credit: papitus

10 August 2014 “A Very Good Day” fan meeting in Seoul

Share some of the moments for the fan meeting with you all, since we cannot post photos, I guess it is fine to share them in words… this is going to be a bit long… thx first for the patience to read

My Korean is only very elementary, what i wrote about what JK oppa said is based on KJK HK Fans Base facebook and weibo HeeYeon’s translation. thanks for them for letting me understand what oppa said

Shorry J was the MC for the event, and he did the rap for the Turbo songs

The event opens with 2 songs: December & Today more than yesterday

then it’s the Q&A session:
when being asked he preferred Kwangsoo or Haha more, he said he’s very close with Haha since Xman days. But now Haha gets married his focus is on family and they don’t see each other that much now (kidding). Kwangsoo is good. (Shorry J asked so he likes Kwangsoo more) he said it’s very difficult question, he likes both XDD

Asked if he prefers to go abroad or stay in Korea if given the chance. He said he will stay in Korea.

and one key point, he said he’s issuing his new album this year! 

then it’s a part called Greenlight where he answered fans letter about their love questions. the first two letters are from Korean fans. And the third one:

Hi everyone, I am a guy, in my late 30s, single.
I have a good career, people beside me said my appearance is not bad
I am reaching the age for marriage but I am still single.
however, there’s always someone who is beside me all the time, love me for a long long time already.
Although we cannot meet each other very often, this person always congratulates me for any good things happen on me, care for me, comfort me and give me warmth
sometimes we meet, she would greet me with the happiest face in the world.
I am like every other Korean man, very busy with daily life, and cannot see her all the time. But she’s always there beside me, and I am grateful for that. 
and now, I want to confess to this person.
Dear Papitus, thank you to all of you. I am a singer who’s not good at expressing myself. Will you accept me? 파피투스여러분 사랑해요

and he sing “Letter” 

everyone was so touched. Some fans cried… I didn’t know the content of the letter but I am crying after I see the translation…TT

then he sang “How come you don’t know” and “Tears Marks”

after some little games to make fans wish come true, and taking a photo with all the kids who attended the event, he continues to sing:

Turbo session (may not be in correct sequence coz I don’t really remember… too excited)
- Black cat
- Love is
- Goodbye Yesterday
- White Love
- Twist King 
- Give me
- Loveable

At the end he’s at the exit, saying goodbye to everyone, shake hands and hugs… 

it was just perfect. He’s perfect, the singing is perfect, the atmosphere is perfect :) wish to see him soon. OCTOBER!!!!!

10 August 2014 Papitus Kim Jong Kook fan meeting - it was simply DAEBAK!!!! oppa sang so many songs, looks awesomeeeeee!! and at the end he farewell every one at the exit, shaking hands and hugging. so warm so handsome. I don’t know how to put my feelings into words. it’s just perfect and we were so touched by the songs ^^ he sang and danced perfectly. we all had a great time and hope oppa has enjoyed the time with us too :)