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Gerard, Ray, Frank and Mikey last night @ Troubadour.

I heard that all of The Used are also here.
You know you miss them so much when you saw pictures of them together and those pictures made you cry. I did cry about these pictures. And it looks like Gerard, Mikey and Ray enjoyed Frank’s show. I’m just really happy. So happy. (Credits to the owners)

my top 5 jjp moments in no particular order

1. JJP GOT2DAY (deep vs close binch) ((LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THEY ARE)) [x]

2. that one video where they were having a picnic i think and jaebum was starting to stand up and jinyoung just kinda. hugged him??? and clung to him??? [x]

3. that one vlive where they legit looked like a damn married couple with a bunch of children and jaebum was like leaning into jinyoung’s arms [x]

4. those pictures of them that literally looked like they just got married??? [x]

5. that one video where they were Extra As Hell™ where they were sitting next to each other and they kept leaning all over each other and talking only to each other and generally being gross 

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coming close behind all of these would be both the sukira (almost) kisses but i think these are the biggest ones so i had to cut that

anyway @yieniall here they are

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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Mark Tuan : Ravenclaw

Sixth Year | 10 ½" Vine, Thunderbird Tail Feather, Unbending | Quidditch Captain | Lynx (Patronus) | Pureblood | Non-Verbal Magic (special ability) | Potions, Arithmancy, Astrology (best subjects) | Jackson Wang (boyfriend) | Park Jinyoung and Choi Youngjae (best friends) | Leader of the Silver Spears

  • - Literally the most nontraditional Ravenclaw you will ever meet
  • - While the rest of his house is sipping tea and cozying up to a large window to read a bit fat book, Mark is chugging coffee and is in a permanent state of ‘controlled chaos’.
  • - Will fight you if you give him tea.
  • - His best subjects are potions, arithmancy, and astrology. He is a Ravenclaw, however weird he might be.
  • - Speaking of Ravenclaw, this kid was a hatstall. The Sorting Hat took almost thirty minutes to decide what house to put him in.
  • - “Oh, now this is an interesting one. Not often I come across a mind that is so well suited to all four houses. Hmm…so where to put you?”
  • - Mark is pureblood and gives literally zero shits about it. Don’t even try to come up to him and spout that nonsense because all you’ll get is a facial expression that is the embodiment of sass and he’ll shush you with his wand without ever opening his mouth.
  • - Which reminds me, Mark is scary good at non verbal magic. Upon being a first year he realized he was naturally good at this talent and decided to focus on it. Now that he’s in sixth year….yeah, don’t mess with Mark. He’ll hit you with a stupefy and you’ll have no defense because you’ll have no idea that’s what he’s casting.
  • - Likes a little mischief. He picks locks and breaks curfew for the hell of it.
  • - If he needs to be alone, you can probably find him in the astronomy tower but I urge caution because…he wants to be alone.
  • - He’s not ‘anti-social’ or ‘shy’, he’s just quiet. Though he may come off that way sometimes. He just has a habit of not really speaking unless it’s actually relevant for him to say something.
  • - This kid is a mess, though.
  • - Like a hot mess. Most of your Ravenclaws are in pristine condition (AKA JINYOUNG). They look like they live in a library and don’t have a single hair out of place. Mark looks like he is perpetually hung over and just rolled out of bed.
  • - He doesn’t bother with a vest or the robes. He literally has no time for that nonsense. As for the white shirt? It’s tucked in…sort of…kind of? It’s kind of in and kind of not. Just kind of there. Sleeves are always rolled up to the elbow because otherwise they get in the way. And yes, his tie IS a little off centered and crooked. Telling him this will earn you more sass than you were prepared for.
  • - And let’s not get started on the hair. It’s just a mess. He runs his fingers through it and by the 8AM it looks like he hasn’t brushed it in a week or he had a rough night with a certain somebody.
  • - Speaking of rough sex, Mark is dating Jackson. The entire school is confused by the quiet and slightly awkward Ravenclaw dating the loudest and rambunctious Jackson Wang. But their dynamic works, ok? Yin and Yang, people. Yin and Yang.
  • - On that note, do not TELL Mark that you think his boyfriend is obnoxious and rowdy and annoying. He’ll kick your ass. Not with magic, no. He will PHYSICALLY beat your ass. Mark is protective and possessive and he adores Jackson. Even when he’s being annoying.
  • - His best friends are Jinyoung and Youngjae. Jinyoung looking all picture perfect next to Mark who looks like he stumbled out of drunken Abercrombie magazine. It makes Youngjae laugh. They’re cute.
  • - Mark is the kid that you COULD ask for help on your homework and he would know all the answers, but actually going up to him and asking him for help is just out of the questions. Not in the stars. Can’t do it. Not today.
  • - Come exam time, it’s just best to stay out of his way. He practically lives in the library and he might as well have an IV of straight up caffeine to keep him up. His work space is…chaotic. There’s papers and quills and ink just….everywhere. Good lord, EVERYWHERE.
  • - Even Jackson knows better than to mess with him during exam time.
  • - He pops into the Great Hall for breakfast, downs a cup of coffee, kisses Jackson somewhere on the face (he’s good at getting the nostril but, hey, the nose is still ON the face so its a win for Mark), shoves a bagel in his mouth and sprints to the library with papers flying out behind him. This kid as shit to do.
  • - Mark also plays Quidditch. He’s actually the captain of their team, as well as one of their best chasers. Mark is obsessed with Quidditch and is determined as all hell to win the cup. Jackson thinks his team is gonna win, which only fuels Mark’s competitiveness.
  • - Mark is also the leader of the Silver Spears. The Silver Spears was a notorious and secretive dueling club in the 18th century that ‘allegedly’ only allowed students who had wands made of aspen to join. However, considering this club died out some time ago and Mark is now the new president, he gets to determine the entry rules and wand wood ain’t got nothing to do with it. Him and Jinyoung run the club together for funsies, though it’s turning into a much bigger thing than Mark originally thought it would, he’s happy with it.
  • - Speaking of wands, Mark’s has probably the neatest wand ever. It’s made of vine so one would think it has a decent flexibility, but Mark’s wand is a little funny. It is actually very stubborn. It does not like anybody who is not Mark. The last person who tried to use Mark’s wand, the wand became extremely temperamental and attacked them.
  • - Mark is basically the cutest Ravenclaw, ever. Yes he is insanely smart, fitting for his house. He is also courageous like a Gryffindor, loyal like a Hufflepuff, and cutthroat like a Slytherin. He’s very careful of the friends he chooses but he has had no problem making those friends in any house.
  • - Barriers? What barriers.
  • - But seriously, don’t give him tea. Istg. You’ll die.

