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Plants that aid with sleep and breathing problems.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night, this helps you combat insomnia and improves your overall sleep quality. It is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need much watering or direct sunlight . It also reproduces easily.


Lavender is a plant well known for inducing sleep and to reduce anxiety, the aroma given off by the lavender slows down your heart rate and reduces anxiety levels. Keep the plant in sunlight and water often.


The smell of jasmine has been shown to improve the quality of sleep and increase alertness and productivity. studies have shown that I reduces anxiety levels, leading to a great quality of sleep. Jasmine needs a good amount of sunlight as well as a little shade, the soil also needs to be damp at all times.

English Ivy

It may be beneficial  for those who sufferer from a respiratory problems such as asthma, studies show that English ivy can reduce air moulds to 94% in 12 hours. Keep in a well lit area and keep the soil damp at all times.

Snake plant  

Snake plants emit oxygen during the night, whilst taking in the carbon dioxide from the air inside your home. It also filters out any nasty house hold toxins from the air. This plant doesn’t need much attention as it only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks and can be placed in any form of light sunlight.

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Fun facts with Quinn! (This is so I don’t have to repeat myself on a regular basis) Everybody should have learnt this in secondary school/ high-school. As we all know all plants take in the the air we breath, removing the CO2 and releasing Oxygen. DURING THE NIGHT PLANTS STOP THIS PROCESS they only take in the air we breathe, this happens because they don’t have the necessary energy to complete photosynthesis. As you can see in the above post I have listed a few plants that can produce oxygen during the night. Please if you don’t believe me go and look for yourself it takes two seconds to look it up on the internet. Also there are no links for this information because I am no longer in college I do not see the need to write a bibliography for a tumblr post if you really care that much about where the information is sourced go and look for it yourself. Sorry for the shittyness but it is starting to grind my gears. With all my love tumblr ~Quinn!

Rest in Peace Peepers🦄🦄🦄

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So I was looking a Hobi video, and I literally thought there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi with this blonde hair.

But then I remembered the pink haired from the Gayos

And the unforgettable orange ♥

And the light brown:

And the dark brown from HYYH era tho

And underrated red haired Hoseok:

And the black hair:

In conclusion there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi, no matter what hair color he has, he is going to shine bright.

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nct as text posts [3/?]

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30 Reasons to love JHOPE

1-his dance skills

2-his rap skills

3-and singing skills 

4-ALSO composition skills

5-literaly the sun

6-but also an flower 


8-aegyo master (killing it)


10- cute hope

11-sleepy hope

12-triangle shaped lips

13-Extra with maknae line

14- extra with hyung line

15-extra by himself

16-scary of snakes 

17-and bana boat

18 and spiders


20-girlgroup dance machine

21-screams in every situation

22-caring hyung

23-caring dongsaeng

24-meme hope

25-he just loves his family

26-always helping the members with choreography

(helping jin to remember fire choreography)

27-hard working

28-when he gets emotional and it just breaks my heart

29- he just love armys so much

30-he just need to be more apreciated 


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Imagine finding a really embarrassing photo of yourself as Jeff’s lock screen and he refuses to change it when you ask.

I gotta give credit where it’s due and thank @tapes-at-monets for creating ‘Dating Jeff Atkins’ headcanons which spawned this idea :)

I Do Not Own The GIF. All Credit Goes to Owner Wherever He/She Is.


Monet’s was everyone’s go-to cafe whether it be in the mornings before school, afternoons after school, or someplace to grab a quick bite to eat for dinner. So, of course, this is where Clay finds you and your boyfriend Jeff grabbing a bite to eat.

“Hey, guys, I’m really sorry to interrupt, but I need a favor.”

Jeff immediately glances up, on edge, and you smile sheepishly at Clay since he had walked up right when you had taken an enormous bite of your sandwich. “What happened? What’s wrong?” Jeff asks and you roll your eyes in good humor at the protectiveness your boyfriend feels over the Jensen boy. 

“Uh, nothing..?” Clay frowns. “I just- my phone died. I was looking for Tony, but I can’t find him anywhere. Can I use one of your phones?”

