Hirose Tomoki 200217 Ameblo

I don’t know…

Ah, ottsuru-san

↑ If I tell you to sing this, you will end up singing it ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶ 

It’s warm isn’t it~!
It’s too warm.
“It’s warm right, Kojiro, it’s warm right~”
I keep saying that it’s warm so that I can practice retorting “who is Kojiro?”.

In a person’s life, there’s a possibility that you may experience this four times and I experienced the first one today.

You understand (what I’m saying) just by looking at this nervous face right (⌒-⌒; )

“I don’t know 親っ!!(T/N: I don’t know parent!!)
chichichichichichiがdon’t stop! (T/N: chichichichichichi don’t stop!)
never ending chi!!
uzuuzuuzu疼き始めたpm19:00! (T/N: uzuuzuuzu the pain started at pm19:00!)
止まらない終わらない歯のloop!! (T/N: it doesn’t stop, it doesn’t end, teeth loop!!)

When I was typing this, Araki-kun was walking towards me. (laughs).
Araki-kun stopped me by saying “don’t type anymore”.
Thank you very much m(_ _)m
I personally thought that this was intense too.

Reporting on recent news.
Touken ranbu’s (visuals) are originally beautiful but Araki-kun’s visuals are always beautiful when I look at it.
That feeling of transparency.
He said that Mokkun will be fighting with him.
I want to watch it (^-^)
It’s a popular performance and it’s difficult to get tickets right.

When I was waiting for the train back, I was leaning against a pillar and water started dripping down from my hair to my shoulders.


When I looked down,

Damnnnnn it…
To fall into such a simple trap, I still have a long way to go.
I will train and repair myself and come back!

I was really nervous but my thoughts after the extraction are
I ended up liking the dentist just a little bit.
Is this thanks to everyone’s efforts?

I will text again!!


What’s with this sudden attack??!!!!

Ryokun, you’re soooo cruuuueeelll!!!😭😭
Do you want to kill me?! 😭😭

My heart can’t handle this much!!!!😭😭

I have to draw this!!
I definitely will draw this!!!
Alright, now which one i have to draw first?

Shouhei’s New Year’s Message!!*







2016 is ending, isn’t it.
I got to participate in a lot of different productions this year.
To everyone who took the trouble to come see me at the theater, to everyone who gave me your support, to everyone who sent me letters or presents, to everyone who took the time to write comments, thank you so very much.
It’s thanks to everyone’s support that I’m able to take part in so many different kinds of shows, and I was able to have a very good year.  
It really was a very happy year.  
For 2016, I have no regrets!!

*For his full New Year’s blog post, see here: (x)  What I have copy-pasted here is only the first part because it’s otherwise fairly long compared to the other New Year’s messages.  

Translated by @nimbus-cloud


Tomoyuu Bday Event (Part 1)

Photos from Tomotsune’s Birthday/Christmas Eve event!! This took place on December 23rd in two sessions. The guests for his event were: Menjo Kentaro (Hajime), Washio Shuuto (You), Doi Kazumi (Kai) and Matsumura Ryunosuke (in Heroes Musical too & he’s Kasamatsu in Knb Stage)!

A few things I read that they did (source: JP tweets):

  • The four Tsukista members there (minus Matsumura) danced to Lots of Love
  • Tomotsune sung parts of “Kimi ni Hana o, Kimi ni Hoshi o” (Tsukiuta Shun duet with Kai)
  • Tomotsune and Menjo eat out sometimes. Menjo says Tomotsune eats chicken salad quite often but his favourite is herb (no idea what this is btw)
  • All three Tsukista boys’ first impression of Tomotsune: Scary
  • Shuuto thought Tomotsune looked like an ex-yankee
  • Tomotsune said about Menjo: “I love both his characters and himself off-stage” (rough translation)
  • They sung Happy Birthday for Tomotsune
  • Menjo introduced himself in this way “Menjo Kentaro-desu, 26 years old!” and people thought it was cute

Image Sources: Menjo/Shuuto/Doi’s Twitter, Tomotsune’s Ameblo/Cheerz

Hirose Tomoki 110217 Ameblo (extract)

I took this photo with Ren and Mario.
This was probably during the Merry Christmas season.
These 2 are working hard in Ryuuhou.

When Mario saw this photo, he went “eh?” and looked at the photo again and pointed at me and said “is this me?”
“Ah, but I don’t do these kind of poses, I wonder if I really look like Tomoki-kun…” he said.
I guess… it really feels like that.
Ren is Ren.

Hirose Tomoki 050217 Ameblo (extract)

Mokkun’s letter

Today I went to the theatre to watch Ota-san’s musical 「手紙」 (Letter).
I was a little scared….
Mokkun really worked hard….
He lived vigorously.
From the bottom of my heart, I thought that he was amazing~

The content of the production is quite heavy but Mokkun pulled it off. He is the type of person whose character doesn’t differ much from his actual self so I think he performed this with his private life being quite affected….

I’m glad I went to watch it!
I believe that everybody who went to watch this production got charmed by Mokkun (laughs).
Alright~ It’s my turn!

Tatsuya-san, who I acted together with in Scarlet Pimpernel, is also in this production, he sure had a presence.
During Scarlet Pimpernel, he was like an older brother to us. Everybody then called him “Tatsu-nii” but I thought that too many people was calling him that so I called him “Tatsuya-san”!
I wanted to hear Tatsu-nii sing more (*´-`) 


Do your best for the Kobe performance too ♡

Ameblo 17/02/08 - My feelings upon discovering a park

Everyone, thank you for your comments  m(_ _)m

There was a Tofu Pro Wrestling recording today~!

I went to the gym and trained.

It was the first time I’ve been to a gym and trained. It was my first time seeing and feeling the stuff there.

It reminds me of the excitement I had when I visited parks I had never been to before and looked at all the different equipment at the playground (*^_^*)

Well, I still get excited by parks~

Don’t miss Tofu Pro Wrestling from now on!

It’s Bird Takayanagi.

This high schooler will do her best lol

After the recording I ate Hinabe with Akarin lol

I’ve definitely eaten here every once every months over two years. lol

I’ve been to quite a lot of hinabe restaurants, and recently I’ve been rediscovering restaurants, which is fun. I want to make a list of them.

A weak point of hinabe is that it can’t be eaten alone. I want to go alone though.

Akarin is the one who always accompanies me to eat hinabe.

Today I was invited by Akarin though  ((o(^∇^)o)) It was good.

Thanks for the meal.

Please watch LINELIVE! tomorrow night! ☆

[160425] NU’EST Ameblo Update

Two People in Love
Everyone!! This is Minhyun!!
We Went to Odaiba at lunch today!!
We met a amazing couple in Odaiba!!
I wish both of them eternal love!!
Cr: Rainb0wMiLLi

Ameblo 17/02/01 - Takayanagi Akane

Everyone, thank you for your comments m(_ _)m

Today ameblo has switched to the “Natsu yo, Isoge!” theme.

In a similar way to how I made a declaration at the time of Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai…

I, Takayanagi Akane will go back to my initial resolution of updating my blog diligently at least once every three days. I’ll do my best to achieve this goal

(Please forgive me during times when I can’t update due to work piling up or having poor health!)

Also since I managed to do that for one month (excluding the period where I was busy with the musical!) I’ll start an Instagram soon! I’m looking forward to it.

Once again, I’m really happy that the new album “Kakumei no Oka” is on sale!

The lead single “Natsu yo, Isoge!”, has been uploaded on the official Youtube channel.


Have you already seen it?

I’m nothing but happy that I received happy comments from many fans.

This music video was recorded in one shot and everyone is filmed in a rather equal amount, so I think that no matter which member you’re a fan of you can enjoy the video, right?

Therefore things like “You don’t particularly look like a front member!” aren’t applicable.

Nonetheless, for these past few years whenever a new MV was released to the public I felt guilty towards my fans, so it’ll be nice if you can enjoy this one (*^_^*)

Since it was filmed in one shot, I don’t have any photos 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

Usually I take pictures of the others when it isn’t my turn, and when it’s my turn I ask a cameraman to take pictures, but this time there was a strict no-reflected glare policy so even the staff couldn’t stand in the recording area during the recording.

This is the only picture I took

It’s a cute picture of everyone waving at a ship setting off lol

Pretty as a painting (゚ω゚)

I’ll release other offshots little by little when those locations become released to the public (゚ω゚)

Please support Kakumei no Oka and Natsu yo, Isoge!


A plan to join forces with that girl is underway…

And that person who’s been a sensation will…!

Stay tuned.

Wada Takuma 050217 Ameblo

Kirakira Boshi

Konnichiwadakuma (*^▽^*)

I participated in the second session of Hirose Tomoki’s birthday event 『煌々星〜ちょこっとばーすでぃ〜』 as an MC!
This is his first solo event, he has really been waiting eagerly for it and the moment I entered the waiting room and met him, I could tell that he was really looking forward to (the event) yesterday.
More than that, the fans looked like they were having a lot of fun and it made me happy too (-^□^-)
To Hirose Tomoki’s fans, thank you very much for giving me a warm welcome!
Thanks to that, I gained the title of “husband” ♡ 

After the event, the 2 of us went to have a drink.
We talked a lot about work.

One charm point of this work is that “there is an end”.
No matter what kind of production or filming location we engage in, there’s always a “last day of performance” or “last day of filming”.
It’s because we all work together towards this day that we can give everything that we have.
And then on the last day, we bid everybody goodbye by saying “we will meet again!” or “next time let’s work together at another filming site!”.
While both sides are wishing that we will meet again somewhere else, we move onto our next job.
It’s precisely because everything has an end that these things may accumulate.(?)

Well, we get happy about each other’s activities like it’s our own!!

Once again, Tomoki, happy birthday ☆