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Hello, Tink! I heard rumours that it claimed that on Mark's instagram he said that Misha was going to play a character called, "The Wanderer". I don't have an Instagram so I can't check, but I was wondering if this was true? It probably wasn't, but just in case...

Dude, yeah, ok, I have feelings about this.

It’s just an IMDB credit, which anyone can do, so it is no way official. However, it fits completely with our theories about AU Cas and how it would be another addition to the millions of expositions of Destiel and also Cas’s humanity arc.

Of COURSE Cas would be called “The Wanderer” in that AU. Just because Sam and Dean aren’t born doesn’t mean he isn’t still a rebel, still the Angel with a chink in his chassis, never quite right, always having to be reprogrammed…

So yeah “The Wanderer” is exactly what I would expect to see in this world where he would have given up on the Angels, rebelled and be wandering the world trying to help where he can but also living in disillusionment…

And what a parallel with another extremely famous wanderer …

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Strider/Wanderer… this is immediately what sprung to my mind. Not just the name, but the concept, the character, the behaviour, the life story and the love story. 

We already had a very clear link to the Aragorn/Arwen story with the mixtape, the “it’s a gift, you keep those” and of course many of us have always paralleled their story with Dean and Cas, given the whole immortal / mortal love story and many of their characteristics.

I’m going to bastardise some of the wonderful @margarittet‘s post here for reference:


source: @mulpix 

Cas giving up his life to end it with Dean:

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And now Dean giving a meaningful, romantic gift to Cas and choosing not to take it back:

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“ … you keep those”

Generally, due to the immortal/mortal parallel Dean is Aragorn and Arwen is Cas, but here obviously the link is reversed for narrative purposes, but the link is still nonetheless there.

So yeah, the wanderer, another link to this story, which in itself is a standard romantic trope too, the immortal who falls in love with a mortal and chooses to live a mortal life with them, while the mortal begs them not to do it just for them because they don’t deserve it, but the immortal not only loves the human, but humanity too, so it fits their story in more than just the love aspect…

*Tink looks directly into the camera*

Oh, also, “strider” is a Led Zeppelin song

“Well, if the sun shines so bright… Ah can your love be so strong, when so many loves go wrong, will our love go on and on and on and on and on and on… Ain’t no companion like a blue eyed merle… So, of one thing I am sure, it’s a friendship so pure, Angels singing all around my door so fine.”


The Good Fight 1.07 Preview: Aaron Tveit Sections Only (x)

“What is this, Ms. Lockhart?”

All three seconds Aaron is onscreen in the preview for the upcoming episode of The Good Fight. We’ve yet to find out if he’s Spencer Zschau in this, but he’s already saying the same sort of lines…

Does anyone else think it’s weird that it’s been confirmed by a lot of the cast (& supposedly through Snapchat stories) that Drew Van Acker will return in 7b, but he hasn’t been credited or on the IMDb cast list for this season? The producers let us know what episodes characters like Wren, Melissa, Officer Barry, & even Lucas, will return. So why wouldn’t they want to tell us what episode(s) Jason appears in?

I mean…?

Wonder Woman is the Hero We Need

When I was still applying to PhD programs, I wanted to study the fall of the classical hero. I wanted to trace where in our history we had stopped telling stories about heroes who were through and through good people, with few flaws and a solid moral compass. These old heroes are not believable, sure. They don’t have the flaws of humanity, they don’t suffer from loneliness or jealousy or PTSD. But that’s the point. They were never meant to reflect humans, they were meant to embody ideals, they were meant to be something for humans to aspire to. And they had all but disappeared in the landscape of our current fiction. 

Or so I thought. 

I’m glad I decided not to pursue this line of research, because Diana is that hero. She’s good, pure and simple. (She’s also pure and somewhat simple.) Her biggest struggle is against her mother, who Diana sees as not fulfilling her duty. She does what is right because she knows it is right, and even in her anger she is righteous. Wonder Woman is the classic hero, and I was delighted to see her back on screen. 