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*pictures and gifs aren’t mine. i made the moodboard but the pictures i got off of tumblr and google. credit to their respective owners.

❝You will always be perfect in my eyes… ❞

Plot: Heechul and You two are best friend for a long time and you secretly like him but you feel like you have no chance with him because he has many other girl friends and one day he overheard you confess that you like him to one of your friend.

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Slight Angst , Fluffy

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘Take a picture, Y/N, it will last longer.’ A voice teased you, snapping you out of your daze.

Shaking your head you smiled at the male before you, ‘My phone only has pictures of you, Chullie.’

‘Then you should consider yourself lucky to have all those handsome pictures.’ He ruffled your hair, ‘I have to get going, see you tonight for our weekly movie night?’

‘More like our weekly ‘Frozen’, movie night,’ You tease, earning an eye roll from the elder.

‘Oh how you know me so well,’ He pecked your cheek, ‘See you tonight.’

You and Kim Heechul had been best friends from the day you could possibly talk. You had met him on the play ground as a toddler and you two had been inseparable since then. Your relationship with Heechul was something of a normal friendship, but as you were getting older and wiser, you found yourself falling in love with him.

‘You are making this way to obvious,’ Someone took a seat next to you, ‘Like I am shocked he hasn’t even notice.’

‘Hello to you too, Kyuhyun,’ You looked at the younger in front of you.

‘Hey noona,’ He grinned, ‘You have to tell him sooner or later.’

‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’

‘Don’t act dumb, surprisingly, it isn’t cute on you.’

Panicking slightly, you looked at your watch and excused yourself, ‘Oh look at that, I have to go. Bye!’

Quickly grabbing you belongings you walked to your car. Shutting the door, you took a deep breath and rested your head on the wheel. If Kyuhyun was noticing, you wondered if Heechul did and he was just playing it off cool. Not wanting to over think things, you just drive home and get all the preparations for tonight. Duvets, junk food and some tissues because the sassy male that is Kim Heechul, always shed a tear during the film. All cosy in your onesie, you grab your phone that was ringing.

‘Hello?’ You answer.

‘Hey Y/N,’ Heechul asked.

‘Everything is set, are you on your way?’

‘About that…listen can I have a rain check on tonight?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I am going to have dinner with Hani, she just asked me and you know my rela-’

‘It’s okay, she is important to you and I get that. Have fun.’

