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Imagine accidentally punching Tom in the face being Zendaya’s favorite moment while shooting Spiderman Homecoming.

“What was my favorite moment while shooting Spiderman? Hm.” Zendaya thought for a moment before she excitedly started to squeal. “Oh! I know, I know.” Looking over at Tom, she giggled. “My all time favorite moment is when [Y/N] accidentally punched Tom in the face during one of their fight scenes. It was hilarious and he deserved it.” 

Tom scrunched up his face and glanced over at Zendaya, “What?” 

Laughing, she nodded. “Yup, that was a great day. She nailed him too.” Winking into the camera, she pointed, “It made it on the blooper reel, so watch for it.” 

Dating Im Jaebum

Ifyoudareto-believe Asked:  Do a Dating Jaebum please. I loved the ones with Yugyeom and Jinyoung~~ (also, I don’t know if you did it already, so if you did please ignore the request)


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 AND BTS ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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  • Subtle af
  • Looking you up and down
  • Casual touching
  • That slowly becomes not-so-casual
  • JB whAt ArE YOu dOiNG
  • Deep down you’re totally chill with it
  • Not telling each other that you like each other but you both still kinda know the feeling is mutual 
  • Close friends
  • Very close
  • Like you know everything about each other
  • Even that stupid yellow shirt you wore 4 months ago to that one coffee shop two blocks from a broken stop sign and you’ll never go back to the shop bc, that stupid yellow shirt.
  • Loving stares when you do liTerAlLy anything
  • Inside jokes
  • Flirtatious jokes
  • Crackling
  • Being petty af
  • Getting into arguments bc one of you is jealous but you can’t really do anything about it
  • “Well if you like them so much just date them!”
  • “I don’t like him, Jaebum! How many times do I need to tell you that!?”
  • Him turning away from you because he can’t look at you and be mad at the same time
  • “Why do you even care anyway?! Huh!”
  • “Damnit ____! You know why!”
  • Being too petty to admit anyones feelings even though you both know
  • Not wanting to leave each other’s company despite the fact you are both flaming at the moment
  • Got6 getting nervous when you two fight
  • Like damn
  • “S/he’s has a set of lungs”
  • “Who knew s/he could get that mad”
  • “They’re perfect for each other.”
  • You two acting like five year olds on time out
  • Finally cooling down and relaxing in each others’ presences
  • Becoming hella close to Youngjae
  • “Jaebum has something to ask you!”
  • *Death daggers to YJ*
  • JB getting forced to ask you even thought he was one hundred and ten percent going to ask you tomorrow at exactly 2:24PM
  • yeAh OkAy JB
  • The first date would be somewhere meaningful
  • Putting his arm on your shoulders constantly
  • Treating you like royalty™ 
  • You’re his queen okay
  • You deserve the world
  • Taking you home
  • Not your home
  • His
  • Long talks
  • Cuddling on his bed
  • Him never wanting to let go
  • Falling asleep while still in his embrace
  • Waking up, facing him, sTILL in his tight embrace
  • He’s not planning on letting you go anytime soon so get comfy
  • Kisses when he wakes up
  • SleEPy vOiCEd JB
  • Yelling bc stupid shit
  • “Are you gu-”
  • Both going ape-shit “SHUT UP MAKNAE THIS IS INTENSE!”
  • *Meanwhile you guys are actually just playing cards*
  • Play wrestling bc one of you lost
  • Fighting with all you’ve got
  • Him pinning you down 
  • “What’s my prize for winning?”
  • Leaning down to kiss you
  • His hands moving up and down your body
  • Heated makeout session
  • ”Let’s move this somewhere more private.”
  • Wrapping your legs around his waist before he stands up
  • Holding on to you, he makes it up
  • Closing the bedroom door behind him before pressing you against it
  • Dropping you on his bed after swiftly taking off your shirt
  • “Are you ready?”
  • DOM AF
  • KiNk; daddy material; biting; hickeys; “Fuck Babygirl”
  • Two rounds bc damn
  • Falling asleep together after showering
  • Best nights ever 
  • Him getting jealous over something stupid
  • “GAH! JB! Why are you like this?”
  • “Because I fucking love you!”
  • Getting taken back bc like
  • Now you can’t fight with him
  • “Ugh, I love you to Jaebum, come here.” 
  • Him hugging you like a big toddler
  • Him never letting go ˘⌣˘

