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Um hi. So according to a post I saw of a screen cap of Voltron, G3's actual name is Thace. And I don't really have much proof of this other than some subtitles, but it seems like its worth looking into? Anyway, I just thought you should know

Thanks, I didn’t know that! I just looked it up, and yeah there’s a wikia page about him but there’s not really any info on it besides that he helped the Paladins escape. Although it also points out that he works with Prorok and appears in a couple other scenes besides that last scene, which I hadn’t picked up on before. So … looks like he’s pretty high in the ranks, which is interesting. 

(Screencap creds to whoever posted these on the wikia page!)

I also came across this post which theorizes he was the former Blue Paladin––and okay, I actually love that theory and it’s not that crazy. We know Zarkon was the former Black Paladin, so if they were both Paladins it would make sense that Thace works pretty closely with Zarkon. Maybe he helped Zarkon betray their fellow Paladins but now regrets his actions, hence his motivation to help the current Paladins. 

But also, if we’re still going with the theory that this guy is Keith’s dad … that might explain why Keith seems to have a special connection with the Blue Lion (that he was able to sense its location, that is) even though he’s the Red Paladin. HMMMMM.

So yeah I went on a bit of a tangent there I guess––but thanks for the info, anon! It helped me dig up some interesting stuff. ;)