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  • PAIRING: Young!Sirius Black x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Sirius gets easily jealous by someone that starts flirting with his girl.
  • WORDS: 506
  • WARNINGS: eh some cursing i guess
  • PROMPT: (requested by anonymous)
  • 6. “Touch her again, and you’ll regret it!”
  • 9. “You know, you’re really sexy when you’re angry.”
  • 19. “I’m gonna take a shower, join me?”

The Yule ball. Everyone was either on the dance floor, lazily drinking with their friends, or making out with the person they found that night. Sirius Black was located at the punch table, looking at the couples that were mingling. He was soon accompanied by Y/N, who came next to him and bumped her shoulder against him. “Having fun I see.” She chuckled, a cup of the red drink in her hand. 

The man rolled his eyes, “Totally.” He commented sarcastically.

“Well, since you’re having so much fun, would you like to dance?” The girl asked, taking his hand already dragging the man to the dance floor without getting a proper reply from him.

The Y/H/C girl wrapped her delicate arms around his neck, as the dark-haired man gracefully enveloped the girl’s petite waist with his immense hands. There was silence between the pair, just softly swaying to the music while looking into each other’s eyes. Ash eyes met Y/E/C eyes. Sirius sneaked a little peck on her lips, Y/N grinned from ear to ear. 

Out of the blue, a man that had one too much to drink this evening came up to the girl. Pealed her off from Sirius and whispered in her ear, in a chilling manner, “You should dance with me instead of this prick.” The Y/H/C girl looked awfully terrified, that was until Sirius processed what was happening and pushed the horny guy off of her.

“What the fuck are you doing mate? I suggest you lay off that vodka!” Sirius was fuming, veins started to appear on his neck, “Touch her again, and you’ll regret it!” 

The music stopped, the chatter going silent. The Grand Hall became absolutely was quiet, a pair of men dragged the drunk guy away from the couple. Professor McGonagall came up to the stage, grabbing the microphone from the stand. “Um… if e-everyone c-could go back to what they were doing…” The woman trailed off but was obeyed when the music came back on and everyone went back to dancing, ignoring the mishap that happened a few moments ago. 

Sirius was breathing heavy, then Y/N put a hand on his shoulder. The dark-haired man turned towards her, looking directly into her eyes. “If it helps, you know, you’re really sexy when you’re angry.” 

The man chuckled, wrapping an arm around her. “Let’s go.” The couple left the Yule Ball, that they didn’t find entertaining anyway. Once they had entered the dorm room that the pair shared, the gray-eyed man closed the door behind them and wrapped his muscular arms around the girl’s petite body.

She was a bit surprised at first but melted into his arms. Before he could say anything, she cut him off smirking. “I’m gonna take a shower, join me?” The girl cheekily said trying to lighten the mood. The dark-haired man was a bit taken aback at first but smiled, nodding. 

From what started as a catastrophe, their love made it better.


A/N: i haven’t written a remus oneshot in a while so thank god someone asked me to write a remus oneshot from my prompts 

ik this is short but i had like no inspiration to write this so if it sucks i am so sorry

  • PAIRING: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader 
  • SUMMARY: In which Remus and Y/N spend a lazy Sunday around the house.
  • WORDS: 171
  • PROMPT: (requested by: anonymous)
  • 8. “Stop stealing the covers.”
  • 9. “You know you’re really sexy when you’re angry.”

The alarm clock blared throughout the fair-sized apartment that the couple, Remus and Y/N, share. The girl groaned, extending her arm to turn the noise off. Causing Remus to sneakily wrap his arms around his fiancé. “Good morning beautiful.” He mumbled against her ear, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

The Y/H/C girl groaned, “It’s Sunday, go back to sleep Rem.”

He hummed, thinking, “Um…how about no.” The sandy-haired man answered, grabbing the duvet that the both were wrapped in and only wrapped it on himself.

“Stop stealing the covers.” The girl next to him said. Remus chuckled turning towards her. “I’m not kidding Moony!” Y/N shouted taking a pillow and hitting the man with it. 

Now that she was stood in a position where Remus could easily grab her by the waist. He grinned, dimples appearing on each side of his mouth. “You know you’re really sexy when you’re angry.”

“Shut up.” She jokingly replied, smiling. Giving him a peck on the lips.


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  • PAIRING: Young!Sirius Black x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Sirius takes up smoking after quitting to forget about his feelings for Y/N.
  • WARNINGS: a tad bit of cursing and angst
  • WORDS: 514
  • PROMPT: (requested by: @felelotlen-felhotlen)
  • 10. “You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”
  • 14. “Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.”
  • 24. “Oh my…dude, you love her.”

The final year and the final week of Hogwarts. All the students have been waiting for this ever since day one, especially Y/N. She can finally finish school and be an independent woman and live in the muggle world to start her career. Of course, she’s going to miss the place that she had once called her second home, but she’s extra excited to be out in the real world.

Sirius wasn’t excited nor feeling anything. The reason being he was just living in the moment, which is his motto of life. The dark-haired man was calmly taking drags out of his cigarette while taking the scenery of the Black Lake. It was silent, the only noise being the gooses’ quacks and the birds chirping. 