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some of my favorite pics of lee donghyuck

author’s note: this pic set includes:

cute hyuck, candid hyuck, rude hyuck, boyfriend hyuck and pre-debut hyuck! (plus, captions expressed by yours truly)

// putting this under a “keep reading” bcuz its hella long srz no I’m not lmao //

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Bad Idea

Peter Parker
Prompt : “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 

“You’re an idiot.” [Y/N] huffed out. 

Peter reached for his mask, tearing it off his head, he frowned. “I am not.” 

[Y/N] rolled her head and dramatically gave him an irritated look. It had only been a few months of knowing that her best friend was Spider-Man and after she got past the initial shock, she started to help Peter learn the new gadgets and gizmos the new spider suit had to offer.  Arching a brow, she motioned towards their situation. “Really?” 

Groaning, he crossed his arms over his chest, which caused him to bounce slightly from all the webbing that was currently surrounding them. Peter scoffed, “It seemed like a good idea yesterday.” 

Closing her eyes, she shook her head. “And how exactly did you think messing around with the coding of Tony Stark’s invention would be a good idea?” Opening her eyes, she arched a brow. “Please enlighten me. Because I’m having trouble comprehending why and how that was going to be a good idea.” 

“Well, I didn’t think it would blow up….” Peter trailed as he looked around him. They were strung up about ten feet off the ground with one of his webbing gadget sitting on the concrete floor. He had spent the last fifteen minutes rewiring the suit despite the warnings [Y/N] had gave him. 

"What did you think would happen?!” [Y/N] grilled, her eyes were narrowed as she gave him a look that could kill. She loved Peter with every inch of her soul but sometimes she swore he didn’t have a lick of common sense underneath that genius brain of his. And sometimes, she even dreamed of a life where Peter wasn’t causing chaos. “That unicorns and rainbows would be sprouting out of your wrists?” 

Peter grinned, “That’d be so awesome. A nice element of surprise.” 

“Oh my god….” 

“I’m kidding,” Peter joked. “It was kind of stupid to think I could mess around with the suit,” he started to yank the webbing off his arms and legs. “But, how can I feel safe if I don’t know it’s limits?” Crawling gracefully towards her, he frowned. “How can I keep anyone, even you, safe if I don’t know how far I can use it.” 

[Y/N] scoffed, rolling her eyes, “Oh, god, Peter. Please don’t give me that sappy hero talk about wanting the world to be a safer place for me.” Struggling to remove the web from herself, she whimpered out. “I…can…take care…of….myself.” 

Peter smirked, “Yeah, uh, I can see that. You’re doing great.” 

Giving up, she narrowed her eyes and motioned towards it all. “Just get me out of this thing, will you?” 

“Oh, yeah, sure, sure. No problem. I just, you know, didn’t want to assume you needed my help or anything.” He grinned at her expression. “Cause you know that would be the last thing I wanted to do.” 


“Okay, alright.” Peter laughed as he yanked her out of the web. Pulling her close to his chest, he smirked again. “Would you like some assistance or are you just going to jump and break some bones?” 

[Y/N] looked up at Peter and quirked a brow, “I prefer to have all my bones in tact but if I have to jump then I will.” 

Peter scoffed. “You wouldn’t.” 

“Oh yeah?” [Y/N] countered.

Panic started to set in his bones as he felt [Y/N] pull away from him. “[Y/N],” Peter warned. “What are you doing?” Struggling to get a better grip on her, he yelled out when she pushed off of him and started to fall. “[Y/N]!” Using the one webbing gadget that was still attached to him, he shot out a web and gave a sigh of relief as he caught her just in time. 

