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Hello! Thank you @avidlove for sending in a request for this masterpost! I honestly had so much fun making it (and the icons) ahaha. This is basically just a quick guide on my school essentials. Hopefully it’ll be useful for you guys!

PS: I made all icons except the first 2 paper clips, the whistle, and the 2 water bottles. Those were taken from Google Images. All credit goes to respective owners.

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Xiumin as your boyfriend

- headcanons that nobody asked for but everyone wants 11/10

The Beginnings:

  • He strikes me as the type of person to want to have a pretty steady bond with someone before dating them.
  • You two would likely start out as good if not flirty friends, but after some time he’d give in to his feelings and take you on a date.
  • It’d be something simple but cute, either Starbucks or a walk in the park and then going to a food-truck. Idk anything he thinks up on the spot that means you’d get to know each other better so probs not a movie.

After dating a while:

  • Somehow he’d know everything about you, since he’s such a trustworthy person you’d end up telling him new random little things about you most every day.
  • Speaking of trustworthy, you’d have only one Relationship Groundrule: no getting jealous unless there was something to be jealous about.
  • Meaning, he wouldn’t care who your friends are, you wouldn’t care who he’s hanging with, neither of you would ever be worried about the other cheating etc.
  • He’s just such an honest and sincere person I can’t imagine him ever not taking a relationship seriously and fucking behind your back.
  • For your first anniversary he’d take you somewhere special, maybe even splash out on a weekend away or something romantic.
  • He’d constantly feel guilty when he has to leave for tour or concerts, even if he would only be gone a couple days.
  • Even after you reassure him you don’t mind and that you’d soon see each other again, he’d pout and cuddle into you. He misses you and wants to be with you all the time.
  • This is a good time to mention; he is quite clingy.
  • Minseok would cherish and crave being with you. He’s not intense to be with like the beagle line thankfully, he’s gentle and relaxing to have around.
  • Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his moments.
  • Every now and then he has a “mad 5 minutes” and he laughs and teases and pokes you, making a total bellend of himself tbh whilst you try and fail to keep a straight face.

Habits and other shit:

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That Was Not Acting - Cody Christian imagine

Summary: Y/n is an actress, she stars as Theo’s beta on Teen Wolf and has been for the past 1 ½ years. Her character Rebecca is required to have a steamy make out session with Theo leading into other things. No one knows that both Y/n and Cody are actually in a serious relationship until now.

Warning: Steamy make out sesh,kinda fluff and suggested smut.

A/N: gif credit to their respected owners ps ignore the fact i used Scallison as a gif it was the closest to my imagination XD

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The day started like any other I arrived on set at a quarter to 8 as I always did, as usual Shelley and Tyler were on set first. I parked my car,grabbed my phone and bag then made my way out locked the car and went on with my way.

“Hey Y/n,on time as usual” Tyler greeted “that’s my girl” Shelley embraced me sweetly “So whatcha wanna do till showtime?” I asked “I dunno how bout pull a prank?” Tyler smirked wickedly “yes totally” Shelley moved her hands like a wicked scientist “but who?” I wondered “well we’ve done Dylan,Sprayberry,Ryan,Victoria-” Tyler began but Shelley cut him off “Khylin,Michael, Ian,J.R,Melissa,Holland,Each other” I pondered “Cody..we haven’t done Cody” I smiled nervously “that’s so true” Tyler exclaimed “let’s get a move on it he gets here by before 9″ Shelley expressed.

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anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you know know what happened between luhan and yixing ? These two people seem to like each other very much.. #this matters


i’m not sure what happened between these two but they’re often glued to each other

it all started when yixing was “lonly” and luhan decided to ask him if his balls hurt:

it has blossomed into a beautiful relationship over the years filled with midnight conversations, random dates, secret jokes, and understanding each other like nobody else can. maybe it’s because of their love for the same (couple) items:

maybe it was their late night dimly-lit (to “set the mood” they say) conversations over a cup of green tea/black tea

maybe it’s because they’re always on the same wavelength and always being so dumb together, it’s not often you find someone with the same sense of humour as you:

did i say dumb? yeah i really mean dumb:

and maybe it’s because they confide in each other so much, they always look for each other first to whisper in their ear (i have a whole folder dedicated to layhan whispering in each other’s ears)

talking to each other across the room:

inside jokes that nobody else gets:

they really know each other better than anyone else

luhan is always there to watch out for yixing and protect him, always the first one by yixing’s side when he needs help

because being best friends means you’re so attuned to them you barely need to look to know when they need help. or maybe you don’t need to look at all.

and being best friends means you end up talking more about them than you ever talk about yourself


so inseparable that luhan needs to escort yixing to and from his dance practices, sometimes in his pajamas when it’s late at night

this is luhan comforting yixing when he cried, 3 different years:

luhan rarely cries but when he does, yixing is the first to rush to his side with a hug and a few pats

when a brother makes a decision to leave, you stand up for him, because to hell with haters, he’s not going through that shit alone.

(Brother, bye bye, if there’s a chance let’s stand on the same stage again! As a brother I support your every decision. All the best.)

(i don’t know about you but these gestures speak a thousand words to me)

so to answer the question of what happened between yixing and luhan, i think somewhere over the years “best friends” happened, or “brothers” if you prefer.

(i’m not crying this is just sweat in my eyes, curse this weather)





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