His thoughts surrounding a certain Y/H/C girl, also known as Y/N. Who he has had a crush on since he first laid eyes on her when they were eleven, in the first year. He’s never been one to voice out his own thoughts, being that the dark-haired man is afraid of rejection. Primarily because he has come from a place where he has been rejected many times; by his mother, his father, his whole family generally.

The Sirius Black, the man who did not fear anything, his fear was rejection. 

When he told James his feelings for her, the charming brunet man only gaped at him saying, “Oh my…dude, you love her.” Now all he ever realized that his feelings for the Y/E/C girl have officially blossomed into love.

He was so clouded by his thoughts that he didn’t hear the footsteps that came from behind him. “Since when do you smoke?” 

“Since forever.” He simply replied as he took a long drag out of the substance.

“Well, I find it disgusting. Just get it out of your mouth, I-I hate it.”

“Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.” The dark haired man commented sassily. The girl plopped down next to him, in surprise that she had lost balance.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Sirius?” The man simply couldn’t take it anymore, he’s been hiding his feelings from her for years now. Hooking up with girls, or even smoking cigarettes isn’t going to help him get over his love for her eventually. He had finally lost his cool.

“It’s because of you, Y/N, don’t you fucking get it! You’re such an addiction, that cigarettes are nothing but something that I simply smoke. You have always been my addiction! You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”

She was in utter shock, she couldn’t move or speak. Silence enveloped the two youngsters, even Sirius looked down in disappointment. The gray-eyed man was about to get up from his spot on the ground when the girl stopped him, grabbing his bicep with her firm grip before he could escape anywhere. Getting up with him, she licked her lips, saying the words that she never thought she would ever say to him. “I love you too.”

“I promise to hold you when you’re cold or when you just want to be held.

I promise to always kiss you goodbye.

I promise to take you on cute dates. Museums, concerts, fancy restaurants and the shitty ones too.

I promise to surprise you with flowers or your favorite candy.

I promise to kill the spiders although I’m terrified of them as well.

I promise to always touch you gently.

I promise to listen to you.

I promise to hold your hand when someone stares at you for too long.

I promise to never go a day without telling you how indescribably beautiful you are, and how insanely lucky I am to call you mine.

I promise to always encourage you and your singing, I promise to always be your #1 fan.

I promise to be there on days you cry whenever you are reminded by the fact that your mom gave up on you so easily, and how she was embarrassed by the fact that you love me.

I promise to work everyday to be a better person, for you and for myself. I want you proud of me.

I promise to never force you on rollercoasters no matter how much I want to see your face on one.

I promise to write about you, you’re my inspiration.

I promise to watch Spongebob with you when you’re in a bad mood and you’re just wanting a laugh.

I promise to make stupid jokes so I can see your beautiful smile.

I promise to take pictures of you doing absolutely nothing because thats all it takes for you to be the most captivating human I’ve ever known.

I promise to carry you when you don’t feel like walking.

I promise to jump in front of anyone who tries to hurt you.

I promise to watch your chick flicks, they annoy me, but you don’t.

I promise to tease you just to see you pout so I can kiss your pouty lips and see you smile afterwards. Knowing I have that power, is the most rewarding thing.

I promise to sing to you although I sound like shit.

I promise to put my book down whenever you’re wanting to talk. My attention is yours whenever you want it.

I promise to always defend you.

I promise to wait for you. People say its too hard on your heart, but whats harder is imagining my life without you in it.

I promise to be open with you about how I feel even if its hard for me. You taught me to lay everything out there because I don’t know when I’ll ever have that chance again.

I promise to be different from every other person you’ve ever known, every person thats walked out on you.

I promise to tell everyone I come across how lucky I am to simply know you.

I promise to love you unconditionally.

I promise to be your safe place forever.

I promise to never make you feel like your feelings are invalid.

I promise to remember every important date of ours.

I promise to kiss every place you’re insecure about.

I promise you that every lyric, every person I come across, every sunset, will remind me of you when I go days without speaking to you. I miss you so much that I look for you in everything I see.

I promise to be 100% without a doubt, completely yours.

I promise to never give you a reason to not trust me.

I promise to play the guitar for you even with my slight fear of playing in front of people.

I promise to always make sure you’re warm.

I promise that you’re safe as long as you’re with me.

I promise to call you randomly when I miss your voice.

I promise to make life fun, so be ready for adventures, memories, and more memories.

I promise to give you your space whenever you want it.

I promise to write you cute poems, and give you a lot of forehead kisses.

I promise to rub your arm with my thumb because I know how much you love it.

I promise to brush your hair whenever you get out of the shower if you’re too lazy to.

I promise to go out of my way to make sure you feel safe all the time.

I promise to love you so much it makes people sick.

I promise to watch scary movies with you that I’ve already seen so I can cover your eyes when I know a scary part is coming up.

I promise to be grateful for your love every single day.

I promise you that I won’t give up.”

—  I’ll be here when you come back