With that you hung up and was reminded why you have never confessed to Heechul. He had plenty of female friends that were more suitable to being his girlfriend, much like Hani. She was beautiful, funny and an idol. Everything you didn’t consider yourself. Sighing, you looked at the cosy set up in front of you and couldn’t help but start tearing up.

‘Yah!’ Heechul shouted through the phone, ‘Are you ignoring me?’

‘Jesus calm down, you are going to make me deaf, Heechul.’

‘Then answer my question?!’

It had been a few weeks since Heechul sort of stood you up. Since that day you were very wary around him. You weren’t with him as much and you used to be but it was also because he had a busy schedule. But it wasn’t only physical, but also through the phone. Your long phone calls and text message conversations ended quickly or weren’t as long as they used to be.

‘I have just been busy,’ You were blunt.

‘So busy you can’t see me?’ He questioned.

‘Stop being so over dramatic,’ You rolled your eyes, ‘Plus I know you have been busy as well, aren’t you going out with Momo and Kyunghoon tonight?’ You were trying hard to not show that your voice was cracking on the other side of the phone, ‘I have to go, bye.’

‘What the hell?’ Heechul looked at the phone in his hand, ‘Did she just hang up on me?!’

‘Why are you talking to yourself, hyung?’ Yesung asked, walking into the studio, ‘Are you officially going crazy?’

‘Shut it, Yesung.’ Heechul snapped.

‘What has you all upset?’ Yesung asked with a raised brow.

‘It’s Y/N.’ He confessed, ‘She is ignoring me and I don’t like being ignored.’

Before Yesung could reply, Heechul had walked outside and hit your number again waiting for you to pick up. After a few rings, the call was finally answered, ‘Hello?’

‘Y/N?’ Heechul asked, pulling the phone to see the screen if he phoned you and not someone by mistake.

‘Y/N is in the bathroom.’ The voice was male.

‘And you are?’

‘Oh, I am Sawoo.’

‘And who are you Sawoo and why are you answering Y/N’s phone?’

‘She is just getting ready,’ The male chuckled, ‘We are going out for a date.’


‘Yes, should I take a message? Hello?’

Heechul cut the call and ran to his car. His blood was boiling because he didn’t like the idea of you going on a date with a man he had never met. Stepping on the gas he arrived at your apartment building. He waited for the elevator. He was frantically tapping his foot on the floor waiting for the doors to open. Punching in the code to your apartment, he swung the door open with a force that shocked both you and your date.

‘You,’ He pointed at Sawoo, ‘Leave.’

‘Sorry but-’


You looked at Sawoo with a sigh, ‘It’s fine, just go.’

‘No I will not lea-’

‘For god’s sake.’ Heechul grabbed him by the collar and all but threw him out into the hall way.

‘What the fuck, Heechul!’ You shouted as the door slammed, ‘What are you doing?!’

‘Me? I should be asking you the same question.’

‘Says the man who just threw my date out.’

‘Who is that man anyway?’ He pointed at the door, ‘First you ignore me for the past few weeks and now you are dating some person I don’t even know?!’

‘You are not my father, Heechul,’ You fold your arms.

‘You’re right, I ain’t, but I am your best friend!’

‘A BEST FRIEND THAT DITCHED ME FOR A GIRL!’ You finally screamed, and he looked at you in silence.

You were never a jealous person in general. You knew Heechul was comfortable with many women, but it was starting to affect you so badly that keeping him at a distance was the only way you could fight the urge from spilling your true feelings.

‘You said you were okay with it?!’ He pointed out.

‘Well I lied,’ You rolled your eyes, walking to the door and opening it ‘Now leave!’

‘I am not some commoner you can throw out, Y/N,’ He hissed, ‘I am not done here!’

‘Well I am, not get out!’ Pushing him out, you closed the door before he could come back inside.

Locking it, you could hear him punching the code frantically and trying to open the door. Tears rolled down your cheeks as he banged on the door wanting to enter. Shutting your eyes you sobbed in silence. Three days passed and you hadn’t spoke or even seen Heechul. You sat on your bed with boxes of tissues around you and your best friend consoling you.

‘Are you feeling any better?’ She asked.

‘Do I look any better?’ You asked, blowing your nose that you didn’t hear your front door open and close, ‘I hate this feeling!’

‘That’s what love is, sweetheart.’ She rubbed your back gently, a person standing slightly off to the left of your doorway, ‘You love him, don’t you?’

‘More then anything,’ You expressed, ‘More then a sibling…more then a friend’

‘Then tell him.’ She urged.

‘Yeah tell him.’ The person revealed themselves.

‘Heechul!?’ You both said in unison.

