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Ok so! I just chatted with @thatweirdasiankid and cleared some stuff up! I just want to lay some things down:

Not all of tumblr is aware of the dynamics of the art community. It’s really easy to see a piece of work you like on another site and repost it without thinking of the consequences. However, if someone tells you to properly credit or take it down, you should probably listen.
A lot of artists post their work to advertise their skill so they can make money to help pay bills. Reposting without permission and a link to the artist’s page can take away a lot of opportunities for them. (Personally some of my commission money goes towards my groceries)

Calmly going back and forth between reposter and artist can help clear things up and spread proper art appreciation on social media. This requires both parties to cooperate and be understanding. BUT note how I did mention reposter and artist. I love ya’ll so much and I seriously appreciate all of you who stand up for my work, but all I need is you to provide me with a link or name of the reposter. I kind of want to handle things myself from now on to avoid other events like this. It is my work, I’ll fight my own battles from now on.

I hope that all makes sense! Thank you! 💙


Crystal Venom Allura Icons

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For just exactly how Vax’ildan and Gilmore had a child.

- About five years after VM stopped adventuring, Vax heads up the proceedings at the Raven Queen’s temple.

- He learns much from his time adveturing and from Pike about working in a church like setting.

- One early morning, Vax heads out to the temple to meet Percy  there.

- He’s quite surprised to find that there’s a basket on the steps heading inside.

- It’s a baby wood elf, or well half elf by the looks of it.

- By the time Percy arrives, he finds that  Vax is playing with a baby while sitting on the alter.

- Vax is quite the happy man as he’s waving his hands around in front of the baby’s face, talking in the baby voice that people use with tiny ones.

- After a long discussion, Percy tells him that he should raise the baby with Gilmore.

- Then it really crosses his mind that he should talk to his husband about raising a baby together.  He already knows that Shaun adores children due to his love of Vex and Percy’s child, but what about a child of their own?

- Of course, when he gets back to his home, he’s already got a few things from Freddy to prepare for a child. Mostly blankets and a few sets of clothes too.

- Shaun is delighted to meet the little one and his heart almost breaks to hear that the baby was left at a temple, but he agrees with Percy that they should raise the child together.

- The baby is a girl and Vax names her Elania after his mother.

- I have no idea what else to add, but you guys can add more.


Happy birthday Jackson Wang - 28.03.1994 #KINGJACKSONDAY

I wish you to never lose your beautiful smile, that makes my days a whole lot better, and to always be happy. You deserve this and so so much more. You’re one of the most kind people I know and I’m thankfull for being who you are. Don’t mind the haters, you’re perfect the way you are and I love you so much. Happy birthday my king and thank you for existing

anonymous asked:

Hey, since you're a popular yoi blog, this is just a psa to the fandom (not calling anyone out like this) to please NOT repost artwork if you aren't the original artist. I recognize JP artist works from twitter onto Tumblr, and it's really shitty, especially when all these artists have a 'reposting is prohibited' on their pixiv or twitter profiles. If you love a fanart, please respect the artist by not reposting it. Share the link instead. Don't be an asshole.


NEVER ever repost art without the artists’ permission. Reposting it with a link back to their account is not enough. You MUST get explicit permission from the author. It is hugely disrespectful and a horrible thing to do. Artists work so hard on their pieces and it is so saddening to see people not get credited for their works. Thank you for this PSA!

(P.S. This was not directed towards me, I talked to the anon! I always reblog, never repost!)

lonecomet  asked:

Hey, I'm a giant nerd and your Dark Elf!Dan is like every part of my aesthetic in one character. Sooo would it be cool with you if I do a cosplay based off your character design?(If I post anything about it online I will 100% give you credit.)

OH MY GOSH YES YOU CAN COSPLAY!!! holy crap that is so coool that you want to!!! *bounces with excitement*

Dating Millard Nullings would include

Requested?: Yes.



- It’s weird at first cause he’s invisible 

- He tells you a lot about proper literature

- He has to kiss you because you can’t see him

- You start to be able to detect when he comes in a room

- He pops up and scares you a lot:

“Millard what the hell?!?”

“Oh my goodness did I scare you I’m so sorry please don’t be mad.”

- He really likes hugs 

- When one of the boys is being too close to you or being rude to you (mostly Enoch) he does something to get back at them.

- Sometimes you two walk through the garden and he tells you about every. single. fucking. flower. 

- He’s always big spoon.

- Him teaching you a lot about historical events

- You secretly telling him about future historical events

- Automatically loves helping you with harder subjects in school (or whatever Miss P teaches)

- Doesn’t quite see the point in you stealing his clothes but he lets you do it anyway cause he just really loves you

- Letting you read all the things he writes