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Shadowhunters Social Media: INSTAGRAM EDITION

Alec Lightwood - @ArcherAlec

“Head of NY Institute, Archer, Older Brother, Parabatai and Loving Boyfriend.”

Alec was never one for social media, but after losing a bet to Jace he was forced to put himself online.
Lets just say, Alec didn’t hate it as much as he thought he would.


Kat just posted this video of how the black hand was made

Credit: kitkatsmeow on Instagram

anonymous asked:

That post about the stolen art is scary! Do you know who else is affected? Credit is so important to artists and I would love to tell my artsy friends about it. Could you mention the name of the Facebook group or whose art was stolen? Or how I could access it? Thank you.

Thank you for this. I’ve been meaning to get the word on this issue, and I need all the help I can get.

The group is 


 And the matter here isn’t simply that the group members have been posting lots of art without crediting; it’s that they’ve vehemently refused to do so when requested. They kept going on and on about how it was not a requirement of the group to credit art even though @captain-is-king and I repeatedly pointed out that this wasn’t a matter of group rules but about the wishes of the artist(s). They insisted their sharing of art could only be a compliment to the artist and also that it was unrealistic to “force” someone to credit the source.

I found some of my art there too, and since they were so hostile (had actually told me they’d kick me out if I didn’t back off) so I reported those posts for copyright infringement, and when Facebook deleted those specific posts, the admin (because it was not just members arguing that crediting was unnecessary, but several admins as well) contacted me and told me that it wasn’t “okay” for me to report their posts just because I was “upset.”

So you see, these are people with complete disregard for someone else’s work. Hard work. And even though they’re clearly in violation of facebook’s guidelines, and, well, you know, basic intellectual property rights, they not only do not care, they think that it’s ridiculous for artists to want credit and “unrealistic” of them to expect even that.

They say, it can’t be forced. That they can’t be forced to credit artists. They’ll continue with their reposts, just like they have been before.

But you know what? I think they can be forced. I think they should be. If enough of us report their use of our artwork (Facebook doesn’t allow anyone else but the content creators to report copyright claims), and enough of their posts get deleted, I think they’ll most certainly find themselves forced to rethink their group rules about crediting the artist being decent human beings.

I have an incomplete list of some artists whose work I glimpsed there while looking for my. own. There are many, many more, but I no longer have access to that group because they kicked me out for reporting my art for copyright infringement. I’m tagging the ones I know at the bottom of this post. And if anyone reading this is in the group, it would be a great help if you could help out the artists whose work has been stolen. Or if you could all collectively ask the admins to understand the issue.

For those who aren’t in the group, and want to help, or if you think you art might be there, you’ll have to send in a request to be added as a member and you’ll be in once one of the admins have approved of your request. They’re a closed group and while their posts aren’t public, they do have a strong number of members, and occasionally even have a few authors in for Q and As, including our queen Marissa Meyer.

So, anyway, this post is getting long. Here, are the artists whose work I’ve seen posted without credits in the group:

@kat-adara, @taratjah, @shanlightyear @cliones, @mf-islands, @eerna