‘You mind leaving us alone for a little?’ He asked your friend.

Giving her a slight nod, she hugged you and left. Heechul was in a pair of black jeans and a large red sweater. He looked horrible and depriving sleep. His hair was a mess on his head as he walked towards the bed and looked at you.

‘What are you doing here?’ You asked.

‘So you like me, eh?’


‘Don’t lie, I heard your confession.’

‘Fine I like you, probably love,’ You threw your hands up, ‘There, are you happy?’

‘How long has it been?’ His voice soft.

‘Does it really ma-’

‘How long!’ His voice rough voice cutting you off.

‘A few months if not a year.’

‘Why haven’t you told me?’

‘Well forgive me Heechul, but why would I?’ You asked, ‘It’s not like you would have cared.’

‘How could I not care?’ Something sad in his voice, ‘I care for you, Y/N and I know that isn’t the truth to why you didn’t tell me.’

Sighing you looked down at your hands in your lap, ‘I was scared. You have all these beautiful woman around you all the time, whether they are friends or fans. I am not like them, I ain’t funny, sexy, talented….I am just me.’

‘Exactly,’ He took a seat on the bed, tilting your chin up to meet his soft eyes, ‘You ain’t any of that. You are smart and beautiful in my eyes. A few days ago when I heard you going out with another man, I didn’t like the feeling it gave me Y/N. I didn’t like the feeling of being shut out because I love you more then a sibling and a friend.’

Before you could even say his name, he claimed your soft lips. You were stiff at the sudden contact but soon melted into his touch. The touch that felt safe and comfortable. The touch that felt like home. Your eyes shut and the tears that threatened to fall earlier suddenly stained your cheek as you kissed him. His plush lips enveloped yours with a gentle touch. He pulled apart and wiped your cheek with his thumb before pressing your foreheads together and whispering.

‘You will always be perfect in my eyes….’

Day 14: Favorite Character Interaction

Ever since I saw them in season one. They are my favorite character interaction/pair.

Zoro and Nami.

I really like this pair a lot. They have an amazing charisma. Maybe because they are like fruits. 

Zoro always save’s nami. And I like how he save’s her than the others. hehehe.

And Nami care about Zoro.

Amazingly, this two understand and trust each other that no one in the crew can ever understand. 

 I think I just wrote an otp review. hahaha!


Kim Namjoon as Edward Elric (Insp. FullMetalAlchemist the Anime)

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only truth.”


Banner & Collage Edits made by AdminSkies.

Made using the apps: Canva & Photo Grid.

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Reaction to AGUST-D/ Yoongi’s Mixtape

As represented by  KPOP pics & gifs (mostly BTS).

You awaken the morning of D-day…ignorant and unknowing. A little sad that yet another day will go by without hearing from AGUST-D.


Clicking the link and finding out THIS IS NOT A DRILL. IT. IS. HAPPENING.

Min Yoongi casually dropping his MV & MIXTAPE into your life:

Listening to the intro of AGUST D MV and seeing YOONGI TIED TO A CHAIR:


“THEY CALL ME NEW THANG” - he starts rapping and you’re like: 

But also like …

“This K-pop category ain’t enough size for me whoo…next up is BILLBOARD” 

“My seat is business you economy always behind me and kissing my ass” and you’re like:

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“I’m d boy because I’m from the D.”

“I rap and ya’ll get turned on by my tongue technology.”

DID WE HEAR THAT RIGHT? And just to make sure we all did… he REPEATS this AGAIN. And you’re like …

Excuse me but… 

“Ya’ll get turned on by my TONGUE TECHNOLOGY”


Picking up that knife with his mouth:

Then he starts SPITTING FIRE AT RAPID SPEED and you’re like:

Then he says “Mianhe” and “I’m sorry” and for some reason you find the way he says it adorable even though he’s spitting diss after diss.


The MV ends and you stare at your screen like:


You dare to listen and you’re taken on an emotional roller coaster, especially when you realize he finally released songs he had been working on SINCE DEBUT. 

Your reactions were probably a mixture of:



And more of this…

And definitely a lot of this…

And …

And probably a lot of this around your house…

And some more of this again…

And for those who watched with friends or family nearby. We all have at least one person doing this…

Finding out J-hope and Rapmon were part of the Gang Vocals of Track 2 :


Then you finally get to the last song and just… “So far away” is just beautiful and knowing Jungkook helped out with the chorus…

You realize that you’ve listened to part of Yoongi’s soul and it’s already over and…

10 glorious songs and 1 AMAZING MV given to us for FREE. 

