ask-sir-crocodile  asked:


Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs from behind | Cuddling | Hand kiss | PDA (I dont know if either one of them would like that tho) | Spooning | Shared baths | Whispers | Affectionate texts | Caressing | Stroke hair | No displays of affection

Shower sex | Wall sex | Neck bites | Oral | Morning sex | Drunk sex | Public sex | Backseat of car | BDSM | No sex

Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | No dates

Would my character…

Marry them? Yes | No
Have sex on the first date? Yes | No
Confess their attraction first? Yes | No  
Have children/adopt? Yes | No (If Croc did want them)
Die for your character? Yes | No
Cheat on your character? Yes | No
Lie to them? Yes | No
Cuddle after sex? Yes | No


bnha is one of my fav shows because its, of course, a trope-heavy superhero plotline BUT some of the biggest tropes are turned on their head or totally absent. like having superpowers being normal and being without a quirk is weird and othering, but one of my most fav twists is the fact the main character HAS A MOTHER. who, as the story progresses, has more moments and a say in whats going on… kind of the opposite of whats normal! usually the mom exists and then fades off into the background, deemed useless to the story, or doesnt even exist in the first place.

every time the show follows the manga and shows deku’s mom watching her son on tv and sobbing and cheering him on and wigging out, i cant help but smile! even if its just for a split second to show she’s there, its still showing she’s THERE and a part of his life. its kinda nice to see?