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Minseok - 시선

시선 (siseon): line of vision.

; how perplexing…

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masterlist // get to know me

     He was so handsome even from afar. It was as if all the stars of the universe were taken and placed in his eyes, infinitely shining and dazzling. His smile was breathtakingly painful as you stared at him.

     The quiet chatter and small clatter of coffee cups echoed through the café. Quite a few people were inside, finding warmth in the hearty place. But you found yours behind the counter.

     His jet black hair was styled up, allowing his alluring eyes to captivate others. He wore a smile as he worked behind the counter, typing in orders and then turning around to make them.

     It’s been twenty minutes since you’ve came inside the café, but you haven’t had the confidence to walk up to the handsome man. His perfect and captivating aura kept you away from him in fear of being trapped in a cycle of mumbling and stuttering.

     You didn’t mind just staring at him from afar. He didn’t seem to notice your eyes on him as he calmly did his work, quickly making order after order. Still, there was a smile on his face as he moved. You caught youself sighing at the sight of him, averting your eyes some place else. How funny this was how you always ended up everytime it was his shift and never got used to the sparkle in his eyes.

“You know we do take orders from tables too.”

    Your heart jumped out of your chest at the sound of the voice. The cool voice somehow felt soothing as it spoke. You turned your eyes to the person at the side of your table, not expecting for you to lose your breath.

     Kim Minseok was written at the namecard of his black apron. A smile on his lips as he asked, “Would you want anything? You’ve been here for quite sometime, but you haven’t ordered anything.”

     You didn’t quite catch what he said, your attention diverted to the stars in his eyes. He didn’t seem to be bothered as he watched you stare at his eyes, seeing how your body leaned towards him as your eyes were dazed.

     His hand was soft and magical as he touched your shoulder, awakening you from the spell his eyes put you under. “Would you like to order anything?”

“Uh, yes please,” you stuttered, trying to remember what you usually order, “I’d have a… a…”

“Iced latte with two sugars?” He said, a smirk on his face as a shocked look flashed in your eyes.

     Before you could ask him how he knew, he winked at you, turning away towards the counter. “You’re not the only one with fluttering eyes.”

     You drew no single breath as you watch Minseok walk behind the counter and punched in your order, then quickly made your beverage. You didn’t make your staring discreet or your beating heart. The surrounding was still serene and silent like as if time has stopped and you were most convinced it did as you watched him smile and the stars sparkle in his eyes.

     He soon returned to your table with your beverage he knew perfectly well of. It took you by surprise when you saw your name written on the cup, neatly written with a smiley face at the end.

“You need to smile more often,” he said, seemingly embarrassed even after just randomly appearing beside you, “you look gorgeous when you smile.”

     Your smile came out naturally as you felt your face heat up, your eyes on the smooth tabletop. When the yearning to see the stars in his eyes returned and you settled your eyes on Minseok, he had a tint of pink on his cheeks and a small smile on his lips as he looked back at you. He lets out a short and almost silent laugh before sitting at the other side of your table.

     A smirk appeared on his face seeing how your eyes widen. Your heart beated fast against your chest as he sat in front of you, not expecting the shy man who stole the stars to talk to you, much less sit with you.

“Are you afraid of me?” The question startled you. How could he have thought he scared you when he made you want to kiss the soul out of him and watch the universe grow with him by your side.

“No,” you replied, confidence sparking as you wanted him to stay, “why would I be afraid of the man who stole stars?”

     Minseok chuckled before replying back, “Maybe because he stole the stars to get you.”

     The cool temperature of the room had no chance against the burning heat you felt against the back of your neck and cheeks. You didn’t expect this confident side from Minseok who just minutes ago had a blush on his cheeks, but you enjoyed it either way, glad to have the starry eyed man right before you.

     It didn’t take long for you to get to know each other. His charisma and charms made you more open to him. He felt warm and familiar like the moment you enter your house, so cozy and welcoming. But the romantic and cocky side of him electrified your vines, stinging you so beautiful that it hurt in a sweet way.

     Time passed by quickly as you stared at him. You didn’t notice it until you touched your watch by accident. “Aren’t you still on your shift, Minseok?” You asked him, worrying about his job.

     He shook his head, laughing. “Hell no. I choose my shift. I actually own this place. I just happen to like working here since it’s so calming.”

     It baffled you at how humble he was to work at his own place and how you never even noticed the title “Owner” underneath his name on the pin of his apron.

“Well, I have to say you’ve done a great job,” you complimented him, adoring at how artistic and calm the café was.

“At making you fall in love with me,” Minseok smirked as he answered, “I guess.”

     Another tidal wave of heat and embarrassment washed over you at his words. There was an urge to bang your head on the table, unable to swallow his honey words.

     Time went on and the sun no longer shone and the moon had taken over its shift. Minseok allowed you to stay a little later. Everyone had left and the cafè never seemed more peaceful than now. You felt the cool air brush against your skin and the warmth of your coffee on your hands. You watched Minseok as he prepared to close the store, walking you out the door and bringing down the metal gate to protect the door. You saw his muscles flex as he slowly brought it down, allowing you to enjoy the view.

     It didn’t go unnoticed by Minseok who wore a smirk on his lips as he walked you back home, teasing you at how you ‘drooled’ at the sight of him.

“You know I thought you’d rather drool at my face instead of my arm,” he boasted, the smirk on his pink lips slapping you in the face, “are maybe you already have?”

     You managed to let out a short laugh, trying to mask your embarrassment. “In your dreams, Minseok.”

“I’m pretty sure you have them also in your dreams, love,” he replied back, his smirk growing as he stopped in front of you, his face right next to yours. He saw your eyes widen, your hands stuck to your sides.

     He looked so handsome under the shine of the moonlight and stars. His eyes lighted the black and white world of yours as he leaned in. His lips you so fondly watched over for many months were finally on yours, softly moving against your mouth. A small hint of coffee swirled around your tongue as you kissed him back. Your hands found their way at his warm cheeks, holding them gently in your palms. He too placed his hands on your hips firmly but carefully.

     His lips and hands were a source of warmth in the cold night, but you found that it came from the pumping heart in him. The kiss didn’t stop until you finally felt the need to look at the stars in his eyes.

     Nothing else circled in your head, but the reminder of the coffee you tasted through his tongue and the sweet sugar of his lips. Your heart beated a little faster when Minseok smiled. You may have been strangers to each other hours ago, but those your longing stares at him were always given back through his dazzling eyes.


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