Jumping down from the height, he narrowed his eyes at his best friend. “You’re fucking insane.” He growled. 

[Y/N] gave him a cheeky grin, “I mean… said I wouldn’t and,” she poked him on the nose, “I did.” 

Grabbing her by the waist, he yanked her completely down to the ground. “What would you have done if I didn’t save you?” 

Shrugging her shoulders, “I dunno, I probably would have died and there’s not much I could have done at that point.” 

Peter shook his head as she started to leave the warehouse, “You’re such a dick.” 

Laughing, [Y/N] turned around, “Actually, that was you. I only retaliated.” Walking backwards, she motioned towards the door, “Come on, Spiderboy. Change out of that hideous spandex onesie and let’s go grab some pizza.” 

“It’s Spider-Man and it’s not a onesie.” Peter called out as he walked towards his backpack. 

“Whatever, Parker. You keep telling yourself that to sleep at night.” She hollered back. 

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Hi… I don’t really know how to operate these sorts of things, but I just want to jump right in and say that I am so thankful for all my loyal followers, and that the start of my 2017 here has been an absolute blessing. I’ve only had this blog since December 2016, and well.. It’s hard for me to gain attention because I don’t really seek it out. I tend to stay undercover, not out in the midst of crowding, popular blogs. I apologize for how much of a mess my blog is, but I still want to thank all of you guys for sticking through with me and being dolls. You’ve all made this possible for me, and hopefully in a little while I can reach my next milestone.

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Dating Mark Tuan

Anon Asked: I just read some of your work and it’s FANTASTIC !! Could you pretty please do a dating Mark like you did for the others ? Thanks hun <3

Mark JaebumJacksonJinyoungYoungjaeBamBamYugyeom


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- Old friends that haven’t talked in years

- Bumping into each other when he’s on a tour or something

- “Oh, I’m sor-”

- Silence bc 

- Wtf whY HAVEN’T YOU CALLED _____?!

- “Mark? You okay bro?”

- “Huh? Wha- oh yeah, I- I’m fine.”

- He’s not fine

- He asks if you still have his number 

- You do

- He’s sh00k™

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Youngmin: anyone else feel good when their brain releases a bunch of endorphins?

Woojin: can’t relate

Daehwi: why would my brain release a bunch of dolphins?

emotions (one) - peter parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Part One of Five of the Emotions series.

Peter’s abilities were something you were no stranger of Peter’s senses tended to be obvious to certain people, but his racking emotional senses were something he had no control over, and it turns out you were beginning to ignite yours as well.

Warnings: nothing just fluff:)

Words: 1057

a/n: here’s a long awaited post! i decided to make this a series for the lovely @five-foot-two-joanne!! she’s been waiting a while for this and she deserves a long ass one lmao!! but anyway, hope you all enjoy and tell me if you think you’re going to like the series:)) (gif creds to owner)


“Y/N-please, please hurry. It hurts so bad,” Peter’s quivering voice rings through your ears. His aching voice seeps through your emotions quickly as your eyebrows begin to furrow in concentration as you fished around the bathroom cabinet for the needed medical supplies.

Your hand reaches out quickly and grasps the spray bottle before shouting at Peter wearily from the room over, “I’m s-sorry, Peter! I’m coming!” you holler, the strain in your voice clearly evident. You knew you mind wasn’t focused on anything else at the moment in time. All you severely cared about was curing Peter’s pain, fast.

You soon had grabbed everything else you needed and made your way quickly back to your bedroom, shoving the door open and basically pushing everything in your way across the room, “O-okay. I got it,” you replied, your eyes watching as you throw all the naive medical supplies down on your bed, hands reaching up hurriedly to rake the hair that was hanging in your face away from your eyesight, and behind your ears.

The air surrounding the two of you seemed to quicken at the pace of your erratic heartbeat, the humidity of hysteria and stress breezed between the two of you hastily, causing the breaths mingling in the room to seem much deeper and heavy than preferred.

