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Kim Seokjin (Jin): Human Instinct (F) | boyfriend material (F) | 1004 (A/F) |

Min Yoongi (Suga): First at Everything (F) | Waffles (M) | Of Books And Dirty Cash (T) |

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope): Split (M) |

Kim Namjoon (Rapmonster): Before You Bow Down | Made For Each Other (M/T) | Owned | Twister (F) | When The Toddler Rebels (F) | Gravity (M) |

Kim Taehyung (V): A Wish | Tae’s Hands (M) |

Park Jimin: I’m (not) Lost |

Jeon Jungkook: Fireflies (F) | Destruction |


Mark Tuan: Red + Mark Tuan (F) | Answer (F) |

Im Jaebum (JB): Haunted (A) | When The Baby Cries (F/T) | Mine (F/M) | His (M) | Is This How It Feels To Be In Love? (A/F/M) |

Jackson Wang: Study Break //Jackson Wang (M) | A Special Day (M) | “That Squishy Body Is Mine” (F) | When You’re Pregnant (F) |

Park Jinyoung (formerly JR): Atmosphere |

Choi Youngjae:

Kunpimook Bhuwakul (BamBam): Daddy’s Home (M) |

Kim Yugyeom: Dancing For Yugyeom (M) | First Impressions (F) |


Any Member: Punish Me (M) |

Kim Minseok (Xiumin): Stay (A) | Lost (A) | Jealous (M) |

Kim Junmyeon (Suho): Just Date Already (F) | Being Parents With Suho (F) |

Zhang Yixing (LAY):

Byun Baekhyun: Flu (F) | Tease (F/M) |

Kim Jongdae (Chen):

Park Chanyeol (PCY): With Care (F) | The Wrong One (M) | Fair Play (M) | Elysian (F) |

Do Kyungsoo (D.O): Consider Me Yours (M) | 

Kim Jongin (Kai): Dimensions |

Oh Sehun: Try Me (M) | Love Me Again (A/F) | Welcome Back (M) | “Just Stop!” (A) |



Chapter 1.1/ /1.2/ /1.3/ /1.4/ /1.5/ /1.6/ /1.7/ /1.8/ 2.1/ /2.2/ /2.3/ /2.4/ /2.5/ /2.6/ /2.7/ /2.8/ /2.9/ /3.1/ /3.2/ /3.3/ /3.4/ /3.5/ /3.6/ /3.7/ /3.8/ /4.1/ /4.2/ /4.3/ /4.4/ /4.5/ /4.6/ /4.7/ /4.8/ /5.1/ /5.2/ /5.3/ /5.4/ /5.5/ /5.6/ /6.1/ /6.2/ /6.3/ /6.4/ /6.5/ /6.6/ 6.7/ /6.8/ /6.9/ /7.1/ /7.2/ /7.3/ /7.4/ /7.5/ /7.6/ /7.7/ /7.8/ /7.9/ /8.1/ /8.2/ /8.3/ /8.4/ /8.5/ /next/

Artist: Jaeliu

Translated by Yaoi-BLCD

*Any use of images must credit the original author. Not for use for any commercial reason without permission from the author.

Please // c.h

Originally posted by jessmairano

credit to the original owner on this gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

TW: Eating disorder.

Description: When Y/N is having a ahrd time, Calum will always be there for her.

You stared at the TV with an empty look as you sat in couch beside Ashton, who was munching away on a big slice of pizza. Calum was sitting between your legs, eating as much pizza as possible before it was all gone. It must have been the fourth time the boys had gotten pizza this week. Being on tour was apparently not the healthiest thing. Calum leaned against your knee, as you gently let your hands fumble with the curls on his head.

“You’re not gonna eat, Y/N?” Michael questioned and held the box towards you. You smirked while shaking your head no, your stomach twisting at the despicable question.

“I’m not hungry,” you mumbled and kept caressing Calum as the X Factor-judges taunted another contestant out of the room.

“You haven’t eaten for six hours?” Luke said with raised eyebrows, chewing on his pizza. Calum turned around to see your face, making your hand release itself from his hair.

“One slice,” you murmured and took the slice of pizza out of the box with a fake smile. Everyone turned to the TV again, as the next contestant sang magical. You took a bite of the greasy food and immediately regretted it as soon as your stomach turned around. The grease dripped down your finger, making you frown. You hadn’t eaten pizza in forever and it just seemed wrong to be doing it now. As soon as the whole slice was down your throat, you felt wrong. It seemed like you had gained ten pounds as you sat in the couch, watching the guys pressing in six slices of pizza each. You bit your nail, as Calum leaned back between your legs, before you flew up from the couch, making your boyfriend dunk his head.

