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SO. I’m not doing Inktober, unfortunately, but I still drew this! I LOVE IT. This is my OC Abee, a witch who, as a child, had to live on the streets. That’s her shapeshifter companion Miscreant, or Cree. God I love her.

SUPER PLEASED with how this came out???? Ugh.

Some stuff KND has taught me part 1

Be passionated.

Take risks.

But find the right moment to do it.

But her… don´t loose your chance.

Remember, life is full of challenges, but the things you need the most, appear when you least expect it.

It doesn´t matter what everybody thinks, do what you want.

Meet new friends in your journey.

Learn new things.

Discover the Universe.


Friendship it´s the most important thing in the world.

Family will always be family.

Anyone can be a hero.

Follow your dreams.

Follow your heart.

Keep smiling.

Never Give Up.


i always thought we were being too hard on you. only mages have that much power at their fingertips