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I’m so glad that this dork is going to be in the next Episode. 😍
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BTS when they see you at the beach with your guy friends

How would Bts react to seeing you at the beach with all your friends….. Most of them boys XD

Jin: “Honey, what are you doing breathing the same air as these peasants? Put your clothes back on, we are going home.”

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Jimin: *doesn’t notice, is too busy looking at your body*

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J-Hope: “Oh HIIII FRIENDS of Y/N. I’m so PLEASED to meet you oh hahah”

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Jungkook: *in his mind he has knocked them out 3 times each*

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Rap Monster: “I think I’ll be fine” *admires his arms*

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Suga: “You said you were going out with friends… these are GUYS… DId you know that they are guys? You did… Oh…”

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Lucas Appreciation Post

huckleberry, sundance, bucky mcboingboing, ranger rick… (none of these gifs are mine and all creds go to the owners. also peep farkle on the last gif)

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