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No me sirve gris, me gusta blanco o negro. Doy tanto como espero: todo o nada. De mi estatura aprendí que es lo único pequeño con lo cuál debo conformarme. No nací “Común y corriente” y no sirvo para ser sencilla. Pediré tanto como pueda dar, pero no exigiré nada. Si algo no me sirve, lo boto, si un amor no me llena lo derramo y si a un novio le gusta otra, lo regalo.

Seguiré enamorándome de todos y a la vez de ninguno, así lo encuentre o se me pasen los años. Me quedo con mi lógica cincuentera del amor, porque es de eso que soy testigo. No me sirven las relaciones casuales ni la palabra de hombres a los que en lugar de hombría, sólo les quedan hormonas.

No importa a cuántos tenga que enseñarle el verdadero significado de corresponder. No esperaré que me quieran porque sí, pero no aceptaré las dudas ni los peros. Me haré querer como soy, sin esfuerzos de ningún tipo. Al final, no importa que él ahora sea un galán de película como el que yo siempre quise, que el otro no dude tan fácil de lo mucho que ella le gusta y que el último no cambie una Margarita por un ramo de rosas. No importa, porque lo más importante, es no haberme conformado con sus escalas de grises, haber tenido los cucos puestos para sostener un NO, sencillamente porque me merezco lo mejor.

Me gusta que me endulcen el oído, quiero que me quieras de una forma insoportable, de una manera loca. Que me beses lento, que me creas incomparable, que me cuentes lo que quieras, que le coquetees a todas en mi cara, para que sepan que así les digas cosas bonitas, sólo conmigo se te para. Que robes por mi, vivas por ti y que mates por los dos.

“Uno acepta el amor que cree merecer”.
— “The perks of Being a wallflower”, del director Stephen Chbosky.

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Kass' kids loving his S/o and they keep trying to get them to sing with them? scenario maybe?

[A/N: I love bird dad. Like fhi’djk;vbsf;gkjkbgr df. Also sorry I’m such a dork with family time.]

Playing with Kass’ kids

 A smile reached your lips as you looked over the five girls clambering over their father. A laughed escaped you every now and then, but decided to get up seeing Kass looking a little worn out. He was doing his best to give each of his daughters attention, but his eyes were crossing and you figured it was time to step in. The moment you were an arms length away is when all their eyes locked on you, and out of habit you tensed.

 You readied yourself in the stand off, each of you squinting at each other, and arms posed over imaginary weapons. Cree was the first to begin side stepping and her sisters followed in tow. Your eyes squint farther down and ignored the snorts coming from Kass. You cracked your neck, your voice rumbling low, “Well now…Looks like it’s just me and you gals.”

 Kheel stepped forward, self claiming leader today, “It seems that way.” She squinted as she side glanced her father, “I take it you’re here for him.”

 You flexed your fingers, “Indeed, I am. I came to put an end to your vicious ways.”

 Kheel looked back to her sisters all the while suppressing a giggle and nodded to them. They all gather near her and blocked Kass behind them. He easily smiled, resting his head on his wing while lounging on the ground. You had to prevent your eyes from rolling at his relax attitude, especially since you were putting yourself on the line.

 Kheel’s voice broke you from your train of thoughts, “You know how this goes, [Name]. We have a price.”

 You squinted, adopting a strange accent, “Well, that’s gonna be tough, girls. I didn’t bring you no salmon today.”

 “Ah, what! Were you planning to before?” Kotts whined out and Kheel whipped around at her sister.

 “Kotts! You ruined the atmosphere!” Kheel shook her head as Kotts just shrugs. Kheel whipped back around and straighten her back and gazed at you in an authority manner. “Well, I was gonna say that you gotta sing for us. If you want us to set our da- oh uh, the prisoner free you have to sing one song!” She looked triumphant as her sisters crowded around and began yammering excitedly.  

You pretend to mull it over and stroke your chin in thought. “Well, I could…but then I could also just leave. He doesn’t seem to be suffering too much.”

 “Ouch, [Name].” Kass smirked, placing a wing on his chest, “You wound me.”

 “Oh be quiet, you’re a prisoner, remember?” You laughed out, trying to keep a serious face, but failing miserably.

 “One song!” Kheel reminded.

 “Just one?” You mused with a devious smile. 

 “Yes~!” They all called out. You raised a brow and shrugged before inhaling deeply and closing your eyes. The girls waited in anticipation while Kass began to roll away.

 The sunset shown on your form casting you in a heavenly glow and as you opened your mouth the girls were so enthralled finally getting to hear your voice. 

 The most off-key screeching fell from your throat causing the girls to tensed. Your voice cracked as you sang the ballad and you had to suppress a smirk seeing the girls protect their hearing and cried out. As soon as they began to cry “Stop” you ceased your singing and hopped over to them.

 “Well, how was it?” You smiled cheekily and they all looked at you as if you grew three heads.  

 “We gotta teach you how to sing!” They cried out and turned to Kass, who was nowhere to be seen. “Dad, you suck! Where are you!?”


Whass happenin’ y’all?  My Name is Kody Patten, I am 22 years old.  I am 6′6″, 181 lbs, with red hair and hazel eyes.  I am currently incarcerated at Ely State Prison, sure we all make mistakes—some worse than others.  My personality can be described as genuine, loyal, respectful, hard working, caring, outgoing, and drama FREE!  I love to joke and have a good time, things don’t always have to be so serious.  When times get rough I try to be my family and friends “go to” person for a laugh or even a shoulder to cry on.  Some of my hobbies consist of drawing, tattooing, writing, working, working out (gotta stay fit), and always trying to better myself & educate myself.  I currently have a half sleeve on my left forearm, all of which I did, as well as 6 other various tattoos.  I am BIG into family & friends, I put my all into my friendships & life itself, even though I am a bit restrained at the moment.  Staying strong and upbeat is a key aspect in keeping my head straight and moving forward.  My parents are rockstars for me, they never left my side and continue to be my anchor to life.  My brother continues to be a pain in my ass and I couldn’t ask for a better family.  As you can tell by my photo, my mom is my heart & soul.  I’m hoping to find some new & interesting people to get to know and hopefully find some common interests.  I’ll reply to all first letters.  As always thank you for your time and interest in my intro.
If you send pictures, be sure to write my full name and DOC# on the back (#1091721) or I won’t be able to get them!
Respect & Loyalty,
Kody Cree Patten

Kody Patten #1091721
Ely State Prison
PO BOX 1989
Ely, NV 89301

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”

- Cree Prophecy