“I have to go on the toilet,” you excused yourself, as you hurried to find the bathroom. You knew what you had to do, and you were actually just waiting for it to be over, so the guilt would stop. So you would finally feel better.

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Doctor Stranger // M.C

Originally posted by 5sos-place

credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Other Halloween imagines: Luke’s - Ashton’s - Calum’s

Description: Michael meets this amazing girl, who just happened to wear a matching costume.

“Point of the story; don’t buy stuff from creepy dudes,” Mali-Koa finished and took a slurp from her drink. You giggled slightly, feeling completely misplaced between the many costumes. You had tried your best to find a not-bad costume, but nurse still seemed wrong when everybody wore original, well-fitting costumes.

“I wasn’t thinking about buying stuff from creepy dudes before, but thank you for the warning,” you chuckled and put down your beer after taking a swig. Mali nodded as a guy dressed as Spiderman (not very creative, but very hot) tapped her shoulder, making her swing around with her half-empty glass almost falling out of her hand.

“What?” she questioned. Spiderman whispered something in her ear and she immediately turned to you with a sorry expression. “Gotta go, sweetie. I’ll be right back.”

Then she was gone. Your only friend at this party was walking away from you, leaving you alone in the messy kitchen. A guy bumped into you with a yell as you ignored him and walked out of the room. The living room was not better. You were hoping to run into Calum, but he wasn’t anywhere. Instead, an obnoxious couple were making out on the couch and you could hear people playing beer pong in another room. The smell of party filled every inch; alcohol, sweat, people… You leant up against the opened door when a girl dressed as a cute, little ladybug stood in front of you.

“Hi,” she said in an abnormally high voice. You smiled gently to let her know that she could just get the hell out of there. “You look bored.”

“Yeah…” you answered while staring at the beer in your hand.

“Why aren’t you with your boyfriend?” she questioned as your lips went thin. It was about the hundred time that someone had asked you about ‘your boyfriend’.

“I’m single,” you stiffened up as the girl’s mouth widen. ‘Your boyfriend’ were apparently dressed as a very hot doctor - that’s what the girl in the bathtub said. “There’s this guy who’s dressed as a doctor. It’s just a coincidence,”

The girl nodded. “Sad. You two would be adorable together!”

An uncontrollable giggle escaped her lips as she fumbled across the room and towards a guy wearing fake muscles. You stood straight and thought about it. You were bored, why not find this ‘boyfriend’ of yours?

“Hey, Ladybug!” you shouted and the ladybug turned around to face you. “Where’s my doctor?” She laughed and walked back to you.

“I saw him last time at the beer pong,” she answered with a smirk. Her words became longer and more teasing. “Is he your boyfriend?”

“I already told you,” you said whilst looking down at your small figure. “No, I don’t know the guy.”

You knew this house as your own back pocket. You had always been good friends with Mali - even though she was five years older than you were. Calum was nice - but sometimes he was a dick. But you were unfortunately invited to this party that the Hood siblings were holding, and there wasn’t a chance you could say no.

You took a sip of the sweet beer as you walked towards the sound of a ping-pong ball hopping up and down. The table was in the other living room, making you smile as you saw the brother to your friend. Calum didn’t notice you until you were standing right beside him, rooting for him.

“Jesus, Y/N, you’re here!” he yelled, holding a hand up to stop the game. People had gathered in the corners of the room. None of them was watching them play beer pong. Most of them were talking, some were making out in the corner.

He pulled you in for a hug and his bitter cologne hit your nose. You were actually surprised how much he had grown from the last time you saw him. His arms were way much muscular and filled with tattoos.

“How long has it been?” he asked as you pulled away. You didn’t remember it being that long, but seeing him again made it feel like it’s been ten years since you saw him the last time.

“Like… one year? One and a half, maybe?” you said with a smile planted on your face.

“I’m guessing two,” he added with a nod. “You look absolutely amazing.”

He looked you up and down while complimenting you. A chuckle escaped your lips as a tiny blush neared your cheeks. Why were you blushing? It was just a clean compliment.

“Cal, are you gonna flirt or gonna play?” Calum’s opponent yelled from the other side of the ping-pong table, making your cheeks redder. Calum got red too, but there was no way he didn’t notice your embarrassment.

“Flirt, Luke. What else?” he responded and Luke nodded while walking up to you. You quickly assumed that this was the Luke - the lead singer. He was broader than Calum and taller, and you felt small as the two guys were standing beside you. Calum was dressed as what seemed like a cowboy as Luke just choose the easy way and dressed as a lumberjack.

“Hi, I’m Luke,” the lead singer shook your hand and introduced himself with a deep voice. His eyes shined in the light as you looked at Calum.

“I’m Y/N…”

“Friend,” Calum explained to Luke as a feeling of surprise rushed over your body; you didn’t realise you were friends with Calum.

