creed of iron

I was drooling over “Assassin’s Creed” movie ever since I watched the first trailer (and the following ones, and some clips, ahem), and, man, DID I LOVE the movie! The costumes, assassins, weapons, 15th century Spain, settings, the cast - perfectiont! The crew really did an amazing job!

And here’s a WIP shot of a piece I’ve been pushing around for a few days -__-
Hope to finish it soon…

Assassin's Creed was a really good movie

And I’m not just saying that because I am a huge fan and have played + own all the games. I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. Of course it was far from perfect, (I dare anyone to name a movie that was) but as far as video game movies go, Assassin’s Creed is on the top of my list. Critically speaking, fans or those familiar with the games will find the plot easier to follow and understand. However, it is not so exclusive that new viewers cannot join in. It is unfortunate that so many people are against the film and its franchise. The AC universe is not without its flaws, but it is far from the rotten tomatoes that are being thrown in the trash. There is so much potential within this series, and I for one will be here for ALL of it.


Your destiny is in your blood. 

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History lives in our veins. 

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A/N: Heeeeeere we go. The first of Christmas related things! Slightly nosy Modern!Jacob.

“Stop trying to peek! It’s a surprise!” Y/N yelled, smiling as she pushed Jacob away from her, protecting the box in her hands from his gaze.

“What is it for?” Jacob then asked, his eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. “Christmas, my dear.” Y/N replied, looking up at the man who hummed his disapproval instead of voicing it. “You mean I can’t even have a hint of what it is?” “It’s something you need, I can tell you that.”

Jacob groaned in response, sitting on the couch behind him. “It’s not socks, is it?” “Does this box look small enough for socks?” Y/N teased, smiling. “Boxers?” “Absolutely not, Jay.” “Then what is it?!” Jacob stated, leaning up with his elbows resting on his knees, eyes narrowing slightly as he looked at Y/N, then at the now closed box in her hands as she set it on the floor in front of her, on the paper she had set out minutes before.

Y/N could only laugh at Jacob’s reaction, looking up at him, their eyes meeting. “It’s something special that I made for you. There’s a week until Christmas, Jacob- you can wait seven days.” Y/N then said, returning her gaze to the box, starting to wrap it.

“You’re even using Iron Man wrapping paper! You save that for spe- Y/N, it must be special if you’re using your favorite Avenger to protect it.”

“I told you, love.”

The Chungs in a Nutshell:
  • Iron Paladin: Once I get angry enough, I can scream louder than ten thousand bats with megaphones. Because that's manly. Sometimes I question why I still have my Destroyer, then I remember that I can't just use my lungs as a substitute.
  • Deadly Chaser: I feel like a hybrid mix of Assassin's Creed and Sanic the Hedgehog, because I care more about getting headshots than actually protecting Hamel, and I can practcically shooting spam faster than BM can play Fruit Ninja.
  • Tactical Trooper: I may be slower and weaker than the other two, but I basically have the best Destroyer. Sometimes I don't even fight, I'd just spam Commander's Mark and Dread Chase, then watch the fireworks. Stop calling me a turret!

As part of a viral marketing campaign, Assassin’s Creed has released audio of the voicemail reply of Alan Rikkin (Jeremy Irons) and the message that Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) leaves for him.