credits where they are due

“Those leather pants of Aaliyah’s from “More Than A Woman” were custom made. I designed them myself and sewn by a tailor I always used for Aaliyah, Joe LaGrand. Since it was an all dance video, I wanted a vibe similar to what Aaliyah wore in “Try Again”, hence the leather pant. So I went to a leather sex shop in Los Angeles for inspiration & came out with that design in my head. I have those pants, along with most of Aaliyah’s other wardrobe, in storage. Most likely never to be worn again.” - Derek Lee (Aaliyah’s Stylist) / @dleestyle 💕 | The OG trendsetter(s). Aaliyah & Derek did this in 2001. Let that sink in #InnovatorsOverImitators 💅🏻

Earwen in the summer sea

Credit where credit’s due: Finrod’s nickname was inspired by MJ’s adorable art of Elwing catching minnows.

I tried to pick a less sad prompt today!

Also, for the purposes of this story, Orodreth is a son of Finarfin and Eärwen, and all five children were born fairly close together—Finrod’s the elvish equivalent of 10-ish, while Galadriel is not yet walking or talking, and the other three are spaced out more or less evenly between.

If you prefer, read it here on AO3.

My darling, you too are floating in the sea of my heart,
Let the sound of my song follow the breeze,
blowing open the curtain of your window,
Let my love follow the flowing water,
endlessly pouring out its feelings for you.

The sand was soft and warm where her feet sank in; Eärwen curled her toes for the simple pleasure of it. She would have a host of new freckles by the Mingling—but the heat of Laurelin felt too nice, too perfectly balanced against the coolness of the sea where she stood waist-deep, to seek shade.

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olivertheheathen  asked:

I have a suggestion. Can you make a comic on how Asians are only considered colored— I mean “POC"(I really hate that term) when it's convenient. I see people flip flop on what to consider Asians. When they want to bring up Japanese internment camps or the lack of Asian actors, they want to talk about the evil white supremacy, but then when they look at how they dominate certain fields, they want to call them pawns of white privilege.

I got two comic ideas for that one then. One separately about the “POC” bs term and one long comic about the in depth bit you mentioned. Obviously I give credit where it’s due. BT *adds it to list for April Comics*

-mod scifi

Touchy Feely Words

I got these words from a picture on Tumblr and I wasn’t thinking and forgot to save the post. If you find it I encourage you to link it so credit can be given where it’s due.

  • limp
  • pithy
  • pulpy
  • satiny
  • silken
  • coarse
  • stiff
  • strong
  • firm
  • sharp
  • barbed
  • horned
  • itch
  • throb
  • grainy
  • mirrorlike
  • flush
  • even
  • uniform
  • frictionless
  • porous
  • rubbery
  • springy
  • elastic
  • supple
  • wobbly
  • stirring
  • charged
  • stimulating
  • electrifying
  • arousing
  • energizing
  • hair-raising
  • vibes
  • tingles
  • burning
  • curious
  • eerie
  • prickling
  • strange
  • tingling
  • spongy
  • gritty
  • jagged
  • soft
  • smooth
  • hard
  • slick
  • prickly
  • bristly
  • fluffy
  • furry
  • hairy
  • wiry
  • leafy
  • blazing
  • sizzling
  • hot
  • warm
  • cold
  • dusty
  • rough
  • abrasive
  • crumbly
  • lumpy
  • powdery
  • sandy
  • scratchy
  • tufted
  • wooly
  • unruly
  • stiff
  • silky
  • blistering
  • broiling
  • burning
  • feverish
  • fiery
  • flaming
  • parching
  • roasting
  • scalding
  • stuffy
  • stale
  • humid
  • fetid
  • muggy
  • stagnant
  • airy
  • breezy
  • rumpled
  • feathery
  • artic
  • cool
  • dry
  • freezing
  • calm
  • frosty
  • glacial
  • nippy
  • delicate
  • creamy
  • elastic
  • flexible
  • mushy
  • pliable
  • supple
  • thin
  • velvety
  • cottony
  • cushiony
  • doughy
  • flabby
  • fleshy
  • fluid
  • formless
  • gelatinous
  • pointy
  • serrated
  • spiked
  • splintery
  • thorny
  • glassy
  • sweltering
  • needlelike
  • suffocating
  • malleable
  • intolerant
  • scorching 

Can DCEU fans please, please stop defending the female characters of this franchise? Cause when you look at them beyond what the film wants you to think, they are just awful. Like, Michael Bay levels of awful.

In Man of Steel, Lois Lane suffers from the same problem as Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse, where a character and/or actress is given more screen time and importance just because. The way the film bends itself backwards to give her screen time is just pathetic. But what’s even worse is that they are all excuses for Superman to save her. Seriously. Lois Lane goes into the Kryptonian ship. Robot attacks her so Superman has to save her. Lois Lane investigates Superman: the government kidnap her, so Superman has to make sure she is safe (but he was going to turn himself in anyway, so Lois being kidnapped feels like an odd choice story wise). Lois is brought up to Zod’s ship, just another excuse to put her in a situation where Superman has to save her. Then she ends up on a military plane so that she can push a button. I’m sure only she knows how to do that, it’s not like they could have just told them what to do or anything. And not only can she not push a button properly, it’s just yet another excuse for Superman to save her. Then there’s Martha, who’s impact on Clark is completely sidelined for Jonathan Kent’s pretentious monologues. Outside of one good scene. she’s just sort of there cause she has to be.

