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I'm curious, what is this TUUUUBES meme and where did it come from?

I have no idea where it came from but this was the original

In summary, the space pirates are not clever and that is why Samus keeps defeating them. They use conveniently morphball-sized tubes between vital areas of their facilities and they still haven’t learned yet. We’ve come to the conclusion, they must just really, really like tubes


“Yo Liam! Say cheese and show your new mug!” Maxwell cheered as he raised his camera

“New mug?” Drake raised his brow

“I think he meant this one” Liam laughed as he raised the item in question

“Oh for the love of-” 

Thus the picture of a very happy Prince Liam as requested! I hope this does justice to the request!

Dedicated to @thatocladyplayschoices ; @thatoclady