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What antis think Otayuri is vs. what Otayuri really is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m still on semi-hiatus but I made this in a fast way because I had the idea long time ago and I suddenly remember. I found it so funny.

IMPORTANT!!: repost only is permitted if you credit me as the author and you add a link to the original post. I DON’T GIVE PERMISSION TO EDIT MY ART IN ANY WAY. If you want to translate, ask me and I’ll do it. Please, support artists work!!!

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“Amazon declined to comment” doesn’t bode well.

The Variety article also originally completely failed to credit Terry Pratchett as the co-author of the book, and only corrected it after both he and Terry’s reps noted it. 

I get the feeling they tried to jumpstart the apocalypse and published before they were supposed to, based on Neil’s being a bit tetchy in his tweet - on all the American Gods news he’d basically retweet seconds after the original story “broke.”


We made the szechuan sauce today!

I realize now I should have included the recipe I used when I first posted these photos. I used a recipe I found on reddit. You could look that one up, if it instructs you to drink the plum sake, that’s the one. I recommend you look it up, it has additional info, and I want to give credit to the original author, but I’ll write it out here as well for convenience:

•mince 6 cloves of garlic and sweat (heat them up in a skillet) - note: I made this in a saucepan

•add 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

•add soy sauce to taste (do not use low sodium sauce) - note: I used 4 tablespoons

•add 2 tablespoons plum sake - note: I couldn’t find plum sake, so I used sweet cooking sake and ½ teaspoon of plum sauce, it seemed to work

•reduce sauce slightly

•add 3 ½ tablespoons Sriracha

•add 2 tablespoons brown sugar

•add red pepper flakes to taste

•add minced ginger to taste

•boil to reduce, stirring regularly, until it is the desired consistency

Serve with your favorite nuggets.



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Artist: Jaeliu    Translated by Manhua-ABCD

*Any use of images must credit the original author. Not for use for any commercial reason without permission from the author.


I don’t know if it has been done before but when I first saw that chapter, it was all I could think of😅
Art made by me.

NB! All credit goes to the original authors of the idea, manga page doesn’t belong to me either.


THANK YOU ALL FOR GOOD MEMES (credits to the original authors, they are not mine) 

Additional artwork by diddly-darn-ghost
Quick Guide to Fanfiction Etiquette

i.e. what are acceptable ways of interacting with fics? 

So in light of many recent fic theft related events and with Miraculous Blackout ( @miraculousblackout ) still in full swing, I noticed there are many primers on art theft and etiquette around interacting with art and not much about interacting with fanfiction. So for any readers out there who are interested in knowing appropriate ways of interacting with our fics, here’s a quick cheat sheet. 

When you find fanfiction online that you enjoy or that you want to share, there are easy and respectful ways to go about this. Simply put, it involves interacting with the original source of the fic. On Tumblr, that’s reblogs and likes. On AO3, that’s comments, kudos, and bookmarks. On FFN that’s favorites and reviews. On Wattpad that’s views and votes. Wanna show us how much you love the story? Tell us what you think and help bump our stats. 

If you really love this fic and you want to share this fic with other people, the best way to do that is by sharing links back to the original stories. Creating rec lists comprised of links to your favorite fanfictions are great ways of sharing stories, plus writers love being included on them. Although links are preferred, even just leaving the title of the fic, the name of the author, and the site you read the fic on works. This spreads our stories and lets people know who wrote them. 

What about creating work based off of our writing?

Yes! We love that! Creating remixes, creating podfics, using lines as captions for art/cosplay, creating fanart, creating fancomics, and translating fics are all great provided we’re notified and credited where appropriate. 

When it comes to creating work based off of our fics that in no way involves manipulating our words (i.e. fanart, fancomics, podfics/dubs, etc.) all we ask is that you credit us. Tag our blogs (if applicable), indicate that you are creating work based off of a fanfiction you read, and leave links back to our stories. Writers love getting art inspired by our fics, but please credit us when you do. 

