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Credit to whoever made this little gem I absolutely love it


Okay, all Faberry fans NEED to watch this video because it’s seriously fantastic. It’s to Just Another Girl and OH MY GOD IT’S AMAZING. Just brilliant.


​this isn’t real so pls don’t ask. If I knew the porn video it came from I’d link it but I don’t and I don’t fancy going through a load of Dan and Phil look alike porn videos trying to find the source of it but if you know where it is, let me know and i’ll add it as a link.

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Okay, real talk? Theft accusations can really hurt if they’re wrong. And 99% of the time, they are wrong. They’re usually made by overenthusiastic kids who don’t look into these things. When someone goes up to a video and says “YOU STOLE FROM (whoever)” despite credit being given, that reflects badly on not only the accuser, but the person they claim the accused stole from. The logic generally goes “If fans of (X) are this rabid about claiming theft/crimes that didn’t happen, then (X) must be a bad person for allowing that.” So please. Before you accuse someone of theft, THINK. Look at the video, look at the description. 99% of the time, PEOPLE GIVE CREDIT.

I know this isn’t technically related to the ask but it’s something that’s happened a fair bit. Also going to the blog this anon cited gives me an error message. Could be a number of reasons for that, and I don’t want to assume “malice” straight off the bat.

- Alex

OK, so

In the pumpkin carving video dapper Jack is carving a pumpkin. Everything is fine and there are no signs of Anti in the video. Until dapper Jack nicks his finger, the glitches start and things go downhill… only for a split second though. The video snaps back to normal, and is quickly ended. OH NO! THE NEWEST EGO, TAKEN OVER (kinda)!

Well dapper Jack is widely accepted to be Anti in disguise, and I agree with this completely. So when he accidentally cut his finger, Anti lost his cool a little, and the video glitched, there was hidden(kinda) messages in between the glitches. But some of them made me think, mainly “still here” and “run” some of the messages aren’t in zalgo, and the run IS upside down, so that might have a bigger meaning. But Anyway the thought that came to my mind was a theory I saw one time that when the video glitched, Jack was trying to break through, that Jack could be stuck in the place that Anti was before he took over. And I loved that theory because that explained the “sos” in Morse code, and the post with a picture of Jack edited on it. Which said “don’t believe his lies.” (from a movie. I forgot the title tho,sorry) that theory was around the time when Jack was playing detention. But it could still be relevant.

Let’s take another look at the hidden messages, “still here” although it could very well be Anti saying that he is still here after all this time, And that Jack’s dead. It could also be Jack, saying “ I’m still here! You still have a chance!” And now, to “run”. Run would be a weird thing for Anti to say, since he does feed off of attention. “Run away from me, I’m not good, don’t pay attention.” … Probably not Anti, either. Also the “never forget” hidden in the thumbnail. “Don’t forget me!”

This could also explain why the video ended so quickly after that. Anti glitched, and now people know his disguise. He just stops the video there, to prevent the risk of it happening again, to prevent Jack from interfering again. Mabey?

I really hope that this made sense, ‘cause I really only had memory to back me up on this one. Also sorry if it sucks, but ಥبಥ eh.

Edit: so I’ve seen some other theories and it seems all too possible that it wasn’t just/ wasn’t Jack at all in the hidden (kinda) messages. It could in fact be anti, and Shneep. Credit to whoever came up with that! (Sorry I don’t remember who ;-;)


11.14.2017 A day that will go down in history. The day Monsta X won their first award!

@ credit to whoever made this awesome video!

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Spoken  word Poetry edit with Taeyong 

Hey, let me know if anyone wants more of these videos. I don’t want to make content people don’t enjoy. 

Thanks for watching~

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I need to say this. Everyone is so happy over the Marcus thing and I get it, I do get why everyone got upset to begin with but I cant help but feeling anxious about it. Like maybe they are going to be upset at us bc Marcus is after all a friend and I cant help but feeling a bit bad too for him. Its just how I function but I feel so bad and in part sorry for him bc I always feel that way over people even if they done wrong but like yeah I just want not to feel like we over react this time

What happened here wasn’t Marcus getting punished for phandom backlash because he made a video about Dan and Phil. 

What happened was Marcus (or whoever was in charge of scripting his video) taking the video content word for word from online sources written by fans (namely @antiphannie’s Snokoplasm article and the IDB conspiracy thread) and then not crediting or linking to the original sources. The video was taken down for a (very appropriate) copyright claim. 


… you and Lestrade filming Jim and Sebastian singing and dancing while they’re drunk 

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and showing the video to Sherlock, John, Mary and Molly,

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much to their embarrassment

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This has got to be the best True Blood, Eric + Sookie video ever!

All credit to whoever made this. :)

Made me cry. 


Jun trying to speak english is actually adorable 


credit to whoever made this video