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Hey guys! Sorry for the abscence I’ve been kinda busy with you know…life haha jk what matter now is that not only I am back BUT ALSO THE FUCKING L WORD!!! I’M SO EXCITED BUT OBVSLY NO ONE CAN TELL….

It seems that last week the girls got reunited and talked about a hypotesis of a reboot! Hmm all I can say is that if it hapens: IT WILL BE AMAZING!

They talked about Dana’s death: and Jenny’s murder:

Those links above are for the whole enterview + special video <3

If you want to see the photos of the official meeting:

Let’s hope the reboot is true!

So I did my take on the Gwenvid family AU, although I just tried coloring them in today so it came out sorta shitty. Anyways, heres my OCs aka David and Gwens kids, Jenny and Dave

(as a ten year old)
-the rambunctious 10 year old who resembles her father, facial feature-wise and loves to wear stuff like scarves or any neck gear like her father, and loves nature and all alike. She also has other interests such as sneaking into her mother’s room and sneakily reads her mom’s “Butt Stuff” magazines. She’s also not afraid to curse and she’s great at the violin.

(as a counselor)
-Jenny, being 24 years old, grew up to be like her dad. Loving and understanding of children and camping, though she also has quite a short temper and Is not afraid to show her fury when needed.

(as a 10 yr old)
- Dave has gotten his love of wearing vests from his dad and his facial features from his mom. He is naive and also adventurous. He is the innocent one out of the two siblings and is quite sensitive, like David he easily gets hurt emotionally and physically. He spends his past time hanging out with Jasper’s ghost on Spooky Island.

(as a counselor)
-like his dad, he also always gets hit by the camp bus, being made fun of for his likes and the such. But these doesn’t stop him from following his father’s foot steps. He spends his past time hanging out with his sister and parents while still wearing his adorkable vest.


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jenny1995  asked:

I wanted to say thanks for showing such compassion and leadership to fans/bloggers with mental health issues when they reach out to you. I've always enjoyed your film/tv work. And I love the political activism on your blog. But even more so the support, awareness, and kindness you show for people who are struggling.

Thank you. I do my best to emulate the people who helped me learn to live with my illness and not be ashamed of it, so I have to give a lot of credit and gratitude to Jenny Lawson, Mike and Jerry at Penny Arcade, and Allie Brosh.