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Kim Taehyung as Peter Parker/SpiderMan.

“Always be yourself unless you can be SpiderMan, then always be SpiderMan”-Unknown

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[T R I G G E R H A P P Y]


“He stands there with a cigarette in one hand and a gun in the other, aiming it just by his temple. The boy does nothing but stand there, taking it in as he closes his eyes; wanting nothing more than to shoot him. But, there was no chance in hell the gun would be going off. There were no bullets in the cartridge….he loves him too much; fuck, he’ll die before anything happens to Carl Grimes…”


i. skeleton key - kenzie may ii. black out days [future islands remix] - phantogram iii. black - the soft moon vi. i’m so sick [t-virus remix] - flyleaf vs. the legion of doom v. white rabbit - jefferson airplane vi. army [extended intro vers.] - ellie goulding/edit by @marvinriley_ vii. catch me - city sleeps viii. into the dark - amarante ix. the bad in each other - fiest x. glow - porches xi. all the days - haerts xii. litost - x ambassadors

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I’m Home

Alright, the last prepared chapters of the cub-life of Jaejoong are online on asianfanfics now =)

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Starting April there will be a short break and then I will start writing on the wishes I received for some more cub-chapters =D

And after those are done too you guys will have to bear with another break, though I will then write on Jaejoongs adult-life chapters and I hope you all are up for some smutty chapters ^_~

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Yoongi as Yato (Insp.Noragami the anime) Feat.Hiyori and Yukine.

“Gods are born from the wishes of people. Those with famous names would continue to be recognized and worshiped. But it’s different for Gods with unknown names. They can’t even remain in people’s memories. ” - Daikoku (Noragami)




ashley moore static rp icons:

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EXO REACTION: To you being a photographer (Chanyeol, Lay, D.O, Luhan, Tao, and Kai)

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“Let’s make a photoshoot baobei! I wanna see your skills~”


He’d take you to some beautiful places for you to show him how to take a good picture.


Channie would be the most excited. Maybe he’d even buy a camera for himself to train with you.


“That’s so amazing… those images don’t even seem real.. you’re too good”


Like Lay, Tao would take you to the most amazing places for you to take pictures for your future expositions.


Kai would want to have many photos with you and by you. Even indicating your work for some of his contacts.


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Car door guy appreciation post

ofcourse the one that started it all at the Melon Awards

when everyone went crazy

and questioned who the handsome car door guy is

look at him

look at those collarbones

he should be a model tbh

i just


hes so beautiful

absolutely gorgeous

and here are some other members coming out of a car because why not hello nams

hobi looking attractive as ever

taehyung fabulous as ever

min yoongi pls

save me im dead

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Adventurer Kim Taehyung.

“Not all those who wander are losted”-J.R.R Tolkien



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He takes a picture without you noticing ~ Omaha Preference

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Hello everyone i’m back with a new harry imagine. This one is slightly different from the others as it’s an AU. 

Hopefully you guys will like it :) Also i managed to find sometime to write this, assignments are slowly killing me. But as soon as i’ll have some time i’ll try to write another one. Thank you to all those who’ve been following me though. It means a lot. ^^

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It was said that he was the most affluent person in town, he was described by many, and each and every time he was being described in a different way, yet with fondness in the eyes and a gleeful smile tugging the lips of people in town. Harry Styles was the well-known Samaritan of the small town which was completely disconnected from the cosmopolitan life of London.

People of this small town known as Holmes Chapel, always addressed him as the ‘handsome me lord’, kids love and adore him as he is always friendly and childish with them. Harry came from a modest family background, even though he is a rich businessman now, he is still coming back to his hometown. He is the most down to earth person that you would encounter. Even dressed in his designer clothes, he is easily approachable and was always smiling to people.

Lately, there has been a rumour circulating that Harry is engaged to his childhood sweetheart who is from the same local town. (Y/n), was always seen with Harry when they were kids up till they were 18, she was a short girl, with a chubby yet squishy body, and, with honey brown orbs, and mid shoulder dark chestnut hair and up till now (y/n) stayed the same.

After Harry was gone for further studies in London, (y/n) stayed back and carried on with her studies here, it was very rare to see harry come back in town especially during the time that he was studying, so given the fact that she was all alone, people never saw (y/n) smiling whole- heartedly, it seemed to people that after harry was gone, he never once promised of coming back immediately coming to the conclusion that (y/n) was gloomy because of that. And it was clearly evident that it’s what happened, during 5 year, the local people never saw harry.

One day when the local barber regrouped the local people in his saloon, they saw harry on TV winning the young achiever award and was giving his speech. He thanked his parents, thanked the people who wished him good and also talked about the sacrifices he made in order to be who he is today.

