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Earlier this evening I posted a Youtube video link that I wasn‘t aware was a repost of someone else’s work, so it was improperly credited by me. I deleted the original message and am happy to give proper credit to KatrinDepp who uploaded this back in 2014. It’s a delightful retrospective of Series 8 and Twelve and Clara’s relationship. My thanks to @randomthunk for the heads up on the previous version of this post.

sigipoohships  asked:

Hey I follow you and I always loved the way you gif things and I re post them on the BTS Amino and Jikook Amino but I put your name right under them for credit. And when it is a big post with more I link it to your tumblr. I feel people that take work without giving credit are just rude and is it so hard to give credit? Like write the artist name at the end or link it to the original artist is not that hard.. keep being you honey if I see something if your with no credit I'll tell you.xxxxx

thank you thank you for being a wholesome and kind person 🙏. Yes, it only takes a few simple steps to credit. and yeeee pls tell me! Thank u sm! ♡

new policy: no metas with unattributed gifs will be reblogged. people work really hard to make them, and you should provide links to give credit where credit is due. this is currently a rampant problem and i think people just don’t know they’re supposed to do it. 

thanks xo

anonymous asked:

If anyone were to use a cypher pt. 3 icon, would you want them to credit the icon (ya know, saying that you made it). Ps. I love your art 💕💕

my general rule is I’d like credit! But at a minimum you just have to be able to link to my blog (or better yet, the post you got it from!!!) if someone asks.


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.