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I bet you don’t curse God

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BTW i chose this title because Christina Grimmie’s song was amazing and the lyrics resonate with me and it just seemed right ya know? 

Also this GIF will recurring for my series BUT IT IS NOT MINE! it just fits so well I had to so creds to the original owner/maker. 

Chapter 1 (i guess…) 

Hi, I’m Reign Lilin Valentine, I know a mouthful right? but you can thank mommy dearest for that one. If you’re reading this then sit tight, put on some of your favourite angsty background music, grab some snacks you know you’ll regret you finished in a matter of minutes and enjoy a snippet of my life story. I don’t know if you’ll be able to understand me and my actions throughout all of this, hell, you might even end up hating me by the end of it but that’s okay because you’ll just be another name on a very long list. Anyways, this is what happened to me in Beacon Hills or more so what drove me to finally leave that town and move on to the next to start over, again. 

It was another day of arriving in another town, a redo of being the mysterious new girl character, this time it was Beacon Hills. Werewolf hub, only I wasn’t supposed to know this was I? My plan: lay low, don’t attract attention, graduate and get the hell out of there before anyone can say “I Love You” and/or any of that “feelings” and “attachment” bullshit. My generic rhetoric. 

Coming into high school as a junior yet again, it was all too predictable. The stares from the students starting from the school carpark on my bike all the way to my stroll to my new locker in the halls. I was so used to it was more than instinct to just ignore the eyes and keep my head straight clutching my satin black helmet. 

I could feel their eyes on me the second my wheels rolled in to the parking lot, werewolves. They were wary I could sense it, new girl in town, that doesn’t give off a human scent or aura. But I could fake it like I’ve done so many times before. I throw one leg over my all black Yamaha and take off my helmet, letting my raven locks free as I look up through my dark eyelashes to where the stares of the werewolves were coming from. I meet eyes with of them and glimpse the red eyes of his werewolf vision, he was fast hiding them but not fast enough, which usually meant they were a beta, still new to the non-human world. But he didn’t carry the aura of either, an alpha? Impressive kid. 

“Scott lets go, Kira’s waiting for us,” said one of his friends with short and slightly spiky dark hair. His friend’s human, well isn’t this little alpha full of surprises. 

This Scott kid finally looks away from our staring contest and walks into the school building. I finish taking off my bike jacket and head up to the doors that once used to terrify me and step in confidently with a blank face, which is usually mistaken to be a face of anger or extreme distaste, which also is a misunderstanding I am completely okay with. 

I open locker with the combination I was given and can feel the stares of the wolves burn into my back. I turn to look at them, and as I turn a running boy trips over his own feet, knocking into me, but he doesn’t because my inhuman instincts kick in. Instincts that I seriously need to ignore sometimes. I instantly lean back and watch him faceplant in front of me, my actions were all a bit too fast to be humanly possible. And as I shift my relaxed gaze from the fallen boy to the group students staring at me from across the hall I know I’ve majorly blown my generic rhetoric of “laying low”. Well fuck me.

I reach out my hand to the boy on the floor and he takes it ungracefully.

“You alright there man?” I ask him

He replies with a casual “yeahyeah I’m fine.”

And he walks off grumbling about how he’ll be late for some club meeting, or something i didn’t care to keep listening to.

“You’re welcome?” I said as he struts off to his club meeting or whatever.

And then the Alpha’s human friend was at my side.

“Don’t worry about Sam, he’s just grumpy at the world apart from his chess club and you’re just apart of that world that isn’t his chess club”

I just look up at him.

“I’m Stiles, you’re new right? I haven’t seen you before and this is a pretty small town.”

“Yeah, name’s Reign.” 

I’m not interested in getting involved with werewolves again so thats all he gets. And as I thought i was being saved by the bell it actually an invitation for him to walk me to class. Goddamnit. 

“Hey where’s your timetable since you’re new, I’ll walk you to your room.”

“Uh, yeah sure.” 

Too late now, I have be natural it’d be more than weird for me to decline.

And that was when even my plan b of at least just staying clear of the werewolves at all was blown over too.


so i slightly miscalculated as there are 12 signs and only 9 reindeer, but im doing it anyway. all gif creds to the original maker, whom i’ve been told is @melaphantastic







Libra: u can be mrs. claus


Sagittarius: u get to be santa


Aquarius: u r an elf