When it comes to creating work that involves manipulating our words (i.e. translations and remixes/rewrites of our fics), it’s always best to ask for permission first. These are things that writers are not always okay with. If they say no, it’s your job to respect that. For remixes/rewrites, please credit us and link back to our original work. Let people know that this is a remix/rewrite of another fic. If you’re translating a fic, it’s important to be very transparent with the writer and tell them where you are going to post this translation and how you are going to credit them (again guys, links links links). It’s also common courtesy to send a link to the writers to the translated work when you’re done. 

This also applies to using lines/sections for our fics as captions for your art/cosplay, as captions for your aesthetic posts, etc. We love it when our stories inspire you, but if you’re copying lines from our fics you need to ask us first and you need to credit us properly

A bonus tip for those of you who enjoy AO3 is that the site actually makes it very easy for you to credit the original writers in cases where you’re posting podfics, remixes, or translations of an existing work. When you select “New Work” and begin to post your creation, there’s a section where you can check off and indicate whether this piece is inspired off another existing work. 

If you check the box next to “This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work,” you get an entire form that allows you to include the URL, title, author, and language of the original work. AO3 very nicely credits the original author for you when you fill this out. As a personal suggestion, gifting the work to the original author by typing in their AO3 username is a good way to cover all your bases. 

One last thing: please do not monetize creations that are inspired by our writing unless we give you very clear permission to do so.

Making fanart for our stories is great. Selling prints of fanart inspired by our fics without getting our permission first is less great. This also goes for anyone who dubs over fanfiction on YouTube and monetizes on the videos they post. Writers are artists as well, and our ideas are just as valuable as our written words. To monetize work that is inspired by our words and our ideas is unfair to us. General rule of thumb: don’t do it unless you have permission from us. 

To Review:

  • Give fics comments, likes, reblogs, views, kudos, bookmarks, votes, and favorites. This is the best way to show us you appreciate our work. Please do it!
  • If ever you want to share fics with others, always share links leading to the original story. Links Links Links!!!
  • If you want to create something inspired by our work, please credit us by tagging our blogs and leaving links to our stories
  • If you want to manipulate our work either through a translation or by creating a rewrite/remix of the work, ask for permission first
    • If you don’t have permission, it ends there. Some writers are uncomfortable with their writing being manipulated/altered and you should respect that. 
    • If you do have permission, please credit us by tagging our blogs and leaving links to our stories.
  • Please do not monetize work you’ve created that is inspired by our words and our ideas unless you have our permission.
  • If you’re ever unsure, always ask the writer first

You see, we kind of have gotten the hang of the fact that reposting art is not a-okay, but now I want to make it clear, that, at least as far as my writing is concerned, reposting isn’t okay either. I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOW MY WORK TO BE SCREENSHOTTED AND POSTED ON OTHER WEBSITES WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR, GOD FORBID, EVEN WITHOUT CREDIT.

Why am I writing this you ask? @hazyxthoughts Has pointed it out to me that my work, as well as her and the work of many other Tumblr blogs (I am not tagging them because I do not know how they feel about this), is being reposted on Instagram. Not by one account, but many different accounts. It is done often without credit and probably always without the author’s knowledge. 

You want to screenshot my chats and headcanons, fine. I don’t love it, but fine, as long as you CREDIT ME. And by me, I mean credit goes directly to this blog right here. ‘Credit to the original author’ does NOT make the cut. It is extremely disheartening to see your posts getting thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on other sites (without you even knowing about it and without people knowing who even made the posts in the first place).

When it comes to my WRITING, meaning actual drabbles, and ficlets, and stuff that I pour my heart into, REPOSTING IS NOT PERMITTED. N-O-T PER-MI-TTED. If you really want to do it, you must ask and if I say no, it’s a no.

I hate to do this, I really do, but it is time we started acting like writers too, as well as artists, have rights to their own works and have the right to monitor where and how their work is being posted. Because sometimes a drabble that takes you 2 minutes to read, takes me 2 hours to write and I have the right to say that it is not okay for someone else to get followers and likes and recognition for the work that I did.