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NCT as college students - Instagram feed edits


  • 3rd year Business major
  • Does music to support his college life
  • Lowkey a well-known indie singer around campus
  • Sometimes sings with Johnny in the cafe when Johnny’s working
  • Trains Donghyuck on his vocal but 25/8 end up frustrated over his antics even though his voice is amazing
  • The kiddos come to him for advices
  • And probably ask him to buy them food


  • 3rd year International Relations major
  • DJ-ing at parties and events occasionally
  • Part time piano player at a cafe downtown twice every week
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Roommate with Jaehyun
  • Best friends with Ten
  • Ten knows his Instagram password
  • R.I.P his feed sometimes


  • 3rd year Communication major
  • Dances, writes lyrics & composes music
  • Soft and fluffy and a cutie inside
  • People follows his Instagram for his visual
  • And his unexpectedly awesome photography skill
  • Dance club squad with Ten and Sicheng
  • Best friends with Doyoung
  • Nags him a lot
  • Doyoung whines back too
  • I don’t know let them do their thing


  • 3rd year Environmental Sciences major
  • Football club team captain
  • Mountain guy™
  • Sicheng is his other half ever since they were paired for a basic science lab project
  • Always buys things for Sicheng even though he already knew it’s a trap
  • Likes to flirt around
  • Has his own fangirl group who never misses his football matches


  • 2nd year Economics major
  • Part of the college baseball team with his famous older brother
  • Radio DJ-ing with Jaehyun every Friday
  • Owns a special segment where he sings
  • Claimed himself a homebody but has 226625363736373 works and side activities beside classes
  • Best friends with Taeyong
  • Doesn’t even know why


  • 2nd year English Literature major
  • That $$$$ kid everyone has at their college
  • Dance club squad with Taeyong and Sicheng
  • Joined at the hip to Johnny
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Lowkey does modeling
  • 1 day 6616152526 selfies
  • Everyone knows him too
  • The famous very cute looking transfer guy


  • 2nd year Art History major
  • Basketball team representative
  • Music is 50% of his life
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Roommate with Johnny
  • College’s radio station DJ
  • A lot of girls confesses their love to him through the radio bulletin no this is not N-nana
  • Everyone knows who he is


  • 2nd year Biological Sciences major
  • Dance club squad with Ten and Taeyong
  • No one knows how could he dance like that he has no bones
  • Obsessed with ice cream and sweets
  • Has to deal with Yuta on a daily basis
  • His games come first
  • Breaking noona’s hearts since day 1 by his cuteness
  • Looks fluffy and innocent but always manages to manipulate Taeyong/Yuta/Taeil to buy him things


  • 1st year English Literature major
  • Writes lyrics and composes music
  • Has 2726353727 clubs and 7363638373 activities with barely enough time to breathe
  • Roommates with Donghyuck
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Likes to hang out with older people
  • Everyone adores him
  • Practically everywhere no one knows why this freshman is so good looking and talented and has everything
  • Famous af


  • 1st year Liberal Studies major
  • The cute maknae
  • Questions everything
  • Roommates with Mark
  • At least one prank a day for Mark
  • Follows Mark around to wreck people
  • Actually quite mature for his age but just naturally mischievous
  • Practices vocal with Taeil and Doyoung
  • Everyone is highkey annoyed lowkey loves him very much

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Title: Realization

Character: John Wick

Movie: John Wick

Warnings: None, pure fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

John’s gait was wobbly at best. His body was sore, aching with the need to just find somewhere safe to rest.

That somewhere was at the top of the paved driveway that he came to a stop at.

He sighed, holding the oozing stab wound at his side. It was going to be a struggle, but the one person in that house was well worth the climb.

He shuffled his feet, panting, hoping that his vision would even out. His body had broken out in a cold sweat once he reached the back door.

Quietly, he let himself in, thankful that the door didn’t squeak. She must have had the hinges fixed like he suggested.

John could hear a movie playing in the living room. Given the screams and the chainsaw roaring, she was watching one of her classic horror movies.

Making his way to the living room, he found her sitting on the couch, a bowl of ice cream in her hand.

“Y/N,” he called out.

“Christ on a cracker!” she yelped, the bowl of ice cream falling to the floor as she jumped up.

