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Hi everyone! @bangtanmasterlist and I have currently updated most of the videos on the BTS videos masterlist, and we have completely revamped the page! Now videos are more organized, categorized by month and year, and easier to find. The masterlist includes:

  • all bangtantv and bts youtube videos (including bombs, logs*, and episodes)
  • all variety/tv shows
  • all v app videos
  • all music show performances and backstage/interviews*
  • all radio shows
  • all chn/jpn/tha shows
  • all special dvds*
  • and more!*

As always, all videos are english-subbed, and all credit goes to the wonderful subbers who help our fandom out so much. 

Please check out @bangtanmasterlist, aka belle, who is an absolute sweetheart and is helping me so much with this list, in order to keep it updated for you guys!

If you guys are looking for ANY english-subbed video, feel free to drop by my ask! I really hope this masterlist serves as an early christmas present for you all, and I hope that it’s helpful!

*in the process of being categorized and/or updated


ALL of the Takuya x Joonjae cuts found here! The credits go to my favourite favourite subber and fellow Cross Gene Fan called Jewel aka crossgenietakuya!

BTS 4th mini album fan-signing event @ Myeongdong video compilation

[!!!] MOST IF NOT ALL VIDEOS ARE NOT ENG SUBBED (sorry ~ but I’m only compiling what I can find) and also, none of these are mine nor have I subbed them, credit goes to original uploaders (and subbers). Also the images aren’t mine, the logos are there ;-)

Jin, Jeongguk and Suga dancing to Perfect Man while J-Hope and Jimin sings to it 

Jimin being a cutie (as always - protect this precious puppy please)

What did J-Hope eat? haha

Basically Tae is a cute smol bean but if you want detail: He tries different hats

Tae is looking for me and J-Hope is half-stripping(?)

Tae is being illegal again (shoots heart bullets >u< stapphh)

Jin VS Jeongguk (How much do I love mom seokjin and rebel son jeongguk) 

Please love my smol bean Taehyung - so Jin and J-hope end up on Tae…

Suga changes headbands a few times and he also slept through Minions and wants fans to eat korean dishes 

J-hope’s entire existence is cute and I need help


Basically observing the importance of Jeongguk’s existence (which is EXTREMELY significant)

Appreciate the beautiful masterpiece that is Park Jimin even if you don’t know what they’re saying(?) 

A compilation of vines of the fansign (I’m just a BTS trash so I literally will watch and adore any moments of them like they could be doing nothing, but I’ll just enjoy watching them 

I’m guessing this the intro but I have absolutely no idea what they’re saying so no title for this video haha 

Bonus: Taekook (almost)(?) hehe 

The Miraculous Ladybug Fandom, more like
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Hawkdaddy / Thomas Astruc:</b> Disappointed dad because we watched the korean origins<p/><b>Korean origins:</b> Watch or Not to Watch<p/><b>People in the Fandom:</b> Shouldn't we be 12 or younger<p/><b>Spoilers:</b> the ground is lava<p/><b>Chat.noirr (instagram):</b> Sin<p/><b>The Powers 3000 (Youtube):</b> Our Lord and savoir, Jesus Christ<p/><b>Subbers:</b> God itself<p/><b>Artists:</b> Just give them credit<p/><b>Heartstrings:</b> THE fanfic<p/><b>Taylordraws / zenwisterias:</b> Mother, why the cliffhanger<p/><b>Volpina:</b> She isn't in the new episode<p/><b>Master Fu:</b> Where is Waldo<p/><b>Hawkmoth:</b> It's obviously Adrien's Dad<p/></p><p/></p>
[ENG SUB] 16/12/15 BTS (Bangtan): WEEKLY IDOL
HELLO EVERYONE! THIS TOOK 11 HOURS TO UPLOAD I WISH MY INTERNET WAS BETTER! I subbed this video like crazy in one sitting with one cup of coffee, support fro...




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finally, finally i managed to edit my complete list of english subbed EXO videos - some people told me that all of the links were broken and it took me like 5 months to finally work on that. but now all of the links are fixed and i also finally added the shows of 2016. also movies, dramas, vlive broadcasts… (credits are going to the rightful owners - subbers and creators of the posts ;; unfortunately some of the videos are reuploads, because the originals were gone…)

you can find all of the links here and search through the years and various shows. please enjoy :3

EDIT ;; i totally forgot to put the links for EXO’s 1st Box DVD4 and EXO’s 90:2014, i don’t even know why, haha. but i uploaded them as well :3
[ENG]STAR ZOOM IN BTS JIMIN Reveals His Dream With a Radiant Smile 151008 EP 35
Hi everyone! This is an old video that was uploaded a few days ago and I thought it was too precious not to sub! Jimin is so amazing, right?!~ Hope you all e...

A wonderful old video of Jimin that was uploaded by mnet a few days ago!

Hope you all enjoy this video of this little buttercup!

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[ENG]SKIT: One Night In A Strange City- BTS
Okay this is something new that I've decided to try and I'm sorry if I might have gotten the members wrong cause it's purely off audio. also... HOW BOMB IS T...


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