Why do I need recognition? Because I love seeing what you like, I love seeing your comments, your personal inserts, your own expansions of my universe. I love reading that something I wrote meant something to you too, I love that I made you laugh and smile and even cry. In short, I love that I have a connection to you, my followers, my fellow Tumblerians (that is a word now), and I feel like someone reposting my stuff makes it impersonal and ‘not mine’ anymore.

Feel free to reblog this and add whatever you want to it. I am open for discussion on this topic as I am still not entirely sure how I feel about all of this except that it makes me feel uncomfortable and disheartened.


This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy! :))

Pairing: Peter Parker/fem!Reader

Rated: T
Tags/Triggers(?): reader has an anxiety disorder
Summary: When Y/N moves to New York to attend a higher-level science and math school she only goes with the hope of getting a good education. But a certain cute nerdy with a camera makes her hope for a few other things as well.

Currently estimating this to be about twelve/thirteen chapters long and I’m gonna shoot for updates every Wednesday.

Super excited to be submitting this to the truly lovely Krys and I hope you all enjoy!

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“Y/N, can you please take a picture of daddy and me? ”

 "Absolutely love. Joe come here, go pose for us. “ 

” Ok, ok, ok. I’ll pose for my two favorite ladies.“

 "Say cheese! ”


* Credit to the original author of the gif!!!

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Artist: Jaeliu    Translated by Manhua-ABCD

*Any use of images must credit the original author. Not for use for any commercial reason without permission from the author.

anonymous asked:

just for clarification, we can't reblog your art you post unless we get consent from you, even though you've posted it on a public website? not being mean but why post it then? if we reblog/repost your art we love and appreciate it and want to share your talents; we want to share your creativity to the masses so why do we have to ask for consent? if you don't want it shared, to me, logically, you wouldn't post it

You misunderstood.

I’m not talking about reblogging, I’m only talking about RE-POSTING, I don’t want my art posted somewhere else unless people ask for my permission, this does not mean that you cannot reBLOG it, which is absolutely fine! There is a fine difference between reposting and reblogging.

I want you, friends, to ask me for consent to repost it on other sites because I wanna know where, for what purpose and how it is being used. That is why I prefer having people telling me where my art is being used. It’s not all that confusing. 

Reblogging is the simple process of clicking the reblog button on an artist’s work to share with followers here on tumblr while the source is still intact and the original author is credited; while Reposting is the act of taking a copy of the artist’s work and RE-POSTING it from scratch on another account. Doing it without the permission of the author, whether you put credit or not, is wrong.


(credit to the original author who I am assuming to be as the concept was on their page and didn’t seem to be a reblog)

Draco and Harry both discovered that they fancied the other when they were making Amortentia during a potions class in their seventh year (they both came back to do their NEWTs). Both started shouting at the other that their hair conditioner/cologne was stinking out the dungeon. The whole class began to giggle, and then started laughing insanely when Draco and Harry both realised what they were smelling and turned bright red.



Chapter 1.1/ /1.2/ /1.3/ /1.4/ /1.5/ /1.6/ /1.7/ /1.8/ 2.1/ /2.2/ /2.3/ /2.4/ /2.5/ /2.6/ /2.7/ /2.8/ /2.9/ /3.1/ /3.2/ /3.3/ /3.4/ /3.5/ /3.6/ /3.7/ /3.8/ /4.1/ /4.2/ /4.3/ /4.4/ /4.5/ /4.6/ /4.7/ /4.8/ /5.1/ /5.2/ /5.3/ /5.4/ /5.5/ /5.6/ /6.1/ /6.2/ /6.3/ /6.4/ /6.5/ /6.6/ 6.7/ /6.8/ /6.9/ /7.1/ /7.2/ /7.3/ /7.4/ /7.5/ /7.6/ /7.7/ /7.8/ /7.9/ /8.1/ /8.2/ /8.3/ /8.4/ /8.5/ /8.6a/ /8.6b/ /8.7a/ /8.7b/ /8.8/ /8.9/ /9.1/ /9.2/ /9.3/ /9.4/ /9.5/ /9.6/ /9.7/ /9.8/ /9.9/ /10.1/ /10.2/ /10.3a/ /10.3b/ /10.4/ /10.5/ /10.6/ /10.7a/ /10.7b/ /10.8/ /10.9/ /11.1/ /11.2/ /11.3/ /next/

Artist: Jaeliu    Translated by Manhua-ABCD

*Any use of images must credit the original author. Not for use for any commercial reason without permission from the author.

Real Life Prisoner (Part 2)

***If you have not read part 1, please do so before reading this or it will not make sense.***

DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for the original work. All credit goes to the original author of Prisoner. This imagine, as well as the prior one, is simply built off of the reader & Ethan reading the actual fanfic.

Air was lodged in your throat. You felt like you were smothering, but you couldn’t force yourself to take a breath. You simply stood there, frozen, captured by his gaze. Those soft, warm eyes that you once knew all too well were replaced with something stone cold, making you terrified to move a muscle.

Your mind was in a million different places at once. This just wasn’t your reality. Were you asleep or awake? For your sake, you were praying for the first option.

You worked desperately to put the puzzle pieces together in your mind. Even though he was making it pretty clear, maybe you were completely wrong. Maybe he was referring to someone he used to be friends with. Maybe he was talking about something completely different, & you were just overreacting about the entire thing. Maybe it was just a cruel joke that you’d have to punch him for later.

No. The goofball that you knew & loved wasn’t there at that moment. It’s like he was replaced with someone completely different. You were too scared to admit it to yourself, but perhaps that someone was a murderer.

“What do you-….” Your voice trailed off, leaving you unable to finish your sentence without swallowing the lump in your throat.

“What do you mean, Ethan? Did you do something?” Your words came out fairly slow, in barely a whisper.

A wide, uncalled for smile spread across your boyfriend’s face; the smile that once made you fall in love with Ethan Grant Dolan. However, it looked much different now. It didn’t light up your entire world. In fact, it’s like everything had went pitch black.

“So innocent & pure.” He leans in slowly and presses his lips to your forehead. When he shows no signs of breaking the physical contact, you slowly back away, attempting to make your escape from the uncomfortable situation that you were put into. Ethan’s body followed, his lips remaining on your forehead as he backed you up against the wall.

You felt your back bump against the hard surface as he rested a palm on the wall behind you & leaned against it for support. His lips finally broke the contact with your skin, but you halfway preferred his lips to remain, because his eyes were back to locking with yours, & you were unable to break the bond.

“You seem really tense.” He said it like he was stating the obvious. He was probably able to figure out all on his own that you were terrified, confused, & in disbelief after what he had just confessed to you.

His hand that wasn’t propped up against the wall ran along your arm, slowly gliding over your goosebumps. He chuckled softly & twirled a few loose strands of your hair around his finger. He shook his head at an agonizingly slow pace before speaking once more.

“You have nothing to be afraid of, princess.” That statement calmed you down a little, but the words that followed sent shivers straight up your spine.

“We both know you would never do anything stupid, right?” His voice was nothing more than a low whisper, & you couldn’t mistake the threatening tone.

He tucked his bottom lip in between his teeth & pressed his forehead to yours. Normally, this would be enough to have you melting in his arms. This time, your body remained as stiff as a board.

You suddenly felt yourself being surrounded by coldness. You knew it wasn’t the actual temperature in the room, but how Ethan’s presence made you feel. You could tell that he picked up on this as his brows furrowed in concern.

“What’s wrong, baby? Cold?” Before he gave you the chance to respond, which you weren’t planning on doing anyway, he spoke up again. “Here, let me fix that.”

Before you had the chance to protest, he ran the tip of his tongue along his lips as he lowered his head, not wasting any time burying his face in your neck. You let out the breath that you didn’t even realize you were holding, nearly collapsing at the feeling. He knew the right places to explore to get you going. However, before you had the change to give into him, your body grew stiff again. Your stomach twisted in knots & you thought you were going to be sick. You grabbed the back of his hair & attempted to pull him off of you, but he buried his face deeper in your neck, scraping his teeth along your sensitive flesh as if he was begging you to cooperate.

Your teeth began to chatter as your eyes shot up toward the ceiling. You were drowning in your own fear, but you couldn’t deny the fact that your mind was also clouded, due to the marks that were surely to form all over your neck.

“Ethan….” You whispered, but were granted no response.

“Ethan, stop!” You said much louder than you intended, but you got your point across. He did as you said, backing away from you slowly.

Once he was a few feet away from you, he put his hands up in defense. 

“Okay, you obviously don’t want that right now, but that’s okay. We can save that for later.” He slowly lowered his hands back down to his sides. You remained back against the wall, unable to move.

Seconds of silence turned into minutes. It was nothing except you, Ethan, & that cool air that filled the room, causing chill bumps to remain on your skin. Ethan finally decided to break the silence.

“I know something that will cheer you up.” His eyes lit up, as if he didn’t just confess to you that he wasn’t the person you thought he was. “Let’s go get some frozen yogurt, alright?”

Frozen yogurt was the last thing on your mind right now, but in desperate need of him giving you a little more space than he was, you nodded your head.

“Great. I’ll get my keys.” Ethan smiled at you before turning around. To his surprise, Grayson was standing right outside the door, not making a sound. His expression was something that you were unable to read; it was as if it was completely blank. His eyes were on you, but when Ethan slowly approached him, they shifted to meet his.

You could barely see it, but Ethan shot Grayson a shy smirk before looking back at you. When he turned around again, he purposefully brushed against Grayson’s shoulder & walked away. Grayson’s head slowly turned so he could stare at you again from across the room.

“I’m so sorry….” Grayson whispered, slowly shaking his head at you. You quickly approached him, but his eyes fell to the floor, unable to look at you.

“Sorry for what? Grayson, what’s going on?” Your voice was undoubtedly shaky, but quiet, so that Ethan wouldn’t hear the conversation that you intended to keep private. You placed your hands on Grayson’s shoulders; your heart nearly racing out of your chest as your breath picked up the pace.

You heard Ethan’s keys rattle in the distance.

A single tear trailed down Grayson’s cheek as he lifted his eyes to look at you. In that moment, his expression became much more readable; he was helpless.

You were suddenly consumed by your thoughts. Your mind wondered directly to a comment that Ethan had made earlier:

”Maybe I should almost drown Gray in an ice bath more often.“

As you replayed it in your mind, that statement no longer seemed like a harmless joke.

With a gasp, you were snapped out of it placing his large hands on your shoulders.

“I need you to listen to me.” He whispered as quietly as he could as Ethan’s footsteps grew louder. You nodded in response, looking behind Grayson at Ethan’s shadow appearing.

When you locked eyes with Grayson once more, he mouthed the words to you; those words were “get out”.

Raptor Bughead Fic Rec Of the Day #1

Books, Riverdale and French Fries
Written by: anzoonza
Rating: T/M
Status: On-Going
Summary:  Just having fun filling in the blanks for season 1. Vignettes by episode.
Why You Should Read It:  This author has an eye for character and a great style. Highly canon compliant and explores the pre-relationship dynamic between Betty and Jughead. Also, out of all the fics exploring how the three musketeers met, this is by far one of the cutest and poignant. 


Help me out by reblogging to get this circulating around our fandom for the hiatus. Who knows? Maybe your fic might be featured some day and I’m sure you’d enjoy that signal-boost :) 

And of course, if you like the fic, be sure to leave a comment and some kudos. The author will appreciate it! 

Gif Credit: @musingmola
Original Gif Post.