Your eyes cast from the cluttered spot on your comforter to a more sincere, tender, and battered scene, Peter’s beautiful brown orbs raking over with tears at the sight of the situation. Your heart decided to thump rapidly in your chest, the feeling of pain flushed around him causing it to act out of place.

Your hands carefully moved from their previous position to cascade softly over Peter’s wound, his eyes never leaving your Y/E/C ones once. His eyes radiated guilt almost, which confused you. What would he have to be guilty about? You pushed the odd thought behind you, bringing your attention back to the wound.

Your fingers reached up towards his face, tenderly brushing the open cut across his cheek to tremble beneath your fingers. Your gaze ran over his features, heartache proceeding with it as you intently observed his figuring facial expressions.

When your fingers touched the wound, he winced slightly, eyes piercing shut quickly as the pain rushed through his veins. You immediately pulled away, never wanting to be the source of his immediate pain. Your throat suddenly lodged your breath in the back of it, the nerves that’d been raking through your body for the past hour decide to prove themselves real.

Your eyes widened slightly at his sudden emotion of visible pain, the coldness running shirt in your fingertips. Peter’s eyes squinted open and feel lightly as he witnessed your sorrowful features form at his touch of pain. His pulse tightens as he believes you are hurt by his cause of pain, thinking it’s you.

His own hand approaches your cold skin, laying it soothingly against your arm, muttering, “N-No. It wasn’t you, Y/N. It’s just really sore,” he continues, eyes emitting a forgiving glance, almost as if they’re urging you to continue. You catch on and smile slightly, your lips parting as they allow a small breath of guilt to slip out from in between them. Reaching over to grab the cloth, you play the scenario across the front of your wild mind, the thought process of emotion reaching a specific level of importance.

In the moment, time suddenly seems to take a complete yet swift stop as these begin to lay out in front of you instantaneously and emotionally.

You’re sitting in your bedroom at eleven twenty-three P.M. on a Tuesday night, the window is completely ajar, and your bed is utterly a mess. Your parents are sleeping (hopefully) soundly two rooms over, the house is vacant, besides the spot you’re in now. Your eyes aren’t shut tightly in utter silence and sleepiness like they should be this late on a school night. Instead, they’re focused intently on one thing, something, someone, who you never believed you’d feel so strongly for. Eyes glazed over with love, fondness, and pure emotion at the boy who’s completely torn to pieces physically. The boy who has been there for you since the beginning. The sweet soul who has these magnificent, yet lawless abilities that cause such grave excitement yet agonizing emotions, sitting guiltily in front of you. The sentiment sitting soundly between the you and that loving boy dares to spark a new sensitivity in your longing relationship.

You were the the first to see Peter for who he truly was. You were the first for everything with Peter.

When he came running up to you exasperatedly that one afternoon, eyes wide with anticipation as he proved to you what new capabilities his body could master.

Things seemed to take a turn unexpectedly that one day, your previous curiosity with your best friend Peter Parker seemed to escalate dramatically as he hung upside from your bedroom ceiling that night. You honestly didn’t know what to question him with. You just knew that whatever happened, or whatever was about to happen, was extremely interesting.

But then, once everything seemed to be happening smoothly, your bedroom window is suddenly pushed open loudly, a seemingly nervous Peter Parker crawling through it. The first time he came reaching to you for urgent help.

When those captivating brown orbs planted themselves directly into your confused gaze, your mind knew, you knew. How could you not? Those pink lips pressed tightly together as his chin was marked with a deep, bloody gash.

“Y/N…”  he had trailed off, eyes piercing into yours with pain and tenderness your heart broke in half.

But now, dabbing the wet cloth softly against his bruised skin causes such pain to you, seeing him in such a state. He reciprocates the feeling unknowingly, his mind repeating to him over again how much he doesn’t deserve you, especially with these abilities, knowing how unfaithful they can be. But, his heart repeats to him at the same time, signaling the opposing emotion. It whispers to him how much he adores you and how much he clearly needs you, but he just doesn’t exactly know how much yet.

But you, you know within your mind and heart, that he’s worth every bit of it.


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