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anonymous asked:

Please don't repost content without source or from the original artist, it takes the exposition to someone that could live of that, Johanna Tarkela can be easily found on deviantart and tumblr as Lhuin

I really don’t understand this message, their full name was at the bottom left of the photo in bold letters. I don’t see how that is taking exposition away from the artist. Anyone interested with the artist’s work will look them up in a simple google search.

If you paid attention to my blog for at least a minute you would see that I source everyone’s work and I never upload an image without crediting the artist/photographer, and if the artist is unknown, I still leave a link to where I found it. I suggest actually sending a message like that to those that upload and don’t give credit at all.

Concertjunkies Presents: Monday’s Mixes

Playlist by: Ebbie Valencia (ebbie)

Title: After The Rain

Track List:

  1. Crown The Empire - Initiation
  2. PVRIS - My House
  3. Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me
  4. PVRIS - Holy
  5. The 1975 - Me
  6. Melanie Martinez - Carousel
  7. VERSA - Wanderlust
  8. Echosmith - We’re Not Alone
  9. Crown The Empire - Satellites
  10. Taylor Swift - This Love
  11. The Story So Far - The Glass
  12. Crown The Empire - Millenia
  13. We Are The In Crowd - Come Back Home
  14. Echosmith - Safest Place
  15. State Champs - Elevated ( Acoustic )
  16. Tonight Alive - The Other Side

You can listen to this playlist HERE


Collected photos of George at the Cavern Club. 

“They played Friday lunchtimes at the Cavern. I worked in Liverpool city centre, and the Cavern was not far away from where I worked. Their gig was from one o’clock until two o’clock, but if you wanted to get in you had to be there in plenty of time to get in that queue, so my friend and I would sneak away from work early and we’d never get back until at least ten-past two, and we got into trouble very frequently. It was impossible to leave before the end because it was so full in the Cavern. There, again, the acoustics in there made that raw sound. It just got into your whole body. They never quite caught on record the sound that was there at those performances in the Cavern and the Casbah. I can only think it was the acoustics there, and our excitement.” 
[Pauline Harrison, George’s sister-in-law and wife of Peter Harrison, from Living In The Material World by Olivia Harrison.]

Pics credits: 

1. Photographer unknown. c. 1961-2.
2. Keystone, c. 1960 (they say, I think it might be a bit later).
3 - 4. Michael Ward, rehearsal at The Cavern Club, 19th February 1963.
5. Michael Ward, performance at The Cavern Club, 19th February 1963.
6 - 7. Dic Matthews, via Sam Leach, 1961.
8. Photographer unknown, source: Tracks Ltd, photo taken on 8th December 1961 when the Beatles performed with Davy Jones. 
9. Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns collection. 
10. Bill Connell and/or Les Chadwick, 22nd August 1962