All the ARMYS listening to Yoongi’s mixtape:

All of the ARMYs who were driving through lanes casually only to swerve into the Yoongi Lane:

All those he roasted and infired with his lyrics and beats:

All the while Genius Min Yoongi in the midst of the chaos he created:

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHOW THIS PASSIONATE, HARDWORKING NUGGET LOVE ! Please watch his MV as much as you can and download his mixtape ~ Send him lots of love and encouragement on Twitter so he knows how proud of him we are <3

Sorry this was long. Did this sum up your reactions to AGUST D? Feel free to add some of your own hahaha x)

All gifs and pictures are NOT mine. Credits to all of the owners and those who took the time to make them :)  

Source your aesthetics.

So this is an issue I wasn’t expecting in this community, and I’d like to address it. This is important. When you make an aesthetic, please credit the people whose images you’re using.

Photography is an art. Photography belongs to people. People own the pictures you are using. And they deserve credit. Taking a picture that belongs someone else is art theft, whether it’s a painting or a photograph. And saying ‘oh well it’s not mine’ isn’t good enough. You are not crediting the original artist if you’re not naming them. How is that crediting? There is no source, no way to find them, no acknowledgement. These are people with their own accounts and social media, and they’re sitting there without traffic. Their pictures don’t belong to us, they’re not ours to take, not ours to do with as we please, and the least we can do is link back to the owners. Because they created something that moved you! Something you enjoyed, something that reminded you or made you feel something. The least you can do is be grateful and respect those artists. Respect them by giving them the credit they deserve.

If you use and post art without sourcing, you are stealing these people’s work. You’re just taking their art and reposting it, but because you’re doing it to several people in one post, you feel like it’s okay. Look, I realize people aren’t doing this on purpose. No one’s sitting there, rubbing their hands together going ‘heh, no credit for you Mr. Artist’. People don’t know any better and because this community has no standard for this, it’s easy to join along. It’s easy to get away with it, because no one’s doing anything, and most people don’t realize it’s an issue. I get it – you can’t know, if no one ever told you. And we’re all weak for pretty things, and we’re all weak for getting them onto our blogs ASAP. But this is a standard we should have. Technically, what you’re doing is illegal. Sure, it’s not a big deal, it’s not commercial use, I get that, but it’s still not right.

And you are getting those pictures from somewhere. You’re looking for them, and you’re finding them. You have a link. It takes 5 seconds to link to where you got it from. It takes a little longer to check if that page is the original owner or not; about 1 minute for a reverse image search (google or otherwise). Look for the biggest sizes. Look for instagram and flickr links, or blog pages. If you see it on pinterest, check the sources there. Once you find the biggest (unedited, if you can tell) one, reverse-search that, just to be sure. Some images have been through hell, WeHeartIt and back and cannot be traced back, but you can at least put a few minutes of effort into it. And if you really cannot find the true owner, just link back to where you got it from.

Think about how you would feel if someone took your artwork and didn’t credit you. How would you feel if I just took that aesthetic you just made and posted it on my own blog? Without crediting you? Would saying ‘it’s not mine’ would make you feel better? I’m gonna go ahead and assume that if I just took your aesthetic and did that, you’d think I was a douche. The entire community would probably think that’s one hell of a douche move, and that it’s wrong of me to do. Now realize that this is what you’re doing to other people.

If it’s aesthetic you’re worried about, I got you covered. You can just put little links at the bottom of your post, like this:

x x x

or this:

(x) (x) (x)

or any variation really. Look up alt/unicode symbols and find what matches your aesthetic!

☼ ❂ ✷ ♛ ☩

TL;DR: Sourcing your aesthetics if important. If you are using artwork that belongs to someone else, it is your obligation to credit the rightful owner – because it’s not you. Please please please start sourcing your aesthetics.

(I would also really appreciate it if you could reblog this! I’d really love to see sourcing become more common in this community. Thank you very much for reading, and happy aesthetic-ing!)

lets play a game?

because i almost hit 600 followers and i actually typed my follow forever when i hit 500 followers but my dad closed the tumblr tab when i havent saved it yet and im too lazy too wrote it all over again;“)
sooo i was thinking about a new thing. not a blograte, not a follow forever.

the rules are easy tho:
- reblog this post. (i think this is a must lol or i cant see you)
- you dont have to follow me but a follow would be appreciated:)
- you dont have to be a studyblr also.
- send me and ask with your fav emoji(s) also your name

what i will do:
since i cant answer with pictures via phone, i’ll post it instead and mentioning you (also credits to rightful owner if needed).
i will do a bullet journal pack (like the book, the utensils, the spreads, etc.) of what i think about your name and fav emoji(s) plus a site model icon of what i think about your name too!! (bc i just dang i love looking at those girls/boys theyre hella cute😍) alsoo a quote!!😁☺😊

soo i think thats it??? if this doesnt get note just forget it lmaoo if you dont want to see me playing games around in your dash please block #bilfy plays a game😊


