creed from the office


Name: Farah 

Nicknames: Not many nicknames you can get out of Farah

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: Let’s say 5′5

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: I’m pale, it’s blinding

Favorite Fruit: Oh no, I love too many. I think it’s easier to list what fruits I don’t like


Favorite Book Series: lol I don’t read books

Favorite Flower: Not really a fan

Favorite Scent: The smell of clothes right outta the dryer

Favorite Color: Blue, it should be black since I wear that color so much

Favorite Animal: Love them all, but I have a special place for pugs and pigs

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa: Mostly tea

Average Sleep Hours: How many hours am I awake is the real question. I sleep too much

Cat or Dog Person: I love both pretty equally

Favorite Fictional Characters: Jim, Dwight and Creed from The Office, Monk from Monk, Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

Number of blankets you sleep with: Usually 1

Dream Trip: New York City

Blog Created: In December of last year, but I haven’t properly used it since January

Number of Followers: 166 I believe

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