Okay, hold up. 

It has recently come to my attention, (and idk if this has been mentioned before,) that in this picture: 

Baby Makoto and Baby Haru are wearing the same clothes as in this picture: 

Exact same clothes. Makoto’s got the same t-shirt and everything. 

Now, I’m really not one who usually pays attention to this sort of thing, but holy shit somebody please confirm to me that these two adorable lil children went to the pool to swim majestically with each other, and then CAME BACK HOME to immediately start making a shit ton of food. Like, a shit ton. Look at all that food. 

Who you feedin, boys. A fuckin army?

Or WHO KNOWS, maybe Makoto just stayed the night over at Haru’s after the pool scene. Maybe this is their breakfast, after a night of Makoto holding the sleeve of Haru’s shirt like he did when they were little, maybe cuddling up like a couple of snug lil bugs in a rug. 

Idk, man. Maybe. 

10 Reasons Why I Ship #RinHaru

(aka Why I believe they are soulmates)

1. Haru had flashbacks on what Rin said to him in the past 

“If you swim with me, I’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before!“ (Episode 1)

Even though Nagisa and Makoto did acknowledge Rin in episode 1, Haru had the deepest connection with Rin/Rin’s words. This shows that Haru still remembers Rin’s words by heart from middle school till high school

(aka waiting for his Rin to come back?)

2. Haru immediately recognizes Rin when he appears in the abandoned building

….And to top that, Nagisa and Makoto didn’t know it was Rin until Rin did his signature “cap pulling” gesture.

And of course, Haru was shocked to see him.

This shows that Haru still feels connected to him after all this time not seeing him. I mean come on, it ur boyfriend

(aka maybe he was happy that his wish came true?? “OMFG MY BABY RIN IS BACK! HELL YA!! I CAN’T DO THIS SHOW WITHOUT YOU!!” something like that

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