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I am God`s masterpiece. =)

Girls, you should always start your day by saying.. “Im amazing!”, “Im beautiful”, “Im original” and declare that you are God`s masterpiece. It is your way to let your self be confident to face different people in your everyday life. It is a good way to start your day. It will help you to focus on the things that you have to do in that day. Some of us, choose to be humble. In a way that they will put theirselves down. Yes, it is acceptable to be humble. But to put yourself down? It`s a big No..No..No. When your putting yourself down, mostly you are saying that, “No, Im not. Im not pretty”, “She is better than me”, or “I am not talented as you are.” Being like this, makes our Lord, sad and in pain. Don`t you know that He created you the way He wanted? Don`t you know that He loves you so much and He doesn`t want to hear from you that you hated yourself. Girls… instead of putting yourself down. Why not be humble in a way that others won`t misinterpret it? Be bold. Just focus on being yourself. Say thank you if someone finds you pretty. Stop comparing yourself to others. Learn to love yourself so that other people will also learn to love you the way you wanted.