I was thinking about a new little fanfiction I could write and no one would read and those two came into my head. Captain Armando Salazar and his Lieutenant Lesaro. And I was wondering… are there any people out there who ship them? xD I think it’s cute xD

credits go to the owner of the pictures. I didn’t made them. sadly. x’D

[T R I G G E R H A P P Y]


“He stands there with a cigarette in one hand and a gun in the other, aiming it just by his temple. The boy does nothing but stand there, taking it in as he closes his eyes; wanting nothing more than to shoot him. But, there was no chance in hell the gun would be going off. There were no bullets in the cartridge….he loves him too much; fuck, he’ll die before anything happens to Carl Grimes…”


i. skeleton key - kenzie may ii. black out days [future islands remix] - phantogram iii. black - the soft moon vi. i’m so sick [t-virus remix] - flyleaf vs. the legion of doom v. white rabbit - jefferson airplane vi. army [extended intro vers.] - ellie goulding/edit by @marvinriley_ vii. catch me - city sleeps viii. into the dark - amarante ix. the bad in each other - fiest x. glow - porches xi. all the days - haerts xii. litost - x ambassadors

listen (x)


Ten/Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul x Reader

Word Count:403


A/N:This picture gave me such sassy vibes😂

This photo does not belong me. Credit to the owner:)

“Are you seriously wearing those in?” you sighed.

“Why can’t I wear them inside?” he huffed.

You couldn’t help but be annoyed at how pretentious he was acting but there was also that beam of humor that you couldn’t ignore. It took a lot to not smile when he whipped the nonexistent hairs on his neck to the side.

“We’re going to hang out with friends. In a coffee shop. Inside.”

“And?” he asked, waiting for you to continue.

“And you could put away the diva glasses.”

“How about… no.”

You couldn’t help but break out in a smile after he said that. You guys walked in the shop and walked over to your group while others chose to stare at him. If they weren’t whispering, they were probably giggling. After you guys sat down, he pulled his glasses off and set them at the top of his head.

“Diva moment?” one of them asked.

“Ever since this morning.” you sighed.

“Diva? I? No. Of course not.” he sassed.

It was interesting to know that this was a something that occurred more than once. It was hilarious to watch but sometimes it got you in trouble. Maybe it was laughing too loud or maybe it was Ten being a bit more demanding than he should have been. Either way, hopefully it would not be one of those times.

“What brought this on today?” another asked while staring playfully.

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s ugly.” Ten scoffed.

“Do you really wanna talk about ugly?” you countered.

“I know that you have nothing against me so why not?” he laughed.

You only laughed at his ridiculousness but everyone else had plenty talk about when it came to ugly.

“That time you fell off the couch when you were asleep.” the first said.

“When I caught you staring at your nose hairs in the bathroom.” another added.

Ten finally had enough when some claimed they had a photo of him picking his nose in their camera roll.

“Okay! I get it. You can stop.” he said while taking the glasses off and sitting the way he usually did.

“Wow! He’s back.” you guys laughed.

“Haha.” he said sarcastically.

“Don’t be that way. There’s food coming.”

At that, he straightened up and looked expectantly.

“That really straightened you out.” you giggled.

“But of course,” he replied.

“Food is something to always be happy for.”

Stop Playin

Summary: You’ve been friends with Woo for a little over a year. There’s always been something between the two of you but today was the day to stop playing. 

AN: I suck at summaries. Sorry. Pictures/Artwork/Giphs are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


That simple conversation now had you sitting in the studio across from your friend. There had always been tension between you and Woo. You met at a club. You were out promoting a new song and he was out doing what Woo does best. That night you danced and flirted heavily with each other. You almost kissed but in a drunken state you missed. What could you say? Something about all those muscles and tattoos spoke to you. You ended up linking up afterwards. There was and had been since constant rumors flying around about you two being in a relationship. It caused a little bit of contention with you being an American foreigner and his issues with what happened in America. A year and a half later the two of you had developed a friendship. A close one. A flirty friendship but a friendship none-the-less.It was clear to the both of you and those around you that there was some underlying attraction that was never addressed. The fact the two of you were never single at the same time seemed to be the biggest issue. It had been a cause of contention in the flings each of you had since you met. It was causing a problem now. Most of the men you met were threatened to some degree by Woo. Yes, he was physically imposing but you were visibly comfortable around him. You two were constantly calling, texting, snap chatting and the list went on.

