Here, have this my fellow Sherlollians.

(For the life of me, I can’t find the original artist of this, but my friend sent it to me via text….and yea….Sherlolly feels)

So thanks to a few of you, we have a reference! The artwork is done by Dylan Dog, from a comic called “Til Death do Us Part”, or “Finché morte non vi separi” in its native printed language, apparently issue 121.

Thanks to @willowg, @zenbrainjam, and @flavialikestodraw for finding the source and letting me know! ^_^


There was a knock on your office door, which caught you off guard since you hadn’t been expecting anyone.
“Come in.”
Your eyes widened at the sight of your visitor, “Jax…”

“I know I’m not supposed to be here,” he made sure to close the door behind him, “but I had to see you,” there was sympathy in his eyes, “I had to know that you were okay.”

You tensed in your chair as he neared, his very presence almost frightened you, in fear of you inability to control yourself around him.
“I’m fine-”
Your eyes spoke another truth.

You fidgeted with your wedding ring, a personal reminder of what your husband would do to you if he caught you talking to Jackson Teller again.

Jax took notice, staring down at your ring in defeat, “If he lays one hand on you I want you to call me.”

“I’m not your problem Jax- You can’t just keep rescuing me-”

“Problem?” He neared closer, stepping passed your desk, making his way over to your side.

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