spain, settings, the cast - perfectiont! The crew really did an amazing job!

And here’s a WIP shot of a piece I’ve been pushing around for a few days -__-
Hope to finish it soon…