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their size difference kills me and i have a feeling jungkookie hasn't stopped growing yet (cause ppl stop growing in their early twenties i think)

aefjk jikook’s size difference isn’t even that extreme but i love it A LOT. like a lot a lot. 

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Requested AU: You couldn’t ask for a better baby boy. Jin is obedient, obeys and is the sweetest thing to his Mommy. Not to mention he does whatever you want with a smile on his face. Watch out when he gets needy. Jin isn’t above sending you provocative videos that cause you to punish him.

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“Staying In” (Yugyeom x Reader)

“can i request a fluffy lazy day scenario filled with snuggles, smiles and soft kisses with kim yugyeom?”

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Title: “Staying In”

Character: Kim Yugyeom (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,361

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You roll over but the pain only pierced you on the other side of your abdomen. It was as if someone had stuck your hands in your gut and was churning everything around. It was agony. When you had turned over, wincing in pain, you were greeted with Yugyeom. His eyes were lightly shut. Tufts of his ebony hair were strewn messily across his soft skin. His eyes fluttered open at the sudden movement and instantly met yours. It then struck you; you had planned to go out today. You agreed to get some brunch and do a bit of shopping, yet you couldn’t think of nothing worse as your insides thrashed. Another pang hit your stomach, and you tried to hide the merciless cramps that had conquered your lower half. “You okay?” he asked, his voice croaky from the morning but still laced with a gentle tone. You quickly tried to regain yourself, trying to ignore the pain. You briskly shook your head, a humming sound signalled a ‘Yes, I’m fine!’ without using the words.You feigned a reassuring smile.  He raised an eyebrow. A doubtful look graced his idol-like complexion, creases denting his skin to form his questioning expression. He sat himself up a bit, allowing the delicate covers to give in and fall from his torso, exposing the sharp angle of his collarbone. “(Y/N) are you sure?” he asked. Concern glazed his eyes. You went to swing out of the bed to commence the day, but you felt his hand grab your wrist. “(Y/N) if you don’t want to go out just say,” he assured. Your turned your head slowly, his expression meeting yours once again. Your lips formed a flat line as you sighed, giving in. “Can we just stay in today?”

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