You pushed your 4a/b coils out of the way and stared at your phone with a look of bewilderment. “What is it” Woo’s deep voice rumbled from his chair across from you. You sighed and showed him your phone. There was your current guy all hugged up with some broad at the club last night. “He told me he was tired and going to bed rearly.” You said shaking your head. “Must’ve been using her chest as a pillow.” You haphazardly tossed your phone on the couch. “I guess that’s done” You rubbed your hands over your face.

Woo bit his lip and looked and studied you folding his arms. He was debating whether to say something. What to say and if it would just cause a fight. Letting his arms drop to his sides. “Y/N?”
“Hmm?” You answered moving switches on the board in front of you trying to get back to the song and not having much success. “Why do you keep doing this?” You heard him ask. His tone sounded irritated. It made you stop and look at him. He was irritated. You frowned a little. “Doing what?” You swivelled in your chair. “This.” He motioned between you and the phone. “This, with these guys. You date the same type of fuckboy and then are surprised when you see this shit.” This was a first for you. You’d seen him mad, yeah but it wasn’t very often it was directed at you. He’d been mad for you, yeah but at you? On the VERY rare occassion. Your arms folded over your chest taking a defensive postion.

“Fuckboys, huh?” You heard your voice chill slightly. “Hmm, I wasn’t into fuckboys the night I met you now was I?” You shot back. He smacked his lips. “Here you go. We’re not talking about me and you. We’re talking about you and them.” You rolled your eyes and let your head drop back for a second. “You know what…” You straightened yourself up about to respond but he cut you off. “They only do you like that because you let them?” You felt a surge of heat spread in your chest. “Did you really just tell me it’s my fault that they’re fuck me over?” You said pointing at your chest and looking at him like he lost his mind. “Y/N, baby” He said a bit softer. “No, don’t ‘Y/N’ baby me” You said standing up and getting ready to introduce him to the door. He grabbed your wrist. “I’m saying that you keeping messin with these fools who you know ain’t shit.” You looked down at him. You wanted to snatch your arm away. “Is this tough love with Woo day?” You moved to sit back down still pissed off. “So what do you propose then. Since you clearly have the answers to my relationship problems.” You shrugged folding your arms in front of you. “At the same time. I watch you go through the same shit. Runnin 8 different types of hoes through here. So don’t sit there actin all holier than thou when you in the same boat.” You saw him start to turn red. “I’m only running 8 different types of hoes through here because you on some bullshit! He yelled at you. You sat back.

“I"m on some bullshit!” You leaned forward and pointed yourself again. “How..Since when?” You were both gettin louder. “Woo, you been on that baby back bull. Since day one!” You poked him in his chest. “You talked all that shit that first night and then didn’t do shit about it!” He was shaking his head no the entire time you were talking. “You didn’t even give me a chance. You just put me in some limbo!” He shot back at you. “YOU WERE MESSING WITH FIVE OTHER WOMEN!” You couldn’t believe this. He was really trying to pin the fact that you two never amounted to anything on you. “What was I supposed to do wait around for you to make up your mind. ” He smacked his lips. “Y/N, get outta here with that.” He waved his hand in a dismissive motion. “You knew I wanted more but you used that as an excuse. It wasn’t anything you weren’t doing. Waiting to see which one would turn into something. You got scared. Just admit it!” He got louder towards the end. “Don’t sit here and act like you’re still not scared.” It was your turn to shake your head but he wasn’t going to let you cut in. “This isn’t some regular friendship. You know it just like I do.” He pointed between the both of you. “I’ve been trying to prove to you for the last year and half that I care. That I pay attention that I’m here for you. That you don’t have to waste your time with stupid mutha fuckas like that.” He said point to your phone. “Y/N, what other girl am I constantly checking up on? What other female am I bringing around my nephew? Who else am I for all intents and purposes being their man to besides you?” He sighed deeply. “I’m not the only one. This goes both ways. You’re doing the same thing.” He gave you a serious look. You knew this conversation was a long time coming but you just didn’t think it’d be coming today. You relaxed into your chair. “That’s why they’re mad. Everybody we try to have a relationship with sees this just as clearly as we do. That’s why the don’t stick around.” He made it crystal clear, saying all the things the both of you had been thinking.