If he weren’t in so much pain, he’d would have found her reaction hilarious.

As she panted from her scare, she calmed down when she saw that he was clutching his side.

He could feel his feet start to slide out from under him.

“John!” Y/N cried out.

Right as his vision blurred before blacking out, he felt her catch him as he went down to the ground.
“He’ll be fine, child. Just make sure…” the deep male voice trailed off and the door shut with a soft click.

John kept his eyes closed, taking stock of his body before attempting to get up. A tight pull in his abdomen indicated that he was freshly stitched.

Though he still ached, it wasn’t nearly as bad. There was an empty bag of blood and two bags of fluids in the small waste basket next to the bed.

Checking his hand, he found that the IV needle was still in his vein, but that the most recent bag of fluids wasn’t connected.

Carefully, he removed the needle and took a piece of gauze to wipe up the bead of blood. He rose from the bed and slowly walked out of Y/N’s room.

He found her in the bathroom down the hall, washing her blood caked hands.

John remained in the shadows of the dimly lit hall, watching her. She was focused, the same look she wore whenever she was caring for his wounds.

Her brow was pinched, dark circles under her eyes and a frown of concentration on her naturally happy face.

She never once complained about taking care of him, and for that he was grateful. There were many questions though and he was hesitant to answer at first, but Y/N had proven to be tough and she was most definitely not afraid to tell him the truth.

John appreciated her, more so since Helen had passed away two years earlier.

After losing his wife, he felt lost; not knowing what to do, where to go or even if he wanted to continue living.

Y/N helped him through his darkest hour and now seeing her like this, realizing how much she meant to him, he knew right then that she was his world.


She jumped again, then glared at him, “I swear to God, John! I’m puttin’ a damn bell around your neck!”

He smiled gently, resting in the doorway.

Y/N turned back to the sink and rinsed the soap from her hands, “You shouldn’t be out of bed,”

“I’m fine,”

She snorted, drying her hands and throwing the towel in the dirty clothes.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but you could have died, John!”

“I’m fine,” he repeated.

Y/N threw her hands up in the air, her arms slapping her thighs as she dragged her hands to her hips.

“Goddamnit! Don’t you get it!?”

He watched the emotions play over her features; fear, anger, hurt, relief and dare he say… love?

“John, you lost a lot of blood!” she exclaimed, moving around him into the hallway.

“I don’t want to gave to bury my only frie-”

John gripped her arm, spinning her around and pinning her to the wall.

She gasped, in shock of the sudden movement.

“John, what-”

He cut her off, kissing her with everything he had. The kiss was rough, demanding that she be quiet and listen. When she softly moaned, her hands on his hips, John toned down the intensity.

His lips moved slowly over hers, taking his time. As their tongues gently touched, they both moaned, pulling each other closer.

It was only when her hand accidentally touched the tender wound, did he jerk his lips away from hers, hissing.

“I’m sorry!” she panted.

“I’m fine,” he replied.

“What was that for?” she asked, quietly.

He debated on whether or not to tell her and quite frankly, he was afraid of her rejection.

“John?” she whispered his name, her warm palm cupping his cheek as her thumb ran across his bottom lip.

He sighed, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin.

Y/N was here, alive and well; talking to him, touching him. If there was one thing that Helen had taught him; it was to live in the now because you never knew when your time was up.

“I love you,” he declared with a deep conviction.

She gaped at him, her eyes wide at his declaration.

“Wha- John, I-”

“I know, Y/N, I know,”

“You’re serious?”

John grinned at the bewildered look on her face, “I am,”

He let her have a moment to digest his confession. Her eyes studied him and he held her gaze, letting everything he felt for her shine through.

She sighed softly and leaned forward to gently kiss him. She rested her forehead against his, “I love you too, John.”


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I think people underestimate just how small Kyungsoo actually is compared to all the other guys he hangs out with. Like I can't stop thinking of the time he just plopped onto Yeol's lap or the time Yeol swooped him up during an encore stage. He's literally like a sack of feathers for all these tall guys.


Yeah, I think we should certainly not forget THIS.

I cannot help myself not mentioning Ksoo’s hyungs

I could have also included older photos but I decided to stay in present. ^^

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nct as text posts [5/?]

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