In Batman V Superman, we have 3 more characters. Mercy, who gets the same treatment as Jimmy Olsen (given about 3 lines and then killed for no reason.) Senator Finch, who’s actually the most well done character in the whole film in terms of execution of characterization. Blown up with Mercy. Wonder Woman? No. Just no. I hate that they reduce her to a one dimensional ‘badass warrior chick‘. I hate that her only purpose is the worst possible kind of sequel set up. I had that this version of the character does nothing during a ‘century of horrors‘ because man just doesn’t work well together so what’s the point?. And I hate that her solo movie has to carry all that baggage. And as for Lois Lane: way too many problems for this post, but the main one is this: to all the people who say ‘she’s not just Superman’s love interest in this version.‘ Yeah she is. Her interview with the terrorist is just for Superman to save her. Her investigation into that bullet is just for the movie to tell us that Lex ‘Most Obvious Bad Guy In Cinema History‘ Luthor is the bad guy. And then Lex kidnaps her to get to Superman. Then she shows up at the title fight, and all she does is explain something Superman already said. Then she throws a spear into water, just so she has to go get it later, leading to, big shock, Superman saving her AGAIN!! Oh, and the movie strongly suggests that Superman will go nuts if Lois were to die, which is just horrifying. And don’t get me started on how Martha is just a reason for Batman to suddenly start helping Superman. But hey, at least she gets to give Superman a horrible monologue of her own, right?

Then in Suicide Squad (note. I have not seen the extended edition, so maybe these problems were fixed), 4 female characters yet again. Enchantress is the main villain, and wow, she is the most average villain in superhero history. She’s another ‘god who thinks they should be worshiped and in charge‘ type character with a dash of ‘technology is bad‘ thrown in. She’s Gozu from Ghostbusters but with none of the build up or threat. Lame. The split personality thing is interesting, but it’s forgotten about as soon as it’s brought up and never goes anywhere. Kitana is…. just sort of there. Much like Wonder Woman, she’s just a ‘badass warrior chick‘ with nothing to her. Her only character trait outside of that is that her husband, a character we have never seen or given any reason to care about, is trapped inside her sword, and I guess that’s meant to make us care about someone who just stands around and occasionally killing something. And Harley Quinn is only entertaining because Margot Robbie is perfect casting. But even with that in mind, she’s a character that can be defined in one word: ‘crazy‘. There’s no depth, no interesting analysis of her craziness, she’s just crazy. And the movie keeps acting like she’s this super dangerous criminal who needs her own cell in the open cause she’s just so crazy. Yawn. Oh, and take a shot every time the camera focuses on her boobs and/or bum. I dare you. Amanda Waller is…. OK, yeah, she’s pretty damn badass. But that’s one pretty good character out of 9 who range from disposable to wasted potential.

Are those really the kind of female characters you want more of from Hollywood?


Evidence of why Mon-El is abusive, manipulative, misogynistic and just down right shit:

The OG Masterlist Before The Great K*ramel Depression™️

The Second Masterlist Before The Great K*ramel Depression™️

The Third Masterlist Before The Great K*ramel Depression™️

The History Of Kara Danvers And Her Troubles With Guilt Tripping Men

Mon-El Is Gaslighting Kara Danvers And Here Is The Proof

The Isolation Of Kara Danvers And Mon-El’s Role In That

K*ramel And Its Dangerous Tropes

A Headcanon That I Don’t Even Want To Think About But Is Necessary To Consider

The Possibility That This Could Be An Incestuous Ship

The Fourth Masterlist At the Beginning Of The Great K*ramel Depression™️

In Depth Explanation Of Mon-El’s Gaslighting

Visual Proof That This Is Not Something Kara Wants

Karolsen Vs K*ramel A Visual Saga Into Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationships

(I don’t personally ship Karolsen, but you gotta give James some credit where credit is due)

Someone Called Out The CW For Their Shit

Consent And Why Mon-El Has Never Received It

If this isn’t proof enough that what is going on between Kara and Mon-El is atrocious, then I’m sorry but go look up the definition of abuse in a dictionary and educate yourself.

Please add more links if I’ve missed out any you think should have been concluded. Honestly the evidence against him is staggering, and the fact that there;s even still discourse is worrying.

Happy Peeta Sunday!

Here’s a little Peeta eye candy to brighten your day!

That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package

I created this image, but the diagram resembles ones I’ve seen in the works of Gede Parma and Christopher Penczak (credit where credit is due!) and neatly describes one approach to the loose architecture of reality as experienced by a journeying witch or hedgerider. While your mileage may vary, and you might see reality as completely different in structure, I have found this map, a vesica pisces, to be useful in categorizing other worlds and also parts of myself.

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For those unfamiliar with the Vocaloid Ccommunity, @ghost-and-pals is one of the best English Vocaloid-producers working today, with a beautifully; darkly macabre style y’all should totally check out.

And then sometimes they do nonsense like this.

To give credit where credit is due, here’s the original post on which this was based…