And since the start of this year, Harry came back, after his return he tried his best to improve the lives of the local people and the town as a whole, yet they were unsure of the fact that Harry resumed seeing (y/n). But when they saw that her ring finger was adorning a simple yet expensive ring, they automatically assumed that Harry and (y/n) were engaged.


Today was no lesser different, Harry just donated around £ 1 million to the local public school when a local journalist approached him,

“Hello Mr Styles can you please dedicate your time for our local newspaper?”

Harry smiled and nodded,

“So Mr Styles tell us briefly about your life?”

“I’ve been born and brought up here, my mom and dad are separated, and still I’ve got a step dad, whom I love equally. Since my childhood I was always fond of helping people, be it my mom, my dad, sister or even our senior citizens. So to sum up the whole purpose of becoming a young businessman is to help the people and everything around me. My main aim is to spread happiness everywhere I go.”

“But tell me Mr Styles why only Holmes Chapel?”


“It’s not like it Holmes Chapel only but I can’t discard the fact that I spent my childhood and half of my adolescence here. I love the people here and just helping them makes me feel like I’m contributing for the betterment of my local community that’s it.”

“Alright, now I understand the people here loves and adores you more than anything and call you the handsome me lord! Anyways Mr Styles tell us about your personal life a bit. Like what sort of a person are you? The one who likes to party or are you the type that stays home and enjoy some bonding time?”

“Eh well lemme think. I guess I’m a mixture of both, living in London made me have a high fly life you can say, but still part of me still enjoys being at home and having some family bonding time and everything.”

“Alright! But what about London, I’m sure that being a successful businessman sure attracted pretty women right?”

Harry chuckled slightly,

“Ah if you’re talking about pretty women yea there’s lot of them. As we say there are plenty of fishes in the sea but only one can catch your eye. But still I’m on my guard when it comes to those pretty creatures.”

“But what about (y/n) Mr Styles? There’s a lot of rumours speculating the fact that you guys are engaged. Is it true? Are you engaged to your childhood sweetheart?”

Harry pursed his lips tightly, and gave a serious look to the journalist


“Even if I am. Is it a problem as such? I don’t see why it should bother people if I’m engaged or not!”

“So you’re neither admitting it nor denying it.”

Harry winked at the journalist before making his way towards his Audi which was parked near the school gates.


Parking his Audi in the yard, harry advanced towards the oak doors which he was used to walk through when he was a kid, the butler who already opened the door greeted him

“Good morning me lord Harry”

Harry nodded and shook his hand

“Good morning Sebastian. Is (y/n) in her room? And where are the others?”

“Yes me lord, me lady is in her room, and the others went out”


The butler bowed and went away, leaving harry to stand on the threshold, taking a deep breath harry walked towards the wooden staircase.


After climbing up the stairs, Harry knocked on the familiar bedroom door and soon a soft voice said come in, with a smile he opened the door, and soon the sweet vanilla scent invaded his nostrils, standing on the other side of the room was (y/n), with her back facing him, with calculating steps he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist and put his chin on her shoulder, (y/n) flinched a little but soon relaxed as she sensed those familiar arms around her,

“So I heard that you gave an interview to the journalist earlier”

“Hmm I did. Afterall he was being really polite and all”

“Yea! And I also heard that you didn’t deny or admit that you were engaged”

“Uh huh! But trust me babe as soon as mom comes back from her trip with Robin, we’ll both announce it if you want”

(Y/n) sighed while turning around to face harry, she lift her left hand to their face level and pointed the ring adorning her finger

“I know that this ring signifies a lot for you and me. But trust me never in the world I would want to do something that would jeopardize your life compared to you I’m nothing. You just made all your dreams come true Harry. But right now if we announce that we’re engaged I don’t want those people to make a huge fuss about it.”

Harry groaned a little and cupped (y/n)’s face,

“Babe, among all those dreams that I had or have, you’re one among them, being with you is what counts the most. These 5 years of sacrifice, not able to see you, me not able to come here was all for you and I. I wanted to achieve my goals, then settle down properly, knowing that now I’m financially stable I came back like I promised you when you dropped me to the Station before I go to London. Even if you’re a freelance artist babe that’s fine. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it. So please never compare you to me and don’t give a fuck about what people will say. You’re my fiancée, the person I love so that’s it. There’s no arguments here. Alright?”

(Y/n) nodded and threw her arms around harry’s neck while pecking him below his ear while holding him close to her,

“Thanks for coming back Harry. Thank you for everything I love you”

“Hey no need to say thanks me lady and I love you too. Don’t ever think that you’ll get in between in my dreams again!”

(Y/n) nodded and yet kept hugging harry, who in return scoped her from the ground and made her hook her legs around his waist. He hid his face in her crook of her neck inhaling her the sweet vanilla scent. Definitely those 5 years of sacrifice is worth it, if it just means being here like this with (y/n).