“I didn’t even know you had friends, Calum!” Luke exclaimed with huge eyes and you chuckled at Calum’s annoyed facial. Luke couldn’t help but giggle at his own little joke and you took a swig of your beer. The room was turning louder as you looked around to see more people crowd the fancy living room.

“Do you know any doctors?” you asked in a louder tone because of the guy crying extremely loud outside the door.

“What?” Calum questioned as Luke tilted your head.

“A doctor,” you repeated. “People have been commenting all night on my outfit because some guy is dressed as…”

“Michael,” Luke finished your sentence with a hurry.

“No, he’s dressed as a doctor,” you said confused. Luke chuckled and hit Calum to get his attention.

“Michael have been getting those comments all night too. He’s dressed as a doctor,” Luke said with eager. Calum raised his brows and nodded rapidly.

“Okay, where’s Michael? Is he the other guitarist-“

“Yes,” Luke interrupted again before continuing. “He’s probably throwing around some pillows.”

“He could be upstairs, getting it with that hot Superwoman,” Calum added and you made a grimace, hoping it wasn’t the case.

“Or he could be behind you, Y/N.” Luke pointed out as you twisted your whole body to meet with a pair of beautiful, grey eyes. Michael was dressed as a doctor - surprise, huh? However, not only was he a doctor, he was the hottest doctor you’ve ever seen. His eyes matched perfectly with the suit and his hair was styled in the messy style, you never thought could suit anyone.

“Mikey, this is Y/N! The other half of your costume!” Calum yelled and pointed towards you, making Michael stumble across the room and over to the three of you. Luke was leaning against the table and Calum was tilting his head as Michael introduced himself.

“So, nurse, um…” Michael said, trying to come up with a subject. “God, this is awkward as hell.”

You chuckled. “Yeah,” The silence took over you as you looked at the tall guitarist. Michael was just as handsome as Luke and Calum - maybe even more. You glimpsed at Calum who was looking incredibly tired of your shit.

“Fuck, Michael, I’m giving you a chance by not flirting with her. Take her for God’s sake!” Calum shouted as Luke pushed him out of the room by scolding him. The redness rose to your face as you glanced at your feet. Michael coughed, making you look up at him.

“So, should I try pick-up lines or just…?” He asked, not making the hotness in your cheeks better.

“Just be yourself, I guess,” you chuckled and took a sip of your beer. Michael smiled and exhaled deeply.

“Yeah, that’s-that’s a great idea, except, uhm…. how?” He said with furrowed eyebrows. He was holding a beer in his hand as he looked so lost and confused.

“You’re in a band. Tell me about that.”

“Yes! That’s a great idea!”

And so he told you about it. You both moved to an empty couch as you listened to Michael’s ramble about his journey. You only heard the stories Calum told when your parents and his were around, so Michael’s story became a bit more… explicit. He was stumbling over his words at first, but the more he got into the story, the better it became. Jokes were thrown at you while Michael was grinning while telling the story.

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((Picture and art is not mine!!! Im not sure whos it is, but it is wonderful and perfect! Not mine! Thank you! All credit goes to original author! I really hope the author doesn’t mind if I use it! This is exactly how it all happened!))

Nick grins with a sly smirk.

“Also, by the way,”

“Its called a proposal sweetheart!”

Nick says, chuckling, as he takes out a small box and hold it with two paws. He proceeds to get down on one knee.

He opens the ring box as he looks deep into Judy’s beautiful purple amethyst eyes.

“C-Carrots, you are more than I could ever ask for. You are more than the most beautiful and sweetest bunny. You are more of a tough, strong, wonderful animal than I could ever dream of being. The strongest, toughest, most wonderful bunny! You are my everything in life, and you always will be. Hopps, I want to spend the rest of my life with the bunny that saved my life, and changed it forever. I want to spend my life right by your side.”

Nick grins nervously.

“J-Judy Hopps, will you……… will you be my sly bunny, forever?”

Nick says as a tear falls down his cheek.

@lieutenant-judy-hopps @a-sly-bunny



Chapter 1.1/ /1.2/ /1.3/ /1.4/ /1.5/ /1.6/ /1.7/ /1.8/ 2.1/ /2.2/ /2.3/ /2.4/ /2.5/ /2.6/ /2.7/ /2.8/ /2.9/ /3.1/ /3.2/ /3.3/ /3.4/ /3.5/ /3.6/ /3.7/ /3.8/ /4.1/ /4.2/ /4.3/ /4.4/ /4.5/ /4.6/ /4.7/ /4.8/ /5.1/ /5.2/ /5.3/ /5.4/ /5.5/ /5.6/ /6.1/ /6.2/ /6.3/ /6.4/ /6.5/ /6.6/ 6.7/ /6.8/ /6.9/ /7.1/ /7.2/ /7.3/ /7.4/ /7.5/ /7.6/ /7.7/ /7.8/ /7.9/ /8.1/ /8.2/ /8.3/ /8.4/ /8.5/ /8.6a/ /8.6b/ /8.7a/ /8.7b/ /8.8/ /8.9/ /next/

Artist: Jaeliu

Translated by Yaoi-BLCD

*Any use of images must credit the original author. Not for use for any commercial reason without permission from the author.

