credit: myss


Sometimes They Come Back
I have not loaded this lot since 2010, or may be more! My first big project! I’m very surprised because all recolors (exept one photo, which i recreated) and meshes from it still in my game!
It is a nightclub, which call - Labyrinth. I’ve builded it from photos of real place with some changes.

The way my body articulates itself when it’s in your arms. The way my skin breaks out into poetry and my pulse into song. The way your hands are fluent in my scars and seemed to automatically know all the places that needed mending. The way my soul blossoms through my skin to be caressed by you. The way I can lie this bare before you and completely trust you not to break me. This must be some sort of spell you have me under, some strange magic. Whatever it is I never want to wake up from it.
—  Myss