credit: mika

This here is one of my older drawings and shows Mikaela, the Hyakuya orphan. 

It was a birthday present for a dearly beloved role-player of the character. it also served as an experiment to get closer to my desired colouring style and I have to say, it’s not that bad for one of my first tries at this particular way of shading.

The bouquet of lilies was probably the hardest thing to draw since I have never tried to outline flowers as detailed as that, or shaded them for that matter.

This picture here is my third keychain design for my future series. It depicts the lovely Mikaela Hyakuya in his second uniform, sword drawn and fueled by his blood, His eyes are no longer the vibrant blue, for he already had a taste of human blood in this version, causing them to take on a rich, glowing red.

For everyone who favours his half breed form, I am planning on creating multiple versions for some of the characters. Drawing blue-eyed Mika is a must after all.