“I know.” You said quietly. The fight you had in you before slowly left you as he continued to talk. “We need to stop playing games.” You took a very deep cleansing breath. It was time to ‘shit or get off the pot’. You looked at Woo directly in his dark brown eyes. “If we do this. I don’t want any bullshit. I’m with you and that’s it. Let all those ol gila monster lookin ass hoes know you’re done.” He moved his chair closer to yours and laughed a little bit. “Why, they got to be gila monster though? You saying I don’t have good taste.” You cocked your head to the side and gave him the ‘boy bye’ face. He grabbed your hands and laced your fingers with his. This wasn’t the first time you’d been this close or held his hand. There had been too many times you’d fallen asleep while he held you. Too many times you’d been caught sitting on his lap. Too many times his arm had been around your shoulder and your arm wrapped around his waist while you walked around. You giggled a bit. “You know we’re going to catch hell for this. I can hear your brother now.” He pulled you closer that your knees were in between his. He laughed a little before finally closing the gap between the both you and letting your lips meet. His were soft. For some reason you expected his kiss to be as rough as the rest of him. He was gentle and a little teasing. Your moved your lips along his and felt him swipe his tongue across your. You opened your mouth deepening the kiss. He wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled you closer until you were chest to chest. His hands trailed along your sides and up and down your back. You broke the kiss before things got a little too heated. “I’m not playing with you Woo. Don’t make me have to beat yo ol extra big ass.”

Car door guy appreciation post

ofcourse the one that started it all at the Melon Awards

when everyone went crazy

and questioned who the handsome car door guy is

look at him

look at those collarbones

he should be a model tbh

i just


hes so beautiful

absolutely gorgeous

and here are some other members coming out of a car because why not hello nams

hobi looking attractive as ever

taehyung fabulous as ever

min yoongi pls

save me im dead

I give all credit for this post to @caitlynbrownie because she was the one who found most of these pictures ^.^


ok so nobody tagged me for this favorite zaynie’s pics thing

but i’m going to do it anyway!

since zayn’s beauty is infinite, i decided not to restrain myself with the rules of this challenge. this post may be a bit longer than expected (sorry not sorry)

1. favorite concert pics:

omg this is such a look, i loved this hairstyle more than i love candy

he cuts his own sleeves, sista!

this is just pure perfection

*heart attack*

he’s just sitting and chilling but this pic could as well be used as a cover of some movie or magazine

this one too

is he human or is he superhuman


just magnificent

2. favorite cutie pics:

look at this lil duckling!

i can feel my heart melting

he’s just so cuddly

*heavy breathing*

he looks so soft

eye crinkles!!!

this pov is such a blessing

my bald son

3. effortlessly sexy

#crybaby (i cried)

i can’t believe those are candids

i will never get over this look

nor this one (so shaggy) 

yeah ok

4. i know cigarettes are really bad for your health but smoking zayn does things to me




ugh what the hell

i’m sorry

5. brotp: zouis

6. otp: ziam

is this the end?

yeah, i guess so. 

none of these pics or gifs are mine (i just edited some of them), all credit to the owners

ashley moore static rp icons:

Under the cut, there are 20 100x100 static rp icons requested by onyxedideas of Ashley Moore. Every icon here was made by me, however the gifs/pictures that I used to make them are not mine and full credit of those goes to the rightful owners! If you’d like this updated, just shoot me an ask and I’ll gladly do so - but if this helped you out in any way, please leave a like or a reblog as it’s very much appreciated.

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anonymous asked:

I'm hoping for some advice. I saw your post about the "credit to the owners thing" and I am hoping you could tell me how to better credit owners. I make moodboards and I honestly just pluck photos off of google to do it so sometimes crediting the owners can be a little hard, especially if the source isn't a direct link to the original content creator. I'm not trying to be condescending or rude. I am genuinely hoping you could give me some insight. <3

with crediting in general… just find what the source is and link back to that source (reverse google image search is a thing!). with moodboards i’m not sure what advice to give you because it seems to be universally accepted on here that it’s okay to make those and take the “mood” pictures from google and not credit (but credit the fantakens etc), but i personally don’t like it because of the attribution issue, because every picture and every photo on the internet was taken or made my someone (unless you went and bought stock pictures). so my advice would be, just don’t use pictures if you can’t find the source, but from what i know on tumblr no one will come for you if you make moodboards idk there are some strange double standards and stuff, so you might want to ask some bigger blogger that actually does do moodboards? because my advice would be -don’t make them- and yeah, that’s probably not what you’re looking for

update: i just remembered! you could search for pictures that are made to be free to use, i remembered now that is a thing too, if you google “creative commons” there are photos that you can use and don’t have to deal with crediting, you can modify them or even use them for commercial purposes, here is one of the websites you can use to find photos like that