Ok, I haven’t posted anything in a while, I even wasnt sure to start posting this, since I don’t know how much time it will take me to make more pages.

Anyway, Ive started to read a lot of ML fanfics and for the next months I will try to draw some of them in comic format (not the entire fics but some of the scenes that I fell in love with), of course, the credit goes to the original author of the fanfics for the inspiration. I may not be the best, but I want to do this as a thank you! to the authors, who share their time and their beautiful work with us.

I will start with the Fanfic everything won’t last but i’ll be by your side written by @tatemarkhams

Page 1/?

Also, to anyone who sees this post or reblogs it, Id apreciate some recomedations of ML fanfics, if its your own or anyone you know, put it in the coments and a link to it

Thank you!

I actually wasn’t going to talk about this issue, but then I realized that it is important that I should address it. 

A while back, I found one of my text posts reposted on Tumblr without being credited or quoted (they did credit me after I told her, and they were also very sweet about it as well so I’m not blaming them). Apparently, my post was reposted on Facebook without proper credit and thats where they found it. The fact that I was able to find this clearly states that  more of my text posts are probably still circulating around all over social media without proper credit, and I I know that I'll never be able to prevent that, but the reason why I want to address this issue is because what has been done is. 

plagiarism: an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author: 


to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own :  use (another’s production) without crediting the source:

It also states in the Tumblr community guidelines the following 

Misattribution or Non-Attribution. Make sure you always give proper attribution and include full links back to original sources. When you find something awesome on Tumblr, reblog it instead of reposting it. It’s less work and more fun, anyway. When reblogging something, DO NOT inject a link back to your blog just to steal attention from the original post.

This is actually something really serious in real life. In university, YOU WILL get kicked out if you do this. Even summarizing a persons words without giving proper credit will get you kicked out! You can also get sued, and your professional life could also get destroyed if you get caught plagiarizing!! It may not seem like a big deal, since this is coming from a random person behind a computer screen, but I really don’t want people developing a habit of doing this. ITS REALLY REALLY BAD. Not just because it makes me sad, but also because IT IS SOMETHING THAT WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON YOU, so please think twice before you repost someones post or quotes. I know it’s hard to link back and find the original source, and its so much easier to just assume that you won’t get caught, but please don’t do it. Sorry guys and thanks for reading! 


A new piece of FF logo style is here! Starting Part 4 cast~!

Programs used:
-Photoshop CS6 (Editing software for addtional texts, layers and effects)
-GIMP 2.8 (Creates gradient backgrounds)

I take request if anyone interested for phone wallpaper sizes. :) Off to make variants~

Note: I do not own this series. Credits to original authors “Hirohiko Araki” and other media. 

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Another FF logo style is here! Staring Part 5 cast~ and Giorno Giovanna! 

I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!
-Giorno Giovanna dream to become a leader of Passione Gangsta®

Programs used:
-Photoshop CS6 (Editing software for addtional texts, layers and effects)
-GIMP 2.8 (Creates gradient backgrounds)

I take request if anyone interested for phone wallpaper sizes. :) Off to make variants~
Note: I do not own this series. Credits to original authors “Hirohiko Araki” and other media. 

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Uchiha Itachi

I’ll make many parts with pictures of Itachi, stay tuned, all are great.

In the photos are their respective authors.

Part 1 

Uchiha Itachi

Haré varias partes con fotos de Itachi, estén atentos, todas son geniales.

En las fotos están sus respectivos autores.

Parte 1



Chapter 1.1/ /1.2/ /1.3/ /1.4/ /1.5/ /1.6/ /1.7/ /1.8/ 2.1/ /2.2/ /2.3/ /2.4/ /2.5/ /2.6/ /2.7/ /2.8/ /2.9/ /3.1/ /3.2/ /3.3/ /3.4/ /3.5/ /3.6/ /3.7/ /3.8/ /4.1/ /4.2/ /4.3/ /4.4/ /4.5/ /4.6/ /4.7/ /4.8/ /5.1/ /5.2/ /5.3/ /5.4/ /5.5/ /5.6/ /6.1/ /6.2/ /6.3/ /6.4/ /6.5/ /6.6/ 6.7/ /next/

Artist: Jaeliu

Translated by Yaoi-BLCD

*Any use of images must credit the original author. Not for use for any commercial reason without permission from the author.