Is her story perfect? No, of course not. There are deep plot holes (you’re telling me no one accidentally stumbled on this island before World War I???) but the message of Wonder Woman is clear. The humans around her struggle: With their ambition, with their memories, with their morality. Even when they try to be good people and do the right thing, sometimes they don’t pull the trigger (and sometimes this happens quite literally). But Diana, even in her naiveté (perhaps especially in her naiveté), is good, and does the right thing. Not for ambition, not for glory, not for money, not even really for love (though perhaps some sort of love does inspire her toward the end). Diana does the right thing because it is right, and that’s a message we can still look to for inspiration. 

Can I relate to Diana? No, not really. 

Am I supposed to relate to Diana? No, not really. 

Because humans were never meant to be gods (or demi-gods, as it were), but we can still look to them for ideals and morality personified. That’s who Diana is supposed to be for us. She’s not Jessica Jones, she’s not Batman. She’s not a human being struggling past their own trauma toward a greater good. She is the greater good. 

And that’s worth watching. 

(Photo Credits: IMDB.)

Did you know that James Cameron was in the drawing scene in Titanic? Those are his hands doing the actual drawing. Yes, the tasteful PG-13 nude was by Mr. Avatar himself.

Mel Gibson also got his hands metaphorically dirty with an appearance in The Passion Of The Christ, when he decided that he should be the one driving the nails into Jesus’ crucified palms. His line for the scene, “Hands up, Jesus!” was left on the cutting room floor.

Ridley Scott is another director who sneakily got his frisky digits an IMDb credit, in this case in a scene in Alien. It was Scott’s hands creating the fluttery movement in the alien egg, right before John Hurt gets his face impregnated. And once you know that the effect was simply Sir Ridley making bird-shaped shadow puppets in a pair of dishwashing gloves, you’ll never unsee it.

6 Secret Cameos By Famous Actors In Your Favorite Movies

Riverdale Characters and their Comic Book Counterparts

Two words. Great + casting. Am I right?

Archie Andrews (Played by  K.J. Apa)

Betty Cooper (Played by  Lili Reinhart)

Veronica Lodge (Played by Camila Mendes)

Jughead Jones (Played by Cole Sprouse)

Cheryl Blossom (Played by Madelaine Petsch)

Josie McCoy (Played by Ashleigh Murray)

Photo credits: Archie Comics, IMDB

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i just re watched beyond the mat and i think its very sweet that dean had just lost cas in the previous episode, and gets nervously flirty(?) around lawless - and then a season on got awkward and flirty around a waitress. just wanted to appreciate deans bi vibes with this ask but now im wondering if the writers are being constant w dean using coping mechanisms to avoid his worry about cas! :0


Ahh, Beyond the mat, another fantastic Dabb episode :)

I mean, Dean’s coping mechanisms have been the same pretty much for the whole series which I really enjoy, it means it’s easier to pick up on the subtle evolution over time…

For me there are three main coping mechanisms for Dean: hunting, sex and food

In season 3 when he knows he is dying he goes straight to find the bendiest one night stand of his life, he eats cheeseburgers like there’s no tomorrow (because there isn’t) for example and hunts, hunts, hunts. These continue throughout the seasons but there is a steady, interesting change over time.

During the pestilence episode it’s hammered home to us what his coping mechanisms are in the fact that he doesn’t succumb because he is a whole heap of ‘nothing’ inside and suicidal… the metaphor is showing us that actually what he is desperate for is not to have these coping mechanisms.

We also know that Dean is a bit of a neat freak in his own space from s8 and glimpses into how he folds his clothes in the back of Baby in 12x04 etc. We also know that he is in fact an excellent cook, enjoys ‘nesting’ in the bunker, thinks Jeoffrey is a dick…

These are fantastic metaphors, even more so now in ‘season fanfic 12′, thanks to Dabb encouraging the use of past subtext on to another level, Chuck bless him. He’s used food, sex, hunting, cleanliness and so much more to show the nuances in Dean this season *whispers I love you Dabb*!

I’ll go into the sex part now as that’s what you prompted me about :)

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It’s really interesting to see how he interacts with his one night stands throughout the seasons and I think there is a really clear reading that is become more and more obvious, culminating with 12x18 with what it is showing the audience about Dean and his emotional side.

Now I’m going to delve into these one night stands a little deeper and it shows a clear arc for Dean…

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Okay so time for the most important thing after a SPN episode..


Ohhh boy this was a big one, literally. Woooo.  So stuff happened and things blowed up (including legs) people died others cried and I was drunk.  

Now first thing I have to get off my chest is that OMFG these assholes created one of the most epic of plot possibilities for season 13 and I am about 87% sure they won’t grab it by the dick and use it.  

A Got Damned Space Vagina that goes to AT LEAST one alternate reality.  A reality that has Mad Max Bobby with a machine gun named Rufus and now (another?) Lucifer and a new Mary?  I know they can’t just…leave that plot thread hanging, but the POSSIBILITIES. 

 Just think of Mad Max Castiel, soldier of the lord in a world-shattering battle against hell.  No Sam, no Dean.  Is he even alive? Is he still a broken chassis who has a soft spot for humanity?  Will alternate Bobby show up to help Mary? Will Gabriel show up? Again THE STORIES.

Okay and that’s not even touching on the whole Nephilim finally being here and THANKFULLY fully grown (IMDB credit is Alexander Calvert from Arrow, who I swear was perfectly cast visually).

So the lad is born (lets not go into the specifics of how THAT happened) and he runs to a dark corner of the house.  How much does he know? And what the flying fishsticks is with that creepy ass smirk he gives Sam? 

I really hope that was a “I know I can beat you so don’t try shit” look and not a “I’m here and Im ready to fuck this shit up, you die first” look.

Now what about the most important person?  Our trenchcoat of the lord went out with barely a whimper. He didn’t get to take out Luci, he didn’t get his “win” for him and Dean, going back through the space vagina was actually a fuck up it seems.  But Cas is the energizer bunny of throwing your head against a door to open it.  

TBH his actions, to waltz into the damn mad max world and try to stab Luci with what was apparently a normal angel blade (?), seemed utterly brainless to me on the surface.  Did Cas pull a fast one somehow?  Was he trying to be a distraction?  Either way, got him killed in the face.  

Destiel?  Lots of Dean screaming for Cas of course cause his baby just won’t sit the fuck down and not get stabbed for 10 minutes.  But then that final shot, Dean falls and stares upward like “Well Chuck? Do your thing. MAKE HIM MOVE AGAIN.”  Chucks gone, and he might be thinking about Billie, no more coming back for the Winchesters.  

I don’t think this has to do with these “cosmic consequences” so much, except maybe Cas ends up somewhere he “can’t come back from”, although that was the deal from the very beginning of 11?  

I’m gonna pull the grenade launcher (bi canon) out from ep 22 because we wild and crazy people who analyze things to death saw it as a Destiel/ bi!Dean parallel.  Well he finally got to use it (and it was beautiful), so what does that mean?  I want more bi!Dean in s13, I want Dean to (for as long as Cas isn’t around cause the fuckers coming back don’t even start) let go of all that crap he pushes deep down inside, to just finally let himself not perform for anyone.  

Now tying the grenade launcher to Cas?  I will just make the small note here that when Dean used said launcher he nearly blew his damn leg in half and there were a few moments when Sam was positive Dean was severely injured or worse.  A downfall and a fake out?  Just a bit of my mind wandering.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed it.  I have about a  million other thoughts about it but thats all for now.

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went to the movies yesterday and bad blood is played throughout the whole trailer for the new lego movie!

oh thats awesome, i think i saw the credits for that on taylors imdb page. Fun how the song is being used and it is 3 years old! 

Pardon me while I get this off my chest...

Now that an actress has been chosen as The Doctor, there’s a whole lot of childish whining about how loads of people’s childhoods have been “stolen” or “ruined” by the choice to play a functionally immortal shapeshifting time traveller. The word ‘realistic’ has been bandied about a lot for some reason.

I’m going to make a prediction.

For the entirety of Ms Whittaker’s run as The Doctor, the anti-SJW, MRA, Status Quo babies will be like “I hate her I hate her I hate her the next doctor has to be a MAN or else we’re going to do massacres because it just makes sense,” [and other threats, let’s be real, they’re really throwing a tantrum after one minute of seeing her face. Imagine how an entire episode is going to make them spew glass] and so on.

The BBC will be like: “Okay.”

[Credit: IMDB]

And the ASJW/MRA/SQ set will cry, “No, not like that!” and spew radioactive glass.

…and I will get death threats just because this post.

Just remember: I fucking called it.