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Do Not Repost Art! Show some respect, and give the artist credit.
Do you want me put signature on Carol & Daryl’s face?
“ Little fox” is (RipleyFox) . Please respect the creators.(→ܫ←) 


I appreciate every single one of you I seriously do. But i noticed some posts in instagram that my works are reposted without my consent or credit. I saw other’s works posted as well without credit :–( not to be butthurt but atleast credit us artists ;; it may just be for gags but it’s our efforts as well. And taking it and posting it elsewhere is like getting food from ur friend without saying thanks or asking. So yeah. Don’t do that 😭

anonymous asked:

is it alright if i use some of your art in my bullet journal (with credit, of course)? some artists don't like people doing that so i just wanted to make sure! btw your etsy store is wonderful and i will be making an order once i get paid in a few days :-)

yes, i’d be honored!! long as you link back xx and thank you so much !!! 

galaxyminds  asked:

half the time i have no idea what the hell you're on about and it makes the whole damn experience at least 10x better

im like rafael or descartes im just taking funny things ive heard and remixing them… (tumblr art thief voice) credits to the artist

[[ I’m real sad this editing other people’s art without permission discourse is still a thing. I thought we understood the issues with it back when I stopped rping in 2014.

Bottom line is, if you didn’t make the artwork, don’t take it and edit it for yourself unless you’ve gotten permission from the artist. Artists put their art out there to be recognized. People cropping out their signatures and giving no credit is frankly, rude. Several artists have stopped posting their art on tumblr because of this behavior. Some of my favorite league artists have done the same, especially foreign artists where copyright laws differ in their countries.

If you want to use icons, that’s okay! Feel free to use official media, or face claims, or idk official manga characters that look like your muse. That’s fine! That doesn’t hurt independent artists.

I won’t fight anyone over this, but I just want people to understand why it’s an issue. And also understand that no one is going to stop role playing with you just because you might stop using icons. ]]