creds to megan

The Signs and their Backpacks

Aries: Has a plain black one, like their soul.

Taurus: (faux) leather vintage satchel; not practical at all for school.

Gemini: Cute little floral backpack that looks like it cant fit any books.

Cancer: Has a fancy backpack, but just carries all their books anyway.

Leo: Has an expensive backpack. Cries when it breaks.

Virgo: Doesn’t really care what happens to their backpack. Is the kid that just leaves their backpack anywhere so they don’t have to carry it.

Libra: Carries a shoulder bag instead of backpack.

Scorpio: Huge backpack that could probably fit a small child. Things always get lost in it.

Sagittarius: Neon Yellow backpack. Has had the same backpack since seventh grade.

Capricorn: Has an old backpack that still has a little place on the shoulder strap for a flip phone.

Aquarius: They left it on the bus lol.

Pisces: Backpack thats meant for sports or hiking.