They are completely separate matters.

I, in fact, appreciate ADC even more for being a grateful and gracious person. 

ADC thanking Jroth and the writers for creating the role and giving her the opportunity is completely right thing to do. She thanked him for giving her the job, she didn’t thank him for being disrespectful to LGBT community. They did undisputedly give her the job which turns out to be her huge career break through. Credit should be given where credit is due. This does not at all means that Jroth and the writers are absolved from their atrocious mistakes. PLEASE STOP CONFUSING THE TWO IDEAS.


Bernie Sanders’ Side Eye is the star tonight!

Made with Vine

Ok, so you wanna know who truly has helped shape my views on so many things, including LGBT+ issues and the struggles of black people? It’s Leo. You all may know him as Leo the Giant from Vine. I’ve known him way before Vine, and this man… this wonderful man… helped bring attention to so many of the struggles and injustices that still exist in this day and age. I may not have been so wary of world issues so early on in my life if it wasn’t for him. He really helped to open my eyes, and for that, I will always be grateful. I just wanted to make sure you all knew to give credit where credit was due. It’s Leo who first showed me how much we have yet to accomplish. I am blessed to have Leo in my life. I love Leo. ❤️


The 2016 Streamy Awards are coming up and fan nominations begin July 11th and end July 18th.

Let’s nominate Elise Bauman for Best Actress. Since Carmilla has aired Elise has never been nominated for any awards, although recognition and praise aren't why Elise became an actor. Her passion for her craft is what fuels her aspirations and that passion along with her talent is what drives her performance. Her portrayal of Laura Hollis, is admirable. She embraces her characters emotions, flaws, and strengths and brings them to life. Yeah, Elise has had to memorize the most lines out of everyone, but even if that weren’t true she still deserves this award. Her hard work, dedication and love for performing needs to stop being overlooked. With Carmilla going into its third and final season, it’s time for Elise to finally receive the recognition that she deserves. So, let’s show Elise that we appreciate her by nominating her